Redfall is an absolute catastrophe of a videogame (Review)

Redfall is an absolute catastrophe of a videogame (Review)

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Redfall is creatively vapid, amateurishly designed and woefully unfinished. It is a (yet another) stain on Bethesda as a publisher and calls into question the faith one might have put into Xbox this generation. It’s just an absolute catastrophe of a videogame by every single metric and it sits alongside the likes for Fallout 76 and Anthem as one of gaming’s biggest disappointments and cautionary tales.

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46 Responses

  1. Skill Up says:

    Upgrade your mouse, keyboard, speakers, headset and more with Steelseries’ industry leading and award winning kit. I use it myself and I cannot recommend it more highly. To get 12% of any purchase, visit and use offer code SKILLUP at check out. Thanks to Steelseries for sponsoring the video.

    • Battleneter says:

      Man cars are getting super dangerous.

    • TheWhiteWolf says:

      Remember this game was already in-dev way before Xbox aquisition and it is Zenimax’s doing for this instead of a single player game- this game should have never been made and honeslty Zenimax is worse than Xbox as they are the reason for Fallout 76 so.. remember that.

    • Kodie Kulp says:

      I have really grown to respect and listen to your reviews as a good metric for what I want to play and what I want to buy.
      The sheer distain you have for this game and the respectful and yet completely bareboned way you chose to represent their failings as a video game (with the black screen with basic text) was truly an excellent choice as far as the entire production goes .
      Really though, you are , if not my #1, then one of my favorite game reviewers.
      I’ve been watching you for quite a while. Probably a little bit after when you started this.
      I just wanted to say that I am happy for you and your success .
      And I look forward to seeing what else you’ll do in the years to come.

    • Nick Nevco says:

      @Catalin Borz I agree when he shot the car ONE time to blow it up
      really got me

  2. MrRoflWaffles says:

    what sucks even more about all this is I got to play the game a few months ago with Harvey Smith right behind me at a preview event, and had a meeting with him afterwards where I *told him* so many of the issues you covered here. Somehow none of that feedback landed, nobody else raised these issues, or nobody thought it might be necessary to fix this stuff before releasing the game. I don’t understand it – Harvey was lovely but he and his team are so much better than this.

    • FxnWaySheGoes says:

      Image believing he would listen to you lol

    • Ilya Shishkunov says:

      Send this comment to Phil Spencer, he should look

    • Paul W says:

      @TheHeadincharge It’s not that ‘diversity and inclusion’ sucks as a concept, the problem is when people put this ahead of making a good game. For example, when you see forced diversity and inclusion in a movie or game it almost always is terrible, but if it’s done subtly and organically it’s fine and no one has a problem with it. So by all means include inclusivity, just don’t make this your primary goal and then beat people over the head with it.

    • John Namkeh says:

      @slevin003 Its not about ”a few months time”. Nobody can fix this in that time. The problem is that they released it in the first place knowing full well about all the issues.

    • Kell Medd says:

      @Jorge Adame They got the “Light Update” a month ago. After they unlocked “Electricity” back in Feburary.

  3. Valium762 says:

    The behind the scenes story on this game is going to be so much more interesting than Redfall could ever hope to be.

    • L.M.L says:

      @Michael Does Life hey its micheal i love u micheal

    • Marcus Hicks says:

      ​@Michael Does Life LOL, you actually believe that, or are you just trying to be an Edgelord? I can assure you that CP2077 was never as fundamentally awful as Redfall was at launch.

    • Michael Does Life says:

      @Gavo Cyberpunk was 200x worse, but OK.

    • stephen a smith fan fan says:

      @Michael Does Life wtf are you talking about? Discussing how games were made and what gained to them is as much a part of the gaming hobby as playing games. When AAA game from a well respected studio comes out as such a disaster like this it usually means the development was crazy and there’s some really interesting stories about it.

  4. Robinstheles says:

    For someone who put dozens of hours into the Dishonored games (Including death of the outsider) its so unbelievable sad to what happened to Arkane Studios. Like what the hell even is this

    • C G says:

      ​@Lukey SpookyI actually really liked deathloop. I didn’t play it on release though.

    • Stanislav Kimov says:

      I remember Bioware being the best gamedev company in the world. There was ME1 and DAO, they were at the peak. Compare it with DA2 and everything that happened afterwards. Such things suddenly happen with the best studios, sadly. The best games not only bring the biggest money.

