Rebuilding America Now New TV Ad: Hillary Clinton: More of the Same

Rebuilding America Now New TV Ad: Hillary Clinton: More of the Same

Rebuilding America Now First TV Ad. “Hillary Clinton: More of the Same”

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19 Responses

  1. Gary Patterson says:


  2. Theo Crater says:

    Come on now people – let’s have a little sympathy for the poor lady, who
    has to dodge sniper bullets with her head down every time she gets off a

  3. Horse237 says:

    Go after the Clinton Foundation.
    Charles Ortel has said that more than $100 billion in donations went
    Who is so cruel that they would steal from Katrina victims and Haitian
    earthquake survivors? #Cruel Hillary. That’s who.

  4. fuk yu says:

    Hillary doesn’t suck. If you don’t belive me ask Bill Clinton and/or

  5. MrGrizmint says:


  6. Heinrich Guderian says:

    Hillary, you’re fired

  7. exposethemall45 says:

    Love it! Truth hurts! And the American people needs to be reminded of the
    dirty, scumbag, lying, crooked, criminal Clinton’s!

  8. sdhdgasd says:


  9. nathonas says:

    This is too easy.

  10. Eva says:

    Leaves me totally cool … Millennials won’t get it.

  11. RINKU says:

    And people are voting for this disgusting woman and her rapist husband.

  12. Ampatriotic Tex says:

    Listen & hear it people! Truth is fiction to the BLIND HILLARY SUPPORTERS

  13. Stevie says:


  14. ClutchPedalReturnSpr says:

    How would in be possible for HRC to be eligible for a security clearance

  15. Eric Lamoureux says:

    I mean other than using a ten year old piece of used hardware running a ten
    year old unsupported operating system plugged in to the Internet with no
    firewall then discussing detailed covert operations then trying to delete
    everything on the device when subpoenaed for it, I don’t see what the
    problem is here people.

  16. Cao Ang says:

    this is really desingenious

  17. John Rude says:

    The Clinton’s are in the devils pocket! They know not God at all!

  18. swiftWord says:

    Dear Hillary, When a Jewish socialist with one foot in the grave gives you
    a shellacking during the primary what do you think Trump will do?

  19. Polarcupcheck says:

    Time to write in Bernie Sanders.