Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 22

Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 22

Could it look any more aggressive? This once wrecked lamborghini huracan is starting to come together. We have been waiting on this moment forever and within a few more days we will have this beast complete. Be sure to follow along and watch this build get back on the streets! Thanks For Watching!!!


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40 Responses

  1. B4raa_VIP says:

    15:33 Palestine ??✌?
    Guys ur the best

    • bluecollartrader says:

      Palestine? Don’t you mean Israel?

    • B4raa_VIP says:

      its Palestine not isreal
      Isreal occupied Palestine?? in 1948

    • SP says:

      +B4raa_VIP Which was originally Israel, a history lesson would have told you that.

    • B4raa_VIP says:

      Go to check that history u talking about first before coming to say that
      There is many things the jewish have done like trying to buy Palestine from
      the Ottoman Empire but they are refused that
      Then the jewish was going to British to deal with him about our country
      And after the world war 1 they coloniseded palestine to pave the way to the jewish and make Balfour Declaration and in 1948 they gave palestine to the jewish to creat there fake country which is called israel

    • SP says:

      B4raa_VIP Pick up a history book. The Jewish were there long before the Arabs. They were kicked out by the Ottoman Empire. They have a right to that land after being subjugated by different empires throughout centuries and being forced to leave their home. Also the Palestinians can go back to their own country which is Jordan.

  2. Johnny B says:

    NO KA KA!! I want that in a t-shirt.


  3. WolfGang Playz says:

    Hey goonzquad my cousin just bought a wrecked 2010 mustang gt and I was helping him repair it. Repairing it the goonzquad way is what I say

  4. trickslower says:

    6:05 “Like a glazed doughnut!” Best description of a paint job ever. lol

  5. James Bruce says:

    Louver pronounced “Loo-ver” like “loot” excellent job guys!! sweet ride keep it up!!

  6. ViralMusicVEVO says:

    *6:57** – That Jimmy’s eye blink ?? .. definitelly tint it boyz :-)* It will looks amazing after that !! ❤️

  7. Cash Cash says:

    I want to see VIPER 100% COMPLETE <3

  8. Alex Swander says:

    You guys should do a budget build video series! Like a build off, best car under 15k or something like that vs the other car rebuild youtube channels.

  9. VITROX77 says:

    Esta quedando super bello ese LAMBOGUINI ??????????? HELLO FROM NICARAGUA

  10. Editz26 Smithoni says:

    you should clear bra that front end to preserve that paint from rock chips etc.

  11. Daniel Cooney says:

    Y’all should do a fan giveaway on insta for all your duplicate flags!

  12. Stefan Netsov says:

    “JDM” sign is actually the sign for novice drivers on the cars in Japan 😉

  13. OpticMC says:

    You two absolutely KILLED that paint job! It looks amazing!

  14. chidchanok dsophon says:

    After Job done ! How many times to wash this car???? 555

  15. Mr H says:

    She’s looking beautiful. Amazing how much work went into this.

  16. InsideOfMyOwnMind says:

    Check with Safelite to see what they prefer for the best seal, pretinted or not.
    And you still need a stair rail. Lol

  17. Ian Jones says:

    When is the forklift rebuild coming

  18. xesion tv says:

    The jdm sign is meant for people who are new drivers in japan.

  19. Jake Will says:

    No one :

    Goonzquad: this thing is like a glazed doughnut

  20. Ger Ruddy says:

    Super Video, one question when are you gonna finish the Viper?? ????

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