Rediculous B-ball shots!!!!!!

Rediculous B-ball shots!!!!!!

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20 Responses

  1. allen tomala says:

    That is fake

  2. William Nicastro says:

    Stupid they put the same clip of the basketball going in the basket 

  3. Jonathan Iordanou says:


  4. Kornelius Heydrich says:

    Sign these boys up for the NBA!!!

  5. Sahibdeep Sekhon says:

    Best shot at 0:35

  6. Yasitha Vithanage says:

    love the comments :D

  7. SCilAGghy _ says:


  8. GodfreyStudios says:

    Lol its shot in 2 separate takes…

  9. LEDE says:

    +Rakeeb Rajbhandari dude check these kids out…

  10. alastairmillar says:

    You little kids have the hearts of lions and the skills of a young Squeek

  11. Vespa Sagarada says:


  12. bkCENTURIES Painter Connoisseur says:

    Brilliant, lol, great editing, tiger-blood!

  13. TheEverythingShow says:

    10/10 IGN

  14. Kim Jong Un says:


  15. Tom Coffey says:

    Funniest thing I’ve seen in years :)

  16. Ron Witzke says:

    Fake same hoop shot every time

  17. Micah Newby says:

    I laughed so hard I cried.

  18. Nick. T says:

    I know this is just a joke but you can see the hoop right there 00:44
    But he threw it the other direction lol

  19. seby boss says:

    Its looping too the same scene every time they shoot too the net

  20. Peyton Cooper says:

    How do you do it? Show me the way senpai