Redneck vs Fancy Whiskey Glass

Redneck vs Fancy Whiskey Glass

I’m just shocked Brad was able to sell him in that $20 hooch

Co-write w/ Andrea Kelley

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  1. Anthony Pena says:

    Lmao I was literally just finishing up these videos as this one came out, clutch timing

  2. Javon Knight says:

    I love that I’ve found this series, and threw a subscription. This was a good pick me up on a slow day at the shop

  3. James Ferreira says:

    Pls don’t stop making videos. I’m from NYC and I love this shit. That ending is so classic. ROLL TIDE no!

  4. Daffy Shakilfur says:

    These are fucking hilarious, keep on keeping on.

  5. Broseph Chillaxatron says:

    Im learning more than I would have expected about southern culture bc of researching what some of this stuff means.

    Its fun tho and I look forward to more of these skits

    • glp046 says:

      There is a lot of good to Southern Heritage and culture and especially hospitality

    • Alex Alverez says:

      We’re a bit more fun than people made us southerners out to be huh

    • DarkMatter says:

      @Alex Alverez
      Everyone’s had pro-union propaganda drilled into their heads for a century and a half.

    • Alex Alverez says:

      @DarkMatter sadly, we’re not all losers that celebrate people that lost the war as much as people would like to say otherwise . Like for decades they’ve done they’re best to make us just look like stupid, uneducated yokels. They still do and no one cares but you cant make fun of anybody else🙄🙄🙄 just look up the name Sonny Liston, that man May have done some wrong but it was because he was just never given a chance. While the current champ at the time was an “honorable clean black man” that was accepted by the public all while they treated Sonny Liston like some beast his entire life never being able to attain redemption. And they say southerners are the worst😂

  6. Drew Hempwood says:

    Series is not only good, but it’s a cool take and lesson on relating to people and giving them perspective on things even if you are different, shows that Timothy is not trash.

  7. Mark Shumate says:

    Cooked in a lot of the restaurants here in the Boro over the last 20 years. Thanks for the memories. Killin it buddie.

  8. Jon Acker says:

    As someone from the country and proud of his roots, but also someone who has since moved to the city and discovered some of the finer things in life (including select whiskey in glencairn glasses), this whole series makes my life

  9. Carefreeblues says:

    I spent 8 months in Alabama for work and as an Asian Australian I was quite apprehensive about the South. Long story short, I had an amazing time there, the food is amazing and while there are idiots, just like any place, most of the people I met are warm, ready to help at a moment’s notice and really assimilated me into their community. Southern hospitality at its finest.

    Go visit Alabama people, roll tide!

  10. Atiqah Diyana says:

    I love how terry talks to Timothy without being condescending. He’s just explaining things on his level but still treats him with respect and I love how Timothy gives Terry just as much respect back. Love this bit

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