Red Velvet レッドベルベット ‘WILDSIDE’ MV

Red Velvet レッドベルベット ‘WILDSIDE’ MV

Red Velvet JAPAN 1st Full Album “Bloom” will be released on April 6th, 2022.
Title track ‘WILDSIDE’ has been pre-released now!
Listen and download:

#RedVelvet #WILDSIDE #レッドベルベット

01. Marionette
04. Jackpot
05. #Cookie Jar
06. Snap Snap
07. Sayonara
08. Aitai-tai
09. Swimming Pool
10. ‘Cause it’s you
11. Color of Love

Red Velvet Japan Official

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29 Responses

  1. TC Candler says:

    We got very lucky this month… Two smash hits back to back!

  2. Soffy H0T Girl L!ve Cam says:

    Vocal keren
    Visual keren
    Lagu keren
    Konsep keren
    Koreo keren
    Semua nya keren… Red Velvet keren!!!

  3. Tyas Bagusgroup says:

    Everything about this mv is PERFECTION! Everyone is shining! All of them is the main singer and the main dancer. The high notes is incredible and my goodnes the choreo…..i mean THE CHOREO!!! We’ve been waiting for this powerful choreo for the past 8 years and finally!!! This is the best era by far for them. Need to see them in this kind of choreo more! SM better give this girls that KWANGYA promotional budget y’all

  4. Elise touch says:

    No dejo de decir que RV está en su mejor momento…en un WILDSIDE!

  5. Osberth De Castro says:

    The word is Range. Idol groups succeed when they find the concept they exploit the best with their skill. And then there is Red Velvet. The individual and group singing skill is so high that they can effortlessly make anything. They can be anything, anytime, anywhere.

  6. Angel Lobos says:

    No dejo de decir que RV está en su mejor momento…en un WILDSIDE!

  7. Hey you! says:

    No dejo de decir que RV está en su mejor momento…en un WILDSIDE!

  8. Iana Brum says:

    Eu estou vivendo um sonho! 😍
    Como fã estou presenciando dois comebacks no mesmo mês e em diferentes estilos.
    Sobre este: *ADOREI* !!! Faz mais o meu gosto.
    E sem falar que o japonês cantado é lindo.

    Não vou negar que esperava esse conceito no comeback coreano mas estou feliz que o comeback japonês correspondeu as expectativas. E fora isso, FMR não é tão ruim assim. 💗💛💙💚💜

  9. AsTrid Romero says:

    Esta canción se siente como una cachetada de las buenas. Amé todo, Yeri se ve muy hermosa. Me encanta como suena la voz de Seulgi en esta canción.

  10. Jazive Vianey Almaraz Roman says:

    Esta canción es super buena, me encanto, no dejo de escucharla de verdad. todo en ella es muy buena.

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