Refrigerator Sledding

Refrigerator Sledding

sledding in a refrigerator means fun, fails, and police officers!!
This was crazy and glad we didnt die! EXTREME SLEDDING!!!

watch us cut it open after!! –

Best Day Ever 46

Today was CRAZY fun, after deciding to cut open and see whats inside a fridge we decide to first have some fun and take it sledding!! We were a bit nervous but it ended up being sooo awesome! oh and a couple police cars showed up, ha ha!
Then we cut open the refrigerator and were surprised by what was inside!

P.S. Hello to all the new friends that came from whats inside, explore a couple vlogs and let me know what ya think!!
im all about making every day the BEST DAY EVER and sharing the adventure along the way *HIGHFIVE*

Snapchat: @Shonduras
Beme: @Shonduras


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20 Responses

  1. CNder77 says:

    Great way to kick off 2016 with a wicked awesome video! I think I enjoyed
    watching this as much as you guys enjoyed making it+in my favorites it goes
    :)) Thanks for sharing, I always look forward to more of your fun videos.
    You always brighten my mood with your friendly positive energy you give
    off. God bless you and Happy New Year!!

  2. Romanator53 says:

    It’s a chisel

  3. jesse graciano says:

    What’s inside your ruined lens @shanduras & @whatsinside

  4. Eduardo Alarcon says:

    that was awesome

  5. Krazykagaaro says:

    See what’s inside that camera lens.

  6. undertaker666dead says:

    Refrigerator Sledding this need to be an Olympic event. Refrigerator
    Sledding 2016

  7. Thomas Huskisson says:

    I’m pretty sure is a rock chisel

  8. JC Gaming FC says:

    The yellow tool is a chisel

  9. Shadow Monkey says:

    Like if you’re watching in 2015

  10. Viking Gamer says:

    U guys should never stop making videos together

  11. ilya m. says:

    Been following you on Beme for a while, just found your YouTube channel!
    Awesome work! Love to see your adventures. Keep it up man!

  12. tyler cordeiro says:

    Thats a chisel

  13. Lockster Blade says:

    My favorite episode.

  14. Lockster Blade says:

    That is cool you gained a crowd while doing it

  15. Billy DoesGaming says:

    did someone swear at 3:52 in the video?

  16. Ohio Fishing says:

    Just got a new sub love your vids!

  17. dipperpines_su says:

    first time ive heard a police officer admit that theres nothing against the
    law about doing something fun.

  18. tigerwoman484 says:

    Cops ruining everything as usual

  19. techmaster32 says:

    how old is Lincoln?

  20. stevengrothues says:

    btw the thing that is blue and yellow is a chisel it just has the yellow
    piece which is a guard so you dont hit your hand with the hammer