Reginae Carter Talks Armon Warren, YFN Lucci Split & New Money Moves | Stepping Into The Shade Room

Reginae Carter Talks Armon Warren, YFN Lucci Split & New Money Moves | Stepping Into The Shade Room

Reginae Carter is way more than the daughter of a rap legend, and in this TSR Exclusive interview she’s opening up and ready to tell her truth. From public breakups and makeups to the pressures of growing up in the spotlight, our host Thembi sat down with the budding star to discuss it all. Roomies, this is Reginae Carter like you’ve never seen her before…it’s time to step into The Shade Room.

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25 Responses

  1. THE SHADE ROOM says:

    Make sure to check out our recent interview with Armon here!

    • Sharron Dorsey says:

      Wonderful interview I really enjoyed watching Reginae as always 🥰💕 🎉🎉🎉 continue being successful with everything in life beautiful young Queen. Toya raised a intelligent young lady & Lil Wayne, cause I already know he wants his baby girl to be successful & respectful in life ✔️✔️

  2. Lakyla Arnold says:

    She has grown so much and has self awareness that some people will never have in life. Shout out to her parents for keeping her grounded and realistic. 💕

    • Lakyla Arnold says:

      @Incognita Me Okay so don’t get mad when I respond. You commented under my comment. You’re miserable that’s why you had to throw up her past. Worry about your past and find some happiness. If you’re happy with yourself and your life, you will be happy for others. What you said was a backhanded compliment and I already know you were being negative but go find some peace ma’am.

    • Incognita Me says:

      @Lakyla Arnold & Ma’am Idc if you felt or whomever felt my comment was negative. I said what I said. I actually admire her growth. All I stated was facts. If it was negative then so be it. Everything isn’t positive, crispy, & cream lol smh the world today

    • Lakyla Arnold says:

      @Incognita Me Ma’am but you came under my comment with negativity saying she was spoiled as if you don’t see everyone in the comments saying she has grown, which means we know where she came from. You decided to be negative but okay. 👌🏽

    • Incognita Me says:

      @Lakyla Arnold I wasn’t talking to u cuz I actually agree with half your initial comment. That message was to someone else bout her being spoiled in which she use to be so dnt know how u get in the mix lol but okay

  3. J says:

    I love Reginae! She is so mature for her age, classy, girly, inspiring and she has a bubbly personality.

  4. Jay Hollow says:

    I’m so happy Armon introduce Nae to YouTube and we already seen in videos how he makes her feel secure and how alert he is when they are out in public and I love how protective they both are with their relationship and how they are letting us in by showing us a sneak peek into their lives Armon is mos def an upgrade and we love their love

    • Cordelia Thomas says:

      @Believe GB I understand what you are saying and agree that he is definitely helping her with her YouTube channel because he has more experience doing it. ❤

    • Believe GB says:

      @Cordelia Thomas I do understand what you are trying to say but the fact is that Armon is behind Reginae’s success on youtube. Pure truth!
      Check her videos before Armon and now, then make your own conclusion. ✌🏾

    • Ms. Juicy Couture22 says:

      nigga said introduced her to iyoutube as if this shit waasnt out for years lmaoooo

    • Cordelia Thomas says:

      @UCszR7P2825gQKLY5c1rhvgA No they were not. She just answered that question in her interview with The Shade Room. It was the first time they have every met. Even on the blind date you can tell they hadn’t met before.

    • Akeida Wright says:

      @Cordelia Thomas wen u go to her page she didn’t post for years before that video. He was stil posting videos though . Wat u talking about

  5. Viral Hood News says:

    Lil Wayne and Toya dropped a special gift for this world.🌎🌎🌏 Her energy is unmatched at this time. Can’t wait until she get a major movie!

    • Lloydicia Archer says:

      Listen this gurl is differently special…she gives princess, bad bish, hood, gheddo, smart, boss chick , wife, influential vibes….i can go on and on

    • Vatus Vvv says:

      That “Boxed In” movie that’s coming out that she’s in with Clifton Powell looks hard!!! 🔥 🔥

  6. LivingLife says:

    This is an amazing interview. I love the advice she got from Monica to stay true to herself. Who you are connected to matters.


    I just love her 😍 I am a firm believer in when we walk out these doors we are a representation of our fathers and mothers. SHE IS A BEAUTY FULL OF GRACE!

  8. Tracey Grant says:

    This was a good interview. She did grow a lot. She’s more self aware she’s talented beautiful she’s more calm . You can see she’s a good person a loving person. She is with the right person Armon helps soften her up. They are good for each other.

    • Carlene Palmer says:

      I’m happy for you your so bubbly full of live keep doing what your doing with god all things are possible

  9. Rose Vogue Styling says:

    I love this interview, she has grown so much! The fact that she holds herself accountable shows that she is maturing so much!

  10. PS EDITS says:

    *Im so glad she learned her worth😭 cause she is the bomb and she didn’t deserve a man like her last. See what happens when you love yourself? You attract better for yourself! Armon treats her how she deserve to be treated and I’m so happy for them❤️*

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