RED ALERT: ISIS Now Activating Terror Cells – Orlando Attack Is Phase One

RED ALERT: ISIS Now Activating Terror Cells – Orlando Attack Is Phase One

Alex covers the motivations behind the gruesome attack in Orlando.

Omar Mateen, the man said responsible for the Pulse nightclub attack last night in Orlando, called 911 and pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State, according to officials.

Religion of peace strikes again (Paul Watson Video)

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20 Responses

  1. ShOwStOpp3rr says:

    nobody fucking died quit lying,,,it was another govt staged phony hoax..

    your throwing your credibility down the toilet

  2. htown11465 says:

    The shooter was born in New York.

  3. ucan callmeray says:

    Are you sure it is not our US government, trying to advance gun control,
    gay sympathy and hellerys popularity in the polls and continue obombers

  4. Culture Crave says:

    Isn’t it suspicious to anyone else that The Bilderbergers are meeting at
    the same time as the Florida shooting.

  5. Foster Price says:

    I live in Orlando and 3 of my friends are now dead. But you are crazy. I’m
    sorry this was most definitely not Isis it was a heinous hate crime against
    homosexuals… And this guy was insane. I am devastated but I would not go
    as far as to blame this on anything but someone’s mental state

  6. Dyan Bermeo says:

    This is nothing new. Boring video Alex.

  7. Jungle Base says:

    Your a lier don’t blame Islam. for one citizen kid active terror who never
    practiced Islam. that’s your you find excuse to blame Islam.

  8. Whovian Kid says:

    Oh joy, 50 more people in hell. Hope you have fun burning down there with

  9. Wiz Khalifa says:

    so I doubt all those 100 ass fuckers will fight the afghani hero. Omar
    killed half of them and the injured will die soon of AIDS anyway.

  10. Jake Smith says:

    The Orlando shooter was born in the United States.

  11. Caligula says:

    I’m all for the second amendment but how would more guns have helped in
    this situation? Do you really want everyone to start shooting in a club
    full of panicked people? How could you even identify the target in chaos?

  12. doubleg137 says:

    Funny how Alex knows that they are activating terror cells, but has he
    informed the FBI where they are at? He purports to have all the knowledge
    doesn’t he? Maybe Alex is in on it?

    Alex.. he isn’t a muslim from Afghanistan.. he’s from Florida.

  13. R.W Dixon says:

    I’m a gay man and THANK YOU!! It’s not the guns or law-abiding Americas.
    It’s the terrorist. We need to take them out. This isn’t a race thing they
    are out to kill us all. The gays are the first. What’s next your very

  14. ali moe says:

    Omer Mateen not represent islam . Real muslim will never do something like
    that. To kill innocent people you go straight to hellfire.

  15. Jared Brodersen says:

    I don’t agree with the queer lifestyle, but even they don’t deserve to be
    taken down like this. Well said, Alex.

  16. Rachel Hadfield says:

    how many more times does this have to happen before the gun control is a
    real thing to americans and not threat to your freedom.

  17. Hoosier Daddy says:

    I’m having a hard time feeling the pain for these liberal victims. They all
    contest self-defense and morality!

  18. Aaron Seckold says:

    i feel for america but you should be so lucky not to have 1000s of rock
    tossed at u or just kicked in the head till dead or your head cut off cause
    thats the shit which is happening over thier


    ISIS is a fucking BRAND…a brand owned by DHS to create revenue off our

  20. Kiki Anas Ahmad says:

    Republican hypocrites. Republicans try to act as if they’re not
    homophobic… You guys hate gays.
    The solution is to ban ALL guns.