Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 11

Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 11

This is what we have all been waiting for!!! This Lamborghini build is moving right along and we can’t wait to get it on the streets. We are going step by step and making it happen. Be sure to stay tuned and follow along this awesome build. Thanks For Watching!!!

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39 Responses

  1. Chris P. says:

    Never in a million years, I would think the bracket was that sturdy ?

  2. Sambhav Singh says:

    Woooow you parents share the same hobby as you guys awesome ??????.

  3. Bo Newberry says:

    So glad you guys like it! Keep on rock’n the tri-color lambo !

  4. David Proietti says:

    I guys i live near sant’agata Bolognese the House of Lambo great job!!! Fan from Italy …

  5. JP Bautista says:

    Rebuilding A Wrecked Nissan Murano Part 1 (feat. Mom and Dad)

  6. Elvis Alvarez says:

    that dark grey is such a nice color it’s almost like a gun metal you guys should make that lambo that color ☝?

  7. expectedmeat says:

    Tbh I wouldn’t mind watching your parents build! That would be awesome!

  8. The Hooded Claw says:

    Cracking job on the welding & the best legs on YouTube! ?

  9. David Ledbetter says:

    Did you notice the Hot Wheels GTR is from the ALMOST O.E.M collection?

  10. Wolfie R8 says:

    Did Thomas inspect your parents new Nissan?

  11. Noe Garcia says:

    I can’t wait to see that lambo fully customized

  12. Filipe Nunes says:

    I love this channel. Been watching your channel since building young Mustang
    im from portugal

  13. GR8TEST INFINITY 8 says:

    Make it gun metal gray it complements the wheels

  14. Zain DeBernardis says:

    Can you record the repairs being done on your dads car

  15. James Leeds says:

    You should rebuild a McLaren 720. Like if you agree ?

  16. Francisco Silva says:

    welding job with floppppppssssss, lol, only you guys!

  17. AlphaBeatProductions says:

    The fact that you guys inspired your own parents to rebuild their own car is amazing ?

  18. Irvine860 says:

    Is this all approved by a Lamborghini keyboard mechanic?

  19. brutisking says:

    Definitely need to do a feature on the Murano??

  20. jack mc09 says:

    I think you should paint it gun metal grey I looks way more slick than the white.

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