Remove cat before flight

Remove cat before flight

Un baptême de routine, jusqu’à ce que…de l’importance de regarder dans les ailes avant chaque vol.
Pour info le chat va très bien, il continue avec application son rôle de mascotte du club

Au club ULM 16-34 de Kourou, Guyane Française

A standard flight until… i still don’t know if it got in after the pre flight check or if i missed it.
The cat is doing well, she is still our mascot.

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19 Responses

  1. MathTeacher Teacherpr says:

    +SportPilotPR Wow!!!
    Me puse tensa.
    ¡Precioso el Gato!!!

  2. 2CloseShave says:

    Inb4 redditfags, wait, am I too late ?

  3. blammm88 says:

    On the bright side after all that. The cat still has nine life lines left.

  4. AstroFantastica says:

    That could have been cat… um… catastrophic.

  5. Boromir “Hugmir” Smith says:

    ,,What, are we done already?” asked the cat, with ever so slight
    disappointment. ,,A bit of wind and you silles flake out like some low-roof
    rookies. Always the same.”

  6. jerryleelin says:

    Cat:I believe i can fly~

  7. Wäller 1955 says:

    ganz schön mutig von der Katze *lach*

  8. peruface says:

    You woke him from his nap

  9. CC Mesh says:

    The cat who flew.

  10. Benjiro Uchiha says:

    He’s all like now I’ll be the first cat to get one of those bald eagles

  11. Matthias Witt says:

    Das Talent von Katzen, sich an den unpassendsten Plätzen der Welt aufzuhalten …

  12. MikeDest says:

    Get ready to see a lot of this video.

  13. BrewerFR says:

    “We remind all passengers to please remove their felines before flight.”

  14. — дешёвые билеты и спецпредложения says:

    Отправляясь в полёт на дельтаплане, убедитесь в отсутствии

  15. Somewhat Awesome Games says:

    You can tell this whole situation is like talking to your grandparents
    1:00 Guy: “There is a cat on the wing we have to land!” Lady “Yeah I know.”

    1:35 Lady “OH look there is a cat on the wing!”

  16. Draegast says:

    thats a nice fuckin kitty right there

  17. Melissia Hix says:

    Not nice lady!

  18. VampireJoe says:

    This cat… i can’t even see a little bit scare in his eyes…
    he just like, “yep, i’m a hitch-hiker, so what ?”

  19. SpeedManiac1976 says:

    le chien , French movie 🙂 French people funny 🙂 cat seemed to like it 🙂
    not frightened at all :)