Refugee Crisis: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Refugee Crisis: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Last Week Tonight covers an inappropriate analogy for the refugee crisis.

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20 Responses

  1. Saurav Samal says:

    I am so fucking happy he won the emmy. I fucking love this guy.

  2. I'm Ye says:

    am sure the comments will be very civilized

  3. Maryland says:

    *Reads Title*

    No (Web Exclusive)?

    *Throws Party*

  4. Pluendi says:

    I’m willing to bet this wasn’t meant to be uploaded today

  5. Seamus Talbot says:

    trump – wants to bomb Syria

    also trump – doesn’t want refugees from Syria

  6. Jacob M. says:

    Why was this posted now? It’s from last year….

  7. Zoë Castillo says:

    Yea America, whenever your ready to take responsibly for the crimes you’ve

  8. Peter Zwegert says:

    30000 in 2 years fck u france
    greetings from Germany (and yeah i support that we take all these refugees)

  9. brainflash1 says:

    America is like a neighbor who burns down your house in broad daylight and
    then tells everyone not to let you stay with them because you “might” be an

  10. JJRicks Studios says:

    Can I get likes for no reason

  11. 101Supercritic says:

    “Please clap.” -Jeb Bush

  12. God zilla says:

    Dear America,
    please accept at least 10 million refugees

    ps. you asked why? because america made the war in the middle east way more
    worse than before and its not Europes fault its so obvious that Europe is
    better than america #justthetruth

  13. Connor Murphy says:

    Wait, if this process works then why are we so scared of Syrian refugees?

  14. Tatsusama says:

    I know that the “all the hoops you have to jump through to be vetted”
    section was a bit on how ridiculous it is, but it actually made me feel
    safer and willing to let refugees in… Is that bad?

  15. Neo Machine says:

    That moment when France upholds a stronger spirit of freedom than “The Land
    of the Free”.

  16. Ricky Wright says:

    This is one of the best of the year ?

  17. Denise H says:

    As a non-American it’s just so hard to understand the mindset of US
    Republicans at times…would that peanut analogy not apply to guns as well
    that the republicans love so much. Any gun owner on any given day can gun
    down kids in school, or people in a mall etc, so why not just ban all guns
    as well!! How can they be against refugees who go through such a ferocious
    vetting process, yet anyone in the US can just walk into a store a purchase
    an automatic weapon (ok maybe not automatic but nonetheless a gun) with no
    vetting whatsoever?

  18. Dino Barberino says:

    Living in Canada it is still hard for me to wrap my head around how dumb
    American politicians are…

  19. Nich Citarella says:

    people are ignoring the real issue here, why was this old ass video just

  20. Scott Cox says:

    So we’re all carrying guns in America and we’re still acting like pussies??