Recreating 50 Video Games in REAL LIFE!

Recreating 50 Video Games in REAL LIFE!

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We recreated 50 video games in real life in 50 hours! We played 50 of the most popular, iconic, nostalgic, and exciting games and recreated them! Halo, Minecraft, Fortnite, and so many others!

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24 Responses

  1. Shellify says:

    Dangie bros videos get more insane everytime

  2. #ThatMario Guy says:

    Being a huge Nintendo fan, seeing them play games like super Mario bros, wii sports, and super smash bros, this was fun to watch😃

  3. I have exactly 114 999 subs says:

    Dangie Bros never fails to entertain us,keep it up

  4. Zhaga says:

    Glad to see Jeff’s hair is growing back. His Thorlocks will be back in no time.

  5. Advait Mishra says:

    The creativity and effort in all of the Dangie Bros videos always blows my mind! You guys never fail to entertain us! Keep up the amazing work!

  6. Annika Rogers says:

    I’d love to see some extended versions of some of these games irl

  7. I have exactly 214,997 subscribers. says:

    They put so much time and effort in their videos , RESPECT 💪🏻

  8. Blazing_Blaze_Warrior says:

    Missed playing some of those game. seeing them re-creating game sure bring back memories 🙃👏

  9. Wind Serenity says:

    Because of the time differences, I’m watching this at 10am and I have to say, this is a very good way to start my day. As a video game lover, this is refreshing to watch.

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