Redskins vs. Cowboys Week 12 Highlights | NFL 2018

Redskins vs. Cowboys Week 12 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Washington Redskins take on the Dallas Cowboys during Week 12 of the 2018 NFL season.

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92 Responses

  1. Legod is the best ever Some Legends gots no rings says:

    Zeke best RB in the worldπŸ’―πŸ’―

  2. The Big Bronkowski says:

    Can’t stand the Cowboys

    But these fools won 3 games in 12 days?

    Props fellas πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  3. Ken Fulton {Baby Elder} says:

    To all the people who wanna complain about how the refs won the game for us, remember they helped yall on that bs false start in Washington!

    • Howard Mcgoldrick says:

      Congrats to the cowboys but the refs control the outcome of games way too much(like the call on the cowboys center the first game)The cowboys played the eagles and not 1 penalty on the birds.There is something strange going on.HTTMFR!!!!!

    • Howard Mcgoldrick says:

      +Tracy Simms That is true about no penalty being called on the birds,something strange is going on.

    • Anthony Williams says:

      In the aspects of the refs, this was a weird game. I am a Cowboys fan and I’m glad that we won but I’ll admit that there was some questionable no calls on both sides. There was a similar no call like with Reed but it was during the Saints and Falcons game.

    • Abigail Paramo says:


  4. Tony Romo #9hunnit #ScrambleGod says:

    I got 4 words .. HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS #FACTZ

  5. Josue Tejada says:

    Amari Cooper proving haters the trade was worth it

    • Snakier Impala says:


    • David Parks says:

      That 90 yard td was just pure bad effort #31 arm tackling in pro football most players learn how to tackle when there like 5 years old. Don’t arm tackle

    • David Parks says:

      I’m not a hater that just bad effort

    • RockStarPreacher says:

      +armst012 With those cuts?
      Yeah, maybe.Β 
      He’s already had one DB tear his ACL trying to defend his cuts.Β 
      He an amazing route runner, and that will go far with this team.Β 
      And for the Dak haters, how about that one over middle for 90 yards?
      Heck of a pass.Β 
      He has a long way to go, but I see glimpses.

  6. Tony Romo #9hunnit #ScrambleGod says:

    Cowboys won the Amari trade #FACTZ

  7. Balance Br3aker says:

    COOPER, ZEKE, DAK all had an excellent night

    • Mike Baca says:

      +PrettyTone10377 do you understand how football works? The quarterback throws the ball, and the receivers catch it. If Dam hadn’t been throwing thr ball, do you think Cooper would have caught it? Don’t be a moron. Dak isn’t great, but he’s good.

    • Dallas& Pikachu# says:

      But you definitely have to give some credit to that defense especially Lawrence Vander esch Smith everyone on that defensive line and secondary did a really good job especially with turnovers

  8. Lil Dagga says:

    See what happens when Dak has a legit number 1 option

    • Fernando Ramirez says:

      +mario lopez lmao Aaron Rodgers was sitting on the bench for at least 3 years behind the gunslinger Brett Favre ohhh and Rodgers was a 1st round pick.. Dak was a rookie 4th rounder lol

    • LMS01 says:

      Happy with the W, but Dak needs to greatly improve his pocket awareness. He is supposed to be a “dual threat” QB, but he doesn’t move well at all in the pocket to avoid sacks. Some sacks are the oline’s fault…but man, if Dak could learn to move up or slide away from the pressure instead of standing there and holding the ball too long…he could be so much better.

    • mario lopez says:

      +Fernando Ramirez exactly, a 4th rounder is what hes proven to be

    • JT Saiyan says:

      Lmao he needs 5 yards of separation to do throw. Romo would have gotten everyone 100yards or more

  9. Chris Hansen says:

    Cowboys you violated the Redskins go ahead and have a seat. Im Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC

  10. Tony Romo #9hunnit #ScrambleGod says:

    Amari with Dallas
    4 games
    22 rec 349 yds 3 TDs

    Amari with Oakland
    6 games
    22 rec 280 yds 1 TD

    L for Oakland

    • RockStarPreacher says:

      +oneofspadesWhat a throw on that one as well. I’ve watched it 10 times. It was dime dropped.

