Redfall Review in Progress – One of the Worst Games I Played So Far In 2023

Redfall Review in Progress – One of the Worst Games I Played So Far In 2023

Redfall just never comes together. I got to test the retail patch due to the embargo snafu and put in some footage of that as well. Sadly no improvement in how it plays or feels.
Redfall has its fun gameplay moments but they have eaten away with every bug, odd design choice, and boring skill that just don’t elevate it. It is just not that good.

Thanks to Xbox for the code and Bethesda.

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52 Responses

  1. Kings and Generals says:

    This hurts me twice as much. We could have had Dishonored 3 instead…

    • FORS4KEN (DISARMED) says:

      ​@slickysandh2 is a downgrade, compared to the first one in story (it is more linear), movement and traversal mechanics, and technical issues and optimization are awful. Also chaos system doesn’t account for stealth now, only killings matter. Don’t get me wrong, Dishonored 2 is still a decent game, but it lacks a lot of things that made Dishonored a masterpiece.

    • Денис Павлов says:

      @DeepState It’s not trash at all. It’s just a bit different. The story and style of Dishonored 1 is unbeatable imho. Also, Dishonored 1 really changes the world because of your actions, where in D2 the world will be much less affected. Still, D2 has a better combat system and quite engaging. D2 is a solid game, I really enjoyed it, but D1 is my favourite because of the small details 🙃 Hope this helps!

    • Guage Herring says:

      @PUNANI_SLAYER420 agreed the series is trash. Never liked an arkane game

    • slickysan says:

      @PUNANI_SLAYER420 If Dis2 was trash then you should SHift-Delete your entire gaming library.

    • dookie rubber says:

      What in the world are you doing here I wanna hear you comment about Alexander the Great’s military formations

  2. Stephen Stephenson says:

    I like how as the industry tries to charge more for each game they consistently are now crapping the bed

    • Tim Thompson says:

      It’s included with gamepass so I didn’t pay for it.

    • Risky123123 says:

      No you don’t Stephen, you don’t like it at all! You! You are being sarcastic! I put it to you, sir!

    • Redshift says:

      They should have been 70 a whole generation ago

    • Roq Steady says:

      @hotpockets69 Likely what you think of as Indie games is different to what I had in mind. I’m not talking about pixel art remakes of Donkey Kong and Pakman, but games like Satisfactory, Skylines, Space engineers, X4, Wartales… whose heritage is more early PC games than console type games designed for the generation of kids now growing up a bit.

    • hotpockets69 says:

      ​@Roq Steady indie games aren’t innovators, they’re just new versions of 8 and 16-bit games we played on NES and SNES. That’s why they can still go for $20-$30.

  3. The Fifth Horseman V says:

    “Redfall is a game that makes you wonder where all the effort went.” Yup, that one sentence pretty much sums it up.

    • ColtsFan4Life 35 says:

      @Korso Redeemed You made some good points. At some point Microsoft will need to start cleaning house from the top of the Xbox division. Phil should be the first to go. Xbox has been steadily going downhill since he took over. Every year he promises that things will be better while the brand continues to flounder. Something has to give

    • ColtsFan4Life 35 says:

      It’s a shame seeing Arkane release something this bad. These are the types of games that can devastate a studio and make consumers weary of any future products from them. Embarrassing and unacceptable

    • †Leonic458 says:

      answer: CGI cutscene cinematic

    • O T says:

      Red fall looks total garbage 🗑️

    • Christopher Hall says:

      >As a game dev, I think people are misdirecting their resentment. These kinds of issues are a result of…….

      As a consumer, I dont care.

      Its not my job to write an accurate expose on why a company’s product is bad.

      Its just my job to tell the people it came from that it doesnt work right, and expect them to fix it or refund it.

  4. Mohgenstein says:

    These are some of the best graphics
    I’ve ever seen! 2010 is shaping up to be a great year for gaming.

    • Kometheus says:

      It wouldn’t matter if the game was good.

      Too bad it isn’t.

    • James Guy says:

      Even Rebellion’s AvP from 2010 has better graphics than this.

    • Paul Santella says:

      @Retro Gamer 64Damn right. Same goes for Genshin Impact and its adverse effect on the gaming space.

    • SirLucifer says:

      @Retro Gamer 64 what? Online shooter were popularize by call of duty. Fortnite didnt popularize anything besides the battle pass. Pubg popularize battle royales and Fortnite took it to the moon.

    • Robert Morgan says:

      It’s division with vampires. Or dying light with easier parkour.

  5. Ryan Surgison says:

    Enemies not hitting each other 3 feet away, remainded me of that Naked gun scene.

  6. Aaron Kent says:

    I think this is the game that will stop people looking so hard at individual studios like 343 and wondering what is going on over there and have people looking at Microsoft’s management of these studios.

    • flannel sykes says:

      ​@Anto Batta Deathloop is massively overrated. It’s a hodge podge of ideas, much like Redfall.

    • Rob R says:

      Nah, it would be nice but it won’t be the one. Look at the great devs & games EA destroyed, yet no one has taken them to task for it. Unfortunately the narrative remains the same, “damn lazy devs”, “but the devs are not as at fault as the publisher”, “whatever dude, damn lazy devs”…….

    • Charlie Runkle says:

      @Anto Batta yeah I have to agree. They need to go back to basics. Dishonored and Prey were amazing.

    • Jason Storey says:

      This game was started before microsoft, and microsoft even gave them extra dev time… quick to blame the wrong source due to a lack of information…

    • Humble Servant7 says:

      @ni 92 imagine being asked about good games for xbox and saying minecraft. I dont think yall know how that sounds.

  7. AtomicPuma9 says:

    I was worried about this. Considering the devs never really said what this game is. I almost always got mixed feelings about what they would say and what was shown. Like two different narratives being told and just the game feeling confused.

    • ColtsFan4Life 35 says:

      I agree. From day one it seemed like this game had no clear direction. That’s a bad omen for any project.

    • TKDBoy1889 says:

      A combination of trying to follow trends and also believing that mixing multiple things together somehow always makes them better. Sometimes I yearn for the days when games more often were simpler, knew what genre they were, and stuck to it. When you try to be everything, you aren’t good at anything.

    • Mr Popo says:

      @TheBigbum1974 deathloop was Grindy, but fun grindy

    • RynDaMan says:

      the dev already said its like Far Cry and its indeed play like Far Cry

    • SavageSenzu says:

      Sad to say this game would’ve most likely have been more successful as a battle royale/arena shooter and that’s saying a lot for todays gaming landscape.

  8. dizat64 says:

    So happy to see this level of honesty so quickly. thank you for saving me the disk space

  9. Alex says:

    There should be a new award segment at the game awards for buggiest game. And then have them to come up and accept it.

  10. Popkimoki toki lol says:

    the amount of broken games coming out is actually insane, i wouldn’t be surprised if a lawsuit comes up.

    • ColtsFan4Life 35 says:

      @Michael Walker This is on Xbox. Start laying the blame at the feet of those in charge. It’s going to be very interesting seeing the reactions from people when/if Starfield releases in a bad state.

    • anchor bubba says:

      @SideShowRob slowly but surely they will be no different

    • SideShowRob says:

      Thank the lord for FromSoftware!
      August 25th….

    • Martwo says:

      Nothing will happen. In fact, this will become more common with each passing day, as people love to consoom.

    • SKUBA says:

      People want Microsoft to release a decent exclusive so bad they’re defending garbage.

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