Rep. John Lewis Takes Action on Guns

Rep. John Lewis Takes Action on Guns

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) leads his colleagues in taking action on gun violence on the House Floor
June 22, 2016

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20 Responses

  1. Hunter Vail says:

    What Democrats and so called Liberals don’t understand is criminals
    Terriosts and insane individuals will always find ways to get guns and do
    harm All your trying to do is take guns away from law abiding American

  2. Andrew Avila says:

    We lost ton more to starvation, my gun safe in a safe. The knife in my
    kitchen is more exposed. Gun don’t kill people, people kill people. Guess
    what, you don’t make a change by taking a means of self defense. You just
    start strict decisions on who you give guns too. It is people killing
    people. Hey no guns means stabbings, I guess we will have to give them up

  3. Dustin Newell says:


  4. Cheezeblade says:

    What a champion.

  5. Esmeralda Martinez says:

    Thaaaaank YOUUUU!!!!!!!!, Rep. John Lewis. May God Bless you Greatly. For
    speaking up for those who can’t speak. Rise Up America!! That still have a
    good heart.

  6. Brian Bice says:

    Democrats had control in 2009 and 2010! Sandy Hook and everything since
    then is on your heads and not the Republican Party! Sleep on that!

  7. Jay Dee says:

    Sure his speech is powerful, but he, himself doesn’t understand a word of
    it. The basis of their whole platform is that all people with guns are
    dangerous. Imagine country where only the government has guns. Wait! You
    don’t have to. How about Nazi Germany? What about North Korea? How many
    millions have been wasted by attacking the good people of this country,
    while those that are really the problem go untouched. The very laws that we
    have in place right now, would have prevented 911, Charleston, SC,
    Lafayette, LA and Webster, NY. Instead of attacking citizens that will
    never be a problem, how about addressing factors that create it. My
    children are already having to deal with thugs in school and none of them
    have guns. However, with or without, they will do harm one day. My children
    are also aware of drugs being sold and passed around in school. Drug abuse
    is rampant, yet it gets much less attention. How many crimes committed
    using a gun, for the sake of drug trafficking? Believe me, if some big drug
    cartel wants his drugs and his money protected, he will provide guns. The
    don’t have to come from the US. They can come from Austria, Italy, Brazil,
    Turkey, The Philippines, or countless other countries. More gun laws might
    protect you from your grandfather, your daughter’s cheer-leading coach or
    your mother-in-law, but it won’t do a thing when the guy comes through your
    window tonight looking for anything he can sell or hock to get drug money.
    Hopefully, that’s all he takes. Think about that when you lay your head on
    you pillow tonight. Is that your air condition making that noise?
    Hopefully. What if it’s not. Mr. Lewis’s speech won’t help you. We have
    become a society that claims that they want to be “safe”, yet they attack
    those that have taken the legal steps necessary to purchase guns that will
    only be used for sport or protection. They attack the police officers that
    risk their lives on a daily basis to defend us here at home and they attack
    the brave men and women of our armed forces that defend us at home and
    abroad. I have to wonder though, how many of these self-righteous people
    here are closet gun owners, themselves?

  8. Brad Libby says:

    humans are stupid. people who know how guns work and use them right see
    everyone elts as dumb, or rather irresponsible.

    people who buy guns need lie detector tests and meantal tests. thats it, we
    dont need to outlaw them because people will use other things to kill

  9. Cracker says:

    over 5 minutes of “LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!” what an idiot. how about
    addressing the rampant black on black crime? criminals will always find a
    way to harm someone. guns aren’t the problem. idiots with guns are the
    problem. drugs are illegal and look how easy it is to get them. this
    dumbass has a podium and an audience. Nothing more. bring your people on
    the floor with you? how pathetic.

  10. Ed Northon says:

    Is it a mix of an afroamerican accent and upper class accent?

  11. The Truth says:

    A retired homeless army veteran, Antoinette Brown, was mauled to death by a
    pit bull, recently. If she or someone around had a gun to kill the pit
    bull, she would still be alive today.

  12. Morpayne RADIO says:

    nobody cares.

    You aren’t going to pressure people into beating up the second amendment,
    thats not how it works.

  13. RealAnimal says:

    Isn’t sitting and crying is what 2 year old’s do when they don’t get there
    way?? Even if I agreed there is no way I would act in such a childish
    manner. Zero respect for this man.

  14. Kate Genwunner says:


  15. Bill Smith says:

    most people don’t realize that this is just the begenning of gun control.
    they start with fear. They can put anyone of any nationality, country or
    american state on the no fly list. once you are on there you cannot get
    your name off no matter what you do. you are under government control. tgen
    they say people over 40 shouldn’t have a gun. then it’s people under 25 and
    soon no one has a gun but the crooked, communist american governments
    military. but Americans ghink a gun law will stop all gun violence. I say
    sh- – – (censored) all the sitters and replace them

  16. Brian T Parent says:

    Oh, and according to FBI statistics, murders involving guns have been down
    since 1993. Also, automatic assault weapons have been banned since 1936
    with the National Fire Arms Act. The only damn difference between a rifle
    and pistol is the distance a bullet travels. Oh, and our precious 2nd
    Amendment was written to protect people in The United States from tyranny.
    Why is our 2nd Amendment so precious? Like our 1st Amendment, it can be
    taken away, and our 2nd Amendment protects our 1st Amendment. Our
    forefathers also known as our Founding Fathers knew that very thought, so
    they placed safeguards from tyrannical people that speak only their bias
    views while oppressing others with a different viewpoint. Of course, even
    though I’m a descendant of the Founder of Rhode Island, I’ve been censored
    since 2010 on YouTube. I’d bet the founders of this once great nation would
    be very angry at that.

  17. Andy henderson says:

    Give them one right and they will take them all.

  18. Brian T Parent says:

    Oh, I could post a ton of information that is hidden from the public eye.