Recreating Game Of Thrones’ Dragon Battle

Recreating Game Of Thrones’ Dragon Battle

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Hollywood Reporter interview with director Matt Shakman:

Behind the scenes of the loot train attack:

Why did they call it the loot train attack???

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20 Responses

  1. SpirusOfH says:

    Story: books > show
    Action scenes: show > books.

  2. David Jensen says:

    It was fucking amazing.

  3. Basti says:

    I want to see Arya Vs. The Mountain

  4. Sam Ancer says:

    now that’s a fucking title!

  5. Roland Deschain says:

    When you wait until every episode is available to make an epic binge marathon but can’t watch the new nerdwriter video 🙁

  6. Breaking Banter says:

    Please do a video on The Leftovers! It’s the best HBO show no one saw and it could do with some of your juicy analytical exposure ?

  7. Srinath polsani says:

    Well danerys send her regards to Aquaman through a lannister at the end of this episode… ?

  8. Guest Informant says:

    The first Nerdwriter I’ve ever been disappointed with. GoT fell off a cliff in terms of quality and “artistic merit” somewhere around Season 5. When it was B+W realising GRRM’s vision it was truly great art. Now it’s just McCartney without Lennon or vice versa.

    Look at the character and the character arcs of Jaime, the Hound, Arya and plenty of others. They were like nothing else ever portrayed in “mainstream” television. Now it’s as empty as any Bayhem set piece. Daenery Riding the Dragon in the arena was when GoT truly jumped the shark.

    The biggest death in Game of Thrones was Game of Thrones itself.

  9. 11kakuzu says:

    I dont get why danerys didnt use all 3 dragons or jamie throw his spear at the end and the lannisters need more than one scorpion.

  10. lich5164four says:

    4:30 RIP horses

  11. akshay kr says:

    I felt bad when the episode leaked, they put so much effort and hard work into it

  12. Ramon Suarez says:

    I wonder if the creative decision to have Drogon’s attack mirror the napalm bombing of Vietnamese people in Apocalypse Now can shine light upon what Benioff and Weiss are trying to say about Dany’s invasion. Just like the U.S. intervention against the Vietcong, Dany and her lieutenants justify their war against Cersei Lannister as the moral overthrow of a tyrannical regime. But what results in both cases is the indiscriminate slaughter of a people who see themselves fighting against a foreign occupation. This is no small point. George Martin was a conscientious objector to the conflict in Vietnam. He wrote TSOIAF books to critique of the horrors of war. I foresee Dany’s arc going down the same chaotic, self-defeating, and destructive path as the one the United States took in Vietnam.

  13. Before The Credits says:

    Great breakdown of the scene. I agree with you, the name “Loot Train Attack” Is garbage. I actually loved the episode but the last few scenes of it were awful. Jaime jousting a dragon was really stupid. (He was obviously going after Dany but there was a 0% chance he gets to her with Drogon a foot away) I’ve been doing weekly-ish reviews (I also did a video essay on how I think Dany takes the Throne) for GoT and the writing has mostly sucked this season. So many deus ex machinas happening in a show that use to be about consequences.

  14. Fredreegz says:

    I was actually fairly disappointed with this scene. So many things just happening out of unexplained convenience, whether through people’s out-of-character stupidity, or deus ex machina.
    Why did they have the ballista crossbow thing with them? They were going to sack Highgarden, they didn’t need the dragon killing device — surely they would have kept that at King’s Landing, the most threatened target. There was no reason why they would have that. And if they took it with them expecting Dany to attack, why were they so surprised and unprepared when she did?
    And trying to shoot a flying, moving target with a huge, unwieldily ballista? Nah, it’s just not gonna happen – there’s a reason you use a shotgun or rapid-firing weapons when shooting at fast moving targets, because single-shot weapons cannot do it. But Bron managed to do it, not because it was possible, but because the writers deemed it convenient to the plot.

    And why wasn’t Dany wearing armour… in a battle!? Some cool chainmail getup would’ve been fine, why was she going into battle in a dress?

    A lot of coincidences that don’t make sense and complete deus ex machina, which is the number 1 no no of constructing a plot.

  15. Two Chair says:

    Something that really irks me: as you list down the dragons, none of them, even Drogon, is an actual dragon. Wyverns aren’t dragons.

  16. MiaSt says:

    you made this video in 5 days? wow

  17. Mr IY says:

    I am thinking of rearranging Suicide Squad and posting it.
    Any suggestions?

  18. thatguywhostacks says:

    I love how it’s edgy now to hate on the show lol

  19. Santi says:

    Aguante game of Thrones vieja

  20. TempleSoup says:

    Yeah i thought “The Loot Train Battle” was a pretty dumb name, the ironic part is that even a name so badass as “The Battle of the Bastards” is dubbed on the GoT cast as BoB. come on! BOB?! (no really check the loot train battle BTS)

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