Redskins vs. Browns Preseason Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019

Redskins vs. Browns Preseason Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019

The Washington Redskins take on the Cleveland Browns during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL preseason.

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100 Responses

  1. Escocivo 30 says:

    The Browns have lots of great depth on their backups. Can’t wait to see them in the regular season.

    • CoffeeAllDay says:

      @Rob M when u have that type of depth ur team wins championships they are needed immensely

    • Petty Ceddy says:

      Browns could be first in the division yes the Ravens have a dominate defense but I think the browns are better offensively and are a all around more balanced team then the Ravens

    • Alibaba Saluja says:

      @heights163 ha…

    • Wish I Was Sleeping says:

      The Browns have very weak depth. Fact. They have a quality starting roster for the most part but once someone gets hurt the talent dropoff is extreme. Their starting safeties are already weak. Offensive line is weak and there is no depth. Starting linebackers are questionable and no depth. They have excellent CB and D line starters and excellent receivers with good depth. The offensive line is the reason this team will miss the playoffs.

    • OforillyDAGOD says:

      Vision L you clearly didn’t see Pats new look defense last night

  2. Killxr says:

    that guesippi play made me so happy he deserved that more than anyone.

  3. Son Huynh says:

    I know it’s the preseason but damn the browns are dangerous

    • Joshua McClellan says:

      @Quentin Gray Not a single starter played for Washington last night. There was no Josh Norman , Ryan Kerrigan, Johnathan Allen , Daron Payne, Matt Loanidis or Landon Collins. But yah he carved up there starters. Washington didn’t even play there starting O line. As a Skins fan that does concern me about depth though. Got to remember Washington was 6-3 then everybody got hurt. But I wouldn’t take to much out of a pre-season week 1 game.

    • Peyton 125666 says:


    • YRN_ Dracco says:

      There backup QB is actually good

    • Mr. Productions says:

      Their against the redskins…

  4. Daniel McMaster says:

    I’m upset that they missed the call on Callaway’s tip drill in the end zone. He had control of the ball, tapped both toes, and had a knee come down in bounds.

  5. D Mad says:

    baker to higgins! get used to it this season!

    • Matt Oneil says:

      @The Day He’s third currently with Willies getting reps over Callaway right now. When season comes it will probably be OBJ, Landry, Higgins, Callaway, Willies and who ever shows up as 6th.

    • Matt Oneil says:

      @supa dupa When the time comes I’d rather have Higgins over Landry and Callaway currently. Callaway has all of the potential to be a WR1 but he took a step back so far, maybe needs another year.

    • CoffeeAllDay says:

      the inconvenient truth

    • Wolves Fan since 2017 says:

      Don’t forget the browns have Kareem hunt

    • Kevin Prima says:

      If the Browns can get Baker, OBJ, and Hunt all rollin’ fast outta the gate — I can see a Cleveland-KC championship game in January

  6. KTO says:

    Mack Wilson was a STEAL

  7. HumanMechanism says:

    9:40 “So the youngster showing that he can… fall out of trees, we know that”. Lmao, that is kinda how his scamper looked.

  8. Baker Mayfield #6HUNNIT #DAN6EROUS says:

    Mack Wilson is a real life madden user out there

  9. Chris Brant says:

    9:40 “the youngster showing that he can..fall outta trees!” ROFL good timing

  10. Quentin Gray says:

    If Mack Wilson keeps playing like this We are going to start him week 1

  11. Amir Renwick says:

    Who eles thought kenum was Kirk cousins

  12. Brandon Franklin says:

    I counted 10 former Alabama crimson tide players

  13. Bones12x2 says:

    A lot of people bash on the preseason and say its unnecessary….games like this prove why it is.

    Not everybody is a seasoned vet, even if they are a starter. This game had tons of mistakes and sloppy play and not just from practice team dudes or guys trying to make a team. Plenty of young guys that are going to play in the regular season are in these games and its noce to get a lot of the boneheaded plays out of their system before it starts to count.

    • Kenneth Bryant says:

      four games are unnecessary tho.

    • Nicknack says:

      Exactly you could clearly see that especially the younger guys were not always on the same page and it’s also a nice opportunity for some guys to show what they’ve got

    • Kevin Prima says:

      4 preseason games is too much risk for season-ending injuries — make it two games and touch football only

    • ThA MAN C MAcK says:

      Yea. It’s definitely necessary.

      These dudes really trying to make the team they have to have it.
      Get guys some live game action under the lights always pays off to see who shows up when the lights are on.

  14. nazmo says:

    Damn maybe madden wasn’t so wrong about the fumbles

  15. Surya Kumar says:

    sheehy guiseppi !! you deserve it bro !
    much love & respect .. Go Browns!

  16. Ahmad2423 says:

    Congratulations Cleveland Y’ALL finally have a franchise QB.

  17. King Savage says:

    Baker Mayfield changed the culture in Cleveland already shoutout to him?

    • Marques Williams says:

      Jarvis Landry changed the culture…. see hard knocks from last year

    • Kevin Prima says:

      I gotta admit this Baker kid looks like the real deal — him and Mahomes are the most exciting young QBs in the league

    • Daniel Durkin says:

      Jarvis changed the culture, baker just helped him cash the check his mouth wrote

    • bob johnson says:

      Damn let them win first or at least have a winning season. You do know this is the Browns right? Trust me they will find away to screw it up. BTW Kichens still has to prove himself as a coach.

    • AClass says:

      @Marques Williams right. Baker just was a great addition to the change

  18. shellshocked says:

    Tell me how your gonna cover Odell, landry, Chubb, Higgins, and njoku, when they are all out on the field at the same time

    • znation says:

      Easy put pressure on the Qb

    • shellshocked says:

      @znation yeah that’s why we get rid of the ball quick like wat u saw on the first drive

    • pyledog says:

      @Kenneth Bryant “the rams were more dangerous last year by far”…..not only is that statement going to be proved to be ridiculous this season by the browns, but it also has no bearing on the fact that the browns qb wakes up feeling dangerous every god damned day.

    • Tornado720 says:

      Rob Miller people said the same thing about the Steelers. How will you cover Brown, Bryant, Bell, and McDonald, with Big Ben throwing the ball. On paper that offense is better than this Browns offense. It’s called game planning. My god browns fans haven’t had a winning season in years and they talk about how other teams won’t be able to stop them? Lol

  19. Tavon ThaTruth says:

    I feel like Rashad Higgins will get open a lot because defenders will focus on Landry and Beckham, Higgins when be a sleeper weapon for sure.

  20. Mike Curtis says:

    Greetings from Thailand and thank you for posting. Congratulations to the Browns and best of luck in the upcoming season!

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