Recording of Alabama Governor Robert Bentley making sexually suggestive comments

Recording of Alabama Governor Robert Bentley making sexually suggestive comments

This is an excerpt of a recording of Alabama Governor Robert Bentley making sexually suggestive comments during a phone conversation. On March 23, 2016 Bentley apologized for the statements.
The sound has been edited to reduce long pauses and eliminate some background noise.

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20 Responses

  1. Ashley Mobley says:

    There’s a correct and mutually gratifying way to talk dirty….then there’s
    Governor Bentleys way.

  2. Nicolas Charbonnier says:

    Can someone explain to me why this is an issue? Everybody has phone sex.
    Why didn’t this guy (and Bill Clinton) simply say that it’s none of your
    business? How can you prove who he’s having phone sex with? Could be his
    wife? does he have a wife who has a phone?

  3. FFXFANATIC says:

    Worst fanfiction ever

  4. phishfearme2 says:

    yet another republican family values hypocrite

  5. TriLLBeatz 334 says:

    “If we’re gonna do what we did the other day, we’re gonna have to start
    locking the door” like lmao how you gone deny that. It’s obvious they
    smashed lol smh

  6. skiingpowder10 says:

    What a corn ball. He is guilty of failing phone sex..” I really like it
    when i stand behind you and i put my arms around you and i put my head in
    your chest… we have to lock the door next time when we do what we did
    before..” zzzzz

  7. netterstyl says:

    She just couldn’t resist grandpaw’s romantic personality – yeah, that’s
    what drew her in ; ) He’s slick – “Ooh, wee…I just love squeezing your

    Hahaha!! I hope this eats up the interwebs! Go, Deacon Rob! Go, buddy!
    Don’t forget to refill your Viagra!!

    Rule #1 among all rules: People who live in glass houses shouldn’t go
    around firing people.”

  8. David Gullick says:


  9. Simon Carlile says:

    Probably the only thing he has in common with Bill Clinton

  10. Jimmy Leftwich says:

    So a law enforcement officer spoke the truth and gets fired, so, in
    essence, the State is helping to foster an environment where it is
    rewarding to be a “bad cop.” Whether it was actually ‘physical’ or not it
    was real and the good doctor is a play of words denying the truth evident
    to anyone who can read. Governor Bentley, you are a scumbag for firing a
    good man, lying to your wife and the citizens of Alabama. You should be the
    first inmate in the new jail you want to be built!

  11. TheSajeffe says:

    Rachel Maddow’s coverage of this on MSNBC tonight was exceptional but I
    couldn’t read the transcript on my television so I came here to read it.
    I’m gonna go throw up now.

  12. Blimp Styling says:

    He actually seems like a true gentleman. He seems like a genuinely sweet
    old fellow.

  13. Johnny Russell says:

    I can’t hold it much longer
    It’s getting stronger and strongerAnd when I get that feeling
    I want sexual healing~ Marvin Gay

  14. heavypizza says:


  15. drspuchemen says:

    That is the worst dirty talk ever. I am glad I left Alabama.

  16. BENCHIPED says:

    This guy says he loves many people in the State. Only a matter of time
    before a male hooker comes forward…


    Where’s Jimmy Swaggart when you need him? A simple “I have sinned against
    you…” and all will be back to normal sure enough.

  18. S Li says:

    Governor Robert Bentley is the poster HYPOCRITE of the Conservative right
    wing teabagger Republican hypocrisy. They never practice what they preach.
    This HYPOCRITE who is against same sex marriages, Who preach about family
    values, is the same one having sex with an Aide Rebekah Mason who gets paid
    $500,000 year from tax payers dollars. You can tell this affair been going
    on for sometime. Where is foxs ( FAKE) news on this? Nothing… Where is
    bill O’Reilly and Sean “the skunk” Hannity. They are hiding in foxs (FAKE)
    news like nothing is happening.
    Republicans are the biggest HYPOCRITES, No wonder they have Donald ” DUCK ”
    Trump as their front runner who wife nude porn pics are on the Internet.
    Republicans want to have a first lady with porn pics on the Internet.?

  19. K Z123 says:

    Wow even his pillow talk is dry. Hhaha what a charmer. But seriously who’s
    the Lt. Gov.?

  20. Kim .Fuller says:

    this is so awkward lol