Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 5

Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 5

This is the moment we have all been waiting for! Will this smashed Lamborghini start for the first time after its collision? We did a ton of research and troubleshooting to try to figure this one out. However that alone wasn’t enough. With the help of you guys and some exotic specialist we managed to work some magic!!! Check out what happens! Thanks For Watching!!!

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26 Responses

  1. Mike Lynch says:

    Told you boyz that Guttersnake was your go to. Liberty Walk widebody and VF supercharger!

  2. richkidX says:

    They took my advice in the last vid to hit up gutter snake?

  3. martin henri says:

    Dude that sounds like a formula 1 way do go guys. Raising pipes .? You guys are the best

  4. Bryan Martinez says:

    Favorite episode so far! Mind blowing how fast your channel has grown, great quality videos = Views!

  5. FDMtech says:

    Thank you @GUTTERSNAKE. This Bull should get you guys over 1M subs no problem!

  6. Bush MasterKush 619 says:

    Guttersnake is the man!!! I love watching him he knows his stuff

  7. William Mickelson says:

    man you guys are so humble. i feel like any other channel would make you wait another 3 days for the next video. keep up the good work.

  8. Jeff Kuipers says:

    i know guttersnake because dailydriven exotic use them all the time on there lambo. if you want to know anything about lambos he the MAN.

  9. mmanolis2001 says:

    Yaaahhhhh boys…

    Who needs a $5,000 lambo service charge. All you need is some gutter snake and jumper cables.

  10. rhcivic says:

    Guttersnake is legend! Mad props to him for being so kind to share his vast knowledge of the interworkings of the supercar world.

  11. Mathieu Larocque says:

    Crazy, almost 1 million followers, records with a simple iPhone. It’s all about great content!!

  12. Paul l says:

    Bruh gutter snake is always helpin Youtubers with supercars hes nice

  13. I Like Food 1 says:

    16:55 maybe a SUPER charger is what you’re SUPER excited about. ?
    I really hope that was a hint.

  14. nfraahn says:

    Guttersnake + Vtuned + samcrac + goonzquad was the collab I didnt know I wanted.

    You guys are the Avengers of the car rebuilders on YouTube, man! #legit

  15. Kims 129 says:

    Oh my god?guttersnake AKA Mark Gyver?I’m the one that tag him and mitch on your instagram post ?i feel so proud right now ?❤️anything for goonzsquad❤️

  16. Chris Topher says:

    People helping people. Beautiful video. Your excitement and passion inspires me and so many. Many blessings to you guys ??

  17. Monodeep Das says:

    Guttersnake is very good with supercars…I always see him through DDE channel..He is nice dude.

  18. Mati says:

    Funny enough DIY GANG went through the same issues with the Mclaren. They went through the process of bypassing the system.

  19. HotRodX says:

    It was beautiful to see that Lambo fire up with the Viper sitting right there in the background. Such amazing machines. I want to see those two in a drag race at a strip. I know thats not what their meant for at all but man theyre so badass. Id love to see them run the 1/4 mile against each other. Lamborghini vs Viper 🙂

  20. Kyle Barns says:

    I think I smiled as much as you guys did when it started!! Great job guys, props to guttersnake for helping ya’ll out!! Keep moving forward an God bless ya’ll!!

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