Redskins vs. Cowboys | NFL Week 13 Game Highlights

Redskins vs. Cowboys | NFL Week 13 Game Highlights

The Washington Redskins take on the Dallas Cowboys in Week 13 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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103 Responses

  1. Travis Kirk says:

    Man that jump ball to Dez was perfect… see Dak, that’s all you have to do

  2. A1 Video gamer says:

    RIP Redskins playoff hopes

  3. NFL fan says:

    Redskins: “So if we win the eagles clinch the division?”

    “Hold my beer”

  4. Demetrius says:

    Good job boys, stay consistent

  5. TheOnlyOne says:


  6. X-Ryder9 says:


  7. nick magee says:

    Cowboys looking like some CowMEN finally!

  8. Joe Flacco is Elite, but now he's hurt says:

    I feel bad for Kirk. Put him on a team that helps and appreciates him. I know hes good, but cant carry the whole damn team for heck sake.

  9. Hector Franco says:

    Where are The Cowboys Haters?

    • 56mdk says:

      Hector Franco here

      wow y’all beat a team a back ups nice!

    • DallasCowboys951 says:

      KingZulu1231 I don’t see no one saying that but if you see someone saying that there just big time bandwagon and the way you talk and made that comment you seem a delusional fan as yourself lol you can’t stand the cowboys huh lol but I know my team are not going to the super bowl but also the eagles aren’t too y’all brag too much that they are lol! they just going to choke big time the whole media knows it. #noringforwentz

    • Mario Viramontez says:

      PhillySports 76 2 decades have passed since

    • Alec Romero says:

      Hector Franco the Cleveland browns will go to Superbowl

  10. I Am Groot says:

    To all the COWBOY HATERS on here saying we’re not making the playoffs, thats FINE at this point it’s not about us trying to make the playoffs, its about our OFFENSE trying to make progress without Zeke not just DAK. People want to say “ok Zeke is out of the picture, its time to see who Dak really is” ??? Thats absurd, its only his 2nd year and people seem to forget that when he had his breakout ROOKIE year, LAST YEAR, he had Ezekiel Eliott with him ALL THE WAY. His biggest weapon he had was the option of him being able to take a break and hand it off to Zeke at any point was taken away from him. Its just crazy for people to want to discredits him when 1st he’s still GREEN he hasn’t been in the league that long so obviously he doesn’t have much experience and 2nd AGAIN when he was playing his best LAST YEAR, his ROOKIE YEAR he had the beast Ezekiel Eliott, who also had a GREAT ROOKIE SEASON.

    So C’mon now lets be fair and not Hypocrites and if you not a COWBOY FAN then GOD BLESS YOU


  11. Travis Kirk says:

    DeMarcus Lawrence has to be considered for DPOY. Guy is disruptive on every play

  12. Connor Mac says:

    Kirk goes to the Jaguars next year and they win the super bowl you heard it here first

  13. Ryan Yow says:

    0:59 “Your mom” lmao

  14. DashonStillYoung 2k17 says:

    Can we give Dez more chances to snag on some fools Dak thank u🙃🙃🙃

  15. Wentz Da Goat says:

    Damn it Washington y’all have one job to do

  16. MagicalSum Gaming says:

    Y’all haters are just salty because Dallas just won

  17. Jarret Berenson says:


    100 yards on 22 throws. Dak is nothing without Zeke. Washington beat themselves

  18. David Robles says:

    why do cowboys fans think they’re gonna make it to the playoffs after one win?

    • Clarence Reed says:

      Sam S no I didn’t claim to be a tough guy you did so get out of your feelings bro it’s not that serious

    • iGoatLike Gio says:

      Tom Brady Shady #WOAT#MaddenCursed#OldFART I mean it is AMERICAS TEAM. So people around AMERICA like them 😂

    • hjames78 says:

      David Robles if I was a Cowboys fan i would be indifferent about this pointless game. Might as well be a preseason game!! Lol🤣 both these teams are done for the year

    • David Robles says:

      well actually the chargers have a chance only cause the Chiefs are collapsing and the AFC playoff race is much easier than the NFC

  19. Aydo Mac says:

    Kirk needs a new team.

  20. Kevon Seymour #KS27 says:

    Dak 102 Yards 11/22 2 TDs This guy sucks #Overrated

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