Red Velvet ‘SAPPY’ MV

Red Velvet ‘SAPPY’ MV

Red Velvet Digital Single SAPPY will be released on January 6th, 2019.

“SAPPY” Music Video is released!

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Red Velvet Japan Official

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36 Responses

  1. Candy Byul says:

    Gosh Joy’s shining here so much. And im so happy she got many lines. Stan redvelvet!!!

  2. Alex Andrew says:

    Gracias por alegrarme el día ?

  3. 이마리 says:

    Joy ???

  4. Lola Lili says:

    Every time I hear Wendy’s vocals I die a little. She’s my inspiration and I look up to her so much I actually love all of them so much but dam these vocals have changed me. ILYSM <3<3

  5. r. sanwer2817 says:

    This is why i love Red velvet. It almost never sounds like anything you’ve ever heard before.

    • ASH says:

      Facts. I love that they’re inspired by 90’s r&b, you can really tell. i like how in this they mix r&b and pop it fits so well. Queens always deliver!

  6. Abdullah Tajammal Butt عبدالله says:

    Seulgi & Wendy’s vocals ???

  7. Maria Oliveira says:

    OMG!!Wendy is looking like Irene. Joy beautiful in everything!❤❤
    Yeri is looking so sweet, Seulgi and Irene wonderful. Fighting!!!

  8. Kaif says:

    OMG those vocals!! I’m obsessed ??

  9. Kiky707 says:

    Joy looks so healthy ♡

  10. * rvslay * says:

    Best Japanese bop of 2019!

  11. 123 abc says:

    3:01 Joy??

  12. Spinny says:

    Joy ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Kai’s Wife says:


  14. Yaniik .qa_t says:

    Joy in that dress is just wow??❤️❤️

  15. Christian W. says:


  16. jocelyn xo says:

    Joy ????

  17. noelle wilder says:

    Joy brings out my inner gay

  18. An Account says:

    Congratulations to Red Velvet for *Number 4 on Trending* in US ❤️❤️

  19. Heaven Donovan says:

    Who else is mesmerized by Joy in that black dress plus her vocals??

  20. Amira Hamdi says:

    Joy is so beautiful I can’t breAthe

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