Remembering Norm

Remembering Norm

Looking back at the life and legacy of my dear friend Norm MacDonald.
Love you forever, Norm.

Listen to Bob Saget’s Here For You now: ​

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28 Responses

  1. Christo Mitov says:

    Thanks for doing this Bob. Hearing you and other great comedians talk about Norm has helped me cope with this loss. Even though I never knew the man personally, his passing feels like a close relative has died. I was lucky enough to see him live back in 2015 but I just weep at the fact that he was too young and his genius had a lot more room to be explored. There will never be another like him.

    • Lone Bear says:

      I am right there with you bud, didn’t get to see him tho that must have been quite the experience

    • Maya Forester says:

      You said it, he’s been making me laugh since I was a five year old girl. It was one of the few things my dad contacted me at work for because he knows that guy is my favorite comedian. I say is because no one who’s in your heart and mind and soul in all the ways they changed you just a tiny bit is ever really gone

    • magnetmannenbannanen says:

      yep, this must be what Elvis fans felt when Elvis died.

    • Doug Mccaustland says:

      I am devastated.. I am right there with you, I feel like a am morning a brother.

    • Stephen Hensley says:

      First Charlie Watts then Norm, Good lord . This year and last I’ve lost two of my best friends so I’m sitting here in tears.

  2. Barquito de Vapor says:

    Thank you Bob, I cant imagine the pain you are feeling now… I share some piece of that pain… best from Chile

  3. Queensboro15 says:

    I love the fact that he told Bob it was an audio only podcast

    Rest in peace Norm, you will be missed

  4. Marty Hudson says:

    Norm never revealed he was sick. Went out on him own terms . Good job norm. Good job

  5. kd 321 says:

    I’ve never been effected by a “celebrity” death, although I do understand the sadness, but when I woke up that Wednesday morning UK time to find a text message from my friend that norm had passed, it hit me different, i drove into work feeling really bummed out, I got into work and felt a real sadness, since then I’ve been in this utterly low mood, I can’t shake it, I would regularly rewatch his videos over and over, he never knew I existed, and he never will, but I’ll remember him till the day I die, he was not one in a million or a billion, he was one of a kind, I’m not a religious man but at this moment right now I would Love to believe there would be somewhere in this crazy existence that there would be somewhere our consciousness goes that Norm could live on….Norm, thanks for everything

    • cookowl says:

      I feel you, man. Same here. It’s like somehing unique died that’s never coming back. Norm was one of a kind and it’s sad that he’s gone

    • R U KidnMe? says:

      Very well said…….feel the same..cheers

    • John L Sullivan says:

      That nailed it for me , I feel the same way it’s strange .

    • EvilMonkey7818 says:

      Same here. This is different. I read or hear a celebrity has died, on with the rest of my day, not giving it another thought except maybe as small talk. But this hurts. Thank you to Bob for doing this. I’m sure it will be cathartic to all of us that thought the world of Norm. I’m at a loss for words.

  6. Artonline says:

    Bob words were beautiful like a flower, yeah cauliflower.

  7. Greg Meadows says:

    My Dad was my best friend and his final words to me were “I miss you”. I loved everything about Norm’s career. And I was sincerely hoping one of his closest friends would help with this. And you did. I’m so sorry and thank you for helping so many people deal with this. ❤️ 😢

  8. lazy homebody says:

    I love that Bob said, “all of you who loved him” giving us validation for our feelings of loss. Which feels strange because I never even knew I gave Norm MacDonald that much thought! But I feel terrible, so I realize how much he DID mean to me. That must be a unique gift, to connect on a such a personal level with other people who literally just see you on a screen

    • JHWyatt *** says:

      I relate so much to your post… I felt like I knew him, like he was speaking to me alone, and that I would meet him one day. I know that sounds crazy, but he taught me a lot about comedy and about humanity and I will miss him terribly, even if I never did meet him in person. No new jokes, no new show makes me unbelievably sad. RIP Norm Macdonald.

    • Amelia says:

      We are all richer for having listened.

  9. Tee Jay says:

    “This is a bad one.” Yeah. It really is. He was SO fast and could get away with things that others couldn’t. And that was because he just seemed like a nice, kind man who really enjoyed making people laugh. There was no ‘mean’ to him even though some of his stuff was edgy. And you could always tell he was really smart but played that down. And keeping cancer out of the public eye for nine years? That’s a person of character. Thanks for this man. Appreciated.

  10. MrEyon93 says:

    This was a very beautiful eulogy, Bob. The world has truly lost someone special.

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