Remembering Bill Paxton

Remembering Bill Paxton

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20 Responses

  1. futurespells says:

    rip Chet!

  2. Viddex says:

    its game over now :'(

  3. Nite Faze says:

    R.I.P Such a great underrated actor. I enjoyed every movie Bill was in he had great charisma on screen. Favorite Bill Paxton movies are:

    True Lies
    A Simple Plan
    Edge of Tomorrow

  4. Andrew Tornadoboy says:

    I hope someone has the class to mention his passing at the Oscars tonight, although I think class is the last thing we’re going to see

  5. MeatSheeld says:

    Heaven got one more.

  6. YouTube 4 fun says:

    Twister was his best

  7. EeveeParty97 says:

    Bill Paxton was the Texas Guy in Spy Kids.

  8. Driver3 says:

    “Twister” left such a huge impact on me as a kid. And to see him gone just fucking hurts.

    RIP to the Extreme.

  9. Paradigm _sh1ft says:

    “Game over man! Game over!” Thanks for the memories Bill. What sad news.

  10. Anthony Palumbo says:

    Can’t believe it’s true. Bill Paxton is one of my favorite actors of all time, it’s very sad to see him go.

  11. Anthony Mcqueen says:

    Game over man game over. RIP

  12. flahr1 says:

    It’s game over man, game over

  13. grant myers says:

    this totally sucks another legend from the 80s gone too soon at 61 why god why?

  14. EsechavaHD says:

    wasn’t he currently doing a show

  15. winter ramos says:


    -Bill Paxton(Twister)

  16. davh10 says:

    Very sad to hear this. He was mostly a supporting actor and often stole the show. RIP

  17. trigga ville says:

    R.I.P Bill, i use to watch twister over and over as a kid when it first came out on VHS

  18. Brant Frans says:

    R.I.P. Bill,

    Private Hudson, well done marine!!!

  19. Aaron Foltz says:

    He was JUST on wtf. Great history of work and great man.

  20. BeepBoppingCherries says:

    Twister and Titanic were my childhood movies.. He will be missed very much.

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