Rebuilding A Wrecked $300,000 Ferrari 430 Scuderia | FINALE

Rebuilding A Wrecked $300,000 Ferrari 430 Scuderia | FINALE

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23 Responses

  1. @bawintermage8351 says:

    Your new nick name is “Freddy the Facilitator” because you can make anything work! I’m so proud of you and impressed by your work, and ability to pull together a great team. Thanks for being a “Tavarish”

  2. @VINwiki says:

    Congrats on reaching the finish line with this one. It looks great.

  3. @dhmallet says:

    Scott will be especially jealous. One cool thing I have noticed is that there is a spirit of collaboration and friendship among like-minded builders, and I think your time in England was a big part of it. You are referenced and regularly a part of other’s work, as opposed to the standard way of competing. Great job on this!

  4. @user-we1jg2vc3k says:

    can’t wait to see the FINALE to the P1 as well

  5. @danMRB says:

    Big fan of having Freddy voice over the music sections to tell us everything he’s doing👌

  6. @thegreatadvicegiver1570 says:

    This guy is living my dreams and nightmares at the same time.

  7. @imquokkacola says:

    Doing a 6-speed gated manual conversion in a Scuderia is so sick 🔥

  8. @monstermodcustoms says:

    At this point, you may as well badge all these supercars with your own moniker like RUF, Calloway, Rousch, Hennessey, Brabus, etc. You just do it all REALLY custom. Love the commitment to preserving some rare and fantastic vehicles.

  9. @ElvisKremmen says:

    Your car content just goes from strength to strength Freddie, the 430 manual looks like a brand new car. Keep the incredible builds coming and I for one will keep watching.

  10. @MaxSpeedMike says:

    One of the best builds yet! This should be a treasure for decades to come with the ultimate transmission and amazing engine.

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