    • RockStarPreacher says:

      +Alberto TamayoYeah, cause that’s how you make 2 Pro Bowls your first 3 years in the League. You ‘go ghost’.Β 
      Sounds like a plan to make the Pro Bowl.Β 

    • Burgess Bigglesworth says:

      +Tom Yazel Born and raised. Now in Oklahoma because of my job. I saw Jim Brown play against young up and coming doomsday in November of 65. Browns won 24-17 but it was great being 10 years old in a sold out Cotton Bowl at Fair Park in Dallas watching the greatest running back in NFL History, Jim Brown and watching the young Cowboys try and stop him. I remember it like it was yesterday. It’s weird but what stands out the most and gives me a good feeling is this old black gentleman sitting behind us and getting so fired up every time Jim Brown literally ran over the cowboys. His laughter was infectious but since that was my first NFL game I was conflicted. I asked Mr. Oznick who took me and his son to the game why is that man cheering for the Browns here in Dallas ? I remember he laughed and said the Browns have fans all over the country and looking back they surely did at that time. After he told me that Mr. Oznick and an older friend of his he brought to the game also, took out these flat metal flasks and took big drinks from them. I thought they were regular drinks or water. I learned a lot at that one football game. I was raised by my single mom and all I had was her and one sister and we went to church all the time. So I not only experienced an NFL game but a part of the world I had not seen. Back then all the adults wore suits and top hats and nice dresses to games. Old days, wow !

  11. Nun Ya says:

    Watched the entire game, might as well watch it again.

  12. SEAN GRIGSBY says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all you Cowboys fans!!!

  13. DefenseΒ‘ Defense! says:

    Respect for the Cowboys they proved us wrong..

  14. MeMeBigBoi says:

    And people say the Cooper trade was stupid on dallas’ part. Working out for us big time.

  15. dRag0niuS - Dragons and Gaming says:

    Plus 99% of redskins fans are practically rooting for saints now

  16. Chief says:

    Imagine dallas getting hot in the playoffs with no Arron Rodgers to interfere

  17. Tony JcJr says:

    Skip Bayless: HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!
    Shannon :..But here’s the thang skiuuup…

  18. Genius Of Utmost Stability says:

    Zeke is now the leading rusher of the NFL again. Zeke is the best pure runner in the NFL

    • David Burnett says:

      powerranger nija steel yelo Zeke is better than gurley fact

    • Jamal Swayne says:

      +Scott Kursch I understand what you’re trying to say about being biased which I can agree but the rest of your comments are not accurate. There is no “sudden hype” with Zeke. He came into the league as a ROOKIE and led the entire NFL with 1,600+ yards of rushing and he only played the first half of week 16 and didn’t play at all in week 17 that year. Zeke’s second year he was suspended for 6 games and still finished top 10 in rushing with 983 and his average yards per game that year was 98 yards which was ranked #1 in the NFL. Fast forward to his 3rd year in the league, he’s leading the league in rushing AGAIN. For the record, Zeke name was consistently mentioned as one of the top backs of 2016 (it was Zeke, Gurley, David Johnson, and L. Bell at that time). I don’t have the actual percentages but Zeke has faced the most 8 & 9 man fronts in the NFL compared to the rest of the running backs in the NFL and he’s still averaging almost 5 yards per carry and you can’t say we have the best online in the NFL because we definitely don’t and the online has been hurt the entire season and had 3 backups playing yesterday. For you to say “sudden hype” about Zeke is so far from the truth. He’s clearly not your favorite which is fine but at least be accurate on what you say about Zeke.

      We all have our own opinions about our favorite players which is cool but everything that I listed above are facts about Ezekiel Elliott’s 3 year career and why I believe that he’s the best RB (along with Gurley) in the league in my personal opinion. Zeke is 1a and Gurley is 1b. 2 great backs with 2 different running styles and huge fan of both but nothing biased on this end bro just stating facts about Zeke. #FEED ZEKE!

    • Nathan Tiner says:

      GOD zeke is ahead of him dawg πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

    • Nathan Tiner says:

      Scott Kursch just cause I’m a cowboys fan doesn’t mean anything lol I used to tell everyone leveon and Johnson we’re both better then zeke and gurly was right behind him obviously Johnson and bell haven’t played much and when Johnson hasn’t done anything so right now zeke is the best running back when it comes to running the football gurly is more balanced saying he can do a lot of things really well while zeke is great at running in all aspects he run up the gut drop his shoulder and get tuff yards or bounce outside and use speed to get the edge and gain big yards gurly isn’t like that tho he’s a zone back..And does thing like receiving out of the backfield zeke is a pure runner/blocker that’s why I say he’s the best PURE runner in football right now

  19. Double A says:

    Bears: hey Oakland, thanks for Mack.

    Cowboys: hey Oakland, thanks for Cooper.

  20. Kirk Lazarus says:

    When I die I want the Redskins to lower me into my grave so they can let me down 1 last time.

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