    • Mahkal says:

      @Hello World I believe you, Dishonored is a masterpiece.

    • Hello World says:

      Bro I put not kidding 100 hours into Dishonored 2… This game has me disappointed on so many levels

    • Michael Does Life says:

      Prey was a very buggy mess when it launched

  5. thatguyjac says:

    Something I’ll never forget back when I played prey 2017 if i remember correctly I came across this room locked from the inside I had no idea how to get in there for ages I could see through a crack in the window a switch on the inside to unlock the door but no idea how to reach it. I then remembered I had a toy gun that fired foam bullets, completely useless against enemies but worked perfectly at shooting that switch, I’ll never forget that moment. So what the hell happend here.😢

    • GenericGamer283 says:

      ​@Johnny Silverhand I’m pretty sure deathloop was made by the b team, redfall was supposed to be arcanes next big release lmao

    • AndytheKid says:

      I liked how varied the solutions were. Got a couch in front of a door? use super strength to lift it. Don’t have super strength? Use a Typhon power to blow it away. Don’t have that either? Use a frag grenade to break it down into crafting material. Prey 2017 IMO is the culmination of Ariane Studios, they’re single greatest game.

    • Sci-fi Freak says:

      @Psy4 something I saw pretty frequently is that the devs who made PREY left the studio.

  6. Paul Elliott says:

    “I discovered another anti-vampire technique which I like to call….chair” could be one of the best video game review lines of all time 😂

    • Wang says:

      Turns out you didn’t need a super powered teenage girl to kill vampires. All anyone ever needed was the ability to walk backwards slightly to the left, and a single chair.

    • Michael Does Life says:

      We love being toxic about video gamez!

  7. Thatdude 1777 says:

    it’s pretty crazy how Troika Games could develop an insanely better vampire game in 2004 than Arkane can in 2023.

    • Rayne says:

      @James Cunningham That says more about Redfall than it does about Bloodlines. Bloodlines is a 20 year old, broken mess of a game, and it’s still better than Redfall.

    • Toppien says:

      @James Cunningham Bloodlines devs worked even after their studio disappearing wanting to fix as much as they could, the fault was on Activision rushing them to release the game cuz they decided to cut their loses, from what i seen on redfall, its the exact same scenario.

    • Stanislav Kimov says:

      @Jack Mesrel such great ambitious games always need more time and money, while not making it back. Sadly the market works the way that makes such great games almost impossible.

    • Criminalupper2200 says:

      @James Cunningham As Skillup pointed out in this review, even if you had this game running absolutely flawlessly, it’d still be a dull, uninspired mess.

      on the other hand, Bloodlines was an incredible RPG held back by technical issues. it had plenty of problems, but the core game was amazing and is remembered to this day, even despite all it’s technical issues and problems, as one of the best RPGs we’ve seen.

      Bloodlines was so good that tons of people still loved it even back when it first came out, massive issues and all, because the good stuff was just THAT good.

    • Jeffrey Schilder says:

      @Jack Mesrel Kind of like Fallout: New Vegas? Broken, but damn good

  8. ACameronUK says:

    I can only assume Arkane had family members held captive and were forced to develop this travesty at gun point to guarantee their safe return? 😳

    • T.T says:

      @I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS they haven’t made anything good since prey because it was their last fucking game before this

    • T.T says:

      @pajmic @PayThePiperr Yes. Zenimax was pushing hard for multiplayer titles they could monetize. it happened with F76 too

    • beelzebub says:

      just wai until that garbage called starfield release then you will know what a buggy mess looks like

    • Naum Rusomarov says:

      @shmack same here. Deathloop was pretty great and it offers an amusing, albeit technically broken online experience.

    • pajmic says:

      @Channel Name Level design was shite in that game just like it is in this game “shitfall”

  9. Bryan Benson says:

    The best part of this game is the part all the way back a few years ago when we learned that Bethesda trademarked “Redfall” and everyone assumed that was going to be the subtitle of Elder Scrolls 6. We never reached that peak of hype or quality again….

  10. Jared Lind says:

    11:00 the comedic timing here was on point!
    16:31 That aiming and weapon swap nonsense would drive me INSANE
    25:27 So basically Morrowind with a Levitation spell 😄

    • TallicaMan1984 says:

      Morrowind characters have the ability to run when you’re jumping or levitating around atleast lol. This is just abysmal and I might argue less responsive than Morrowind. Give the vampires an ability to shoot projectiles or something.

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