Renovating An Abandoned Mansion Part 1

Renovating An Abandoned Mansion Part 1

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40 Responses

  1. smcox1991 says:

    “Let me just lock this door” slides a rock in front of it ??? Can’t wait to see all the videos that are to come.

  2. Randal Parks says:

    Hey Matt, give Chip and Johanna Gaines over in Waco a call. This is right up their alley!

  3. Howard S says:

    An early meeting with the local building official may save you grief down the line. Specifically what would the building department accept from existing or do you need all of the inspections along with the structural and other drawings. All of the updates will factor into your preliminary cost estimate.

  4. Alex Rose says:

    I am super excited to see what the mansion looks like when it is done.

  5. Mike Bullers says:

    Do you know what contractor built the shell? finding him and speaking to him could save a lot of guessing

  6. jack sawyer says:

    I’m waiting for that “we figured out why they stopped building the house” in the coming couple weeks

  7. Jiye Song says:

    Hey man you should contact Matt Risinger out of Austin. He deals with building science and texas home renovations. You guys could do a youtube collaboration.

  8. Sean Condon says:

    You should make a shirt that says “Renovation Ranch” with a pic of the mansion

  9. CrickettMoon always an adventure says:

    Did you hire an architect OR have it inspected by a structural engineer ? Whoooeee… thats one humdinger of a project.

  10. Alex Hernandez says:

    Yo matt if you need carpet installed in any of the rooms my dad installs carpet here in Fort Worth Vintage Flooring. We would be glad to hook you up with some nice carpet. PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! Thanks

  11. Jonathan Marquis says:

    Hey Matt,
    Could you slow the camera action please? Or use a tripod for some stuff? Hard to see on a phone when your swinging the camera around room to room* point with your hand not the camera! You’re making me dizzy!
    Nice place!

  12. sir nicholas says:

    Wile you were jamming out and building a house irl, I was jamming out and building a house in minecraft.

  13. Dave Gordon says:

    More than likely your foundation is mush. Probably hasn’t ever had gutters, sill plates are probably rotten, mortar joints probably washed out, none of your fasteners (nails, screws) aren’t rated for water contact, so they have probably rusted out. You’re in for a bankruptcy with that place. Don’t do it

  14. texas heat says:

    @4:26 you literally wiped your face with the insulation on your arm. Take a hot shower to open pores then immediately turn the cold on to wash insulation fibers away. Good luck

  15. Isuck Gaming says:

    I literally wish I could just fast forward to the finished product

  16. Dallas19Austin says:

    This might sound weird but you’re 100% of the guy I strive to be

  17. Dave Rohner says:

    You need an architect and engineer first, then builder/consultant to help you budget

  18. Kyle S says:

    Renovation Ranch is gonna be an epic series. I cannot wait for the new videos and watch it all come together. Awesome.

  19. Susan Mitchell says:

    There have to be permits and plans on file from the initial build. It also probably includes original builder, architect etc. I would definitely start there

  20. Joshua McClain says:

    How many rooms, bathrooms etc are in that house matt? Thank you for the upload during this hard time. #DemolitiaStrong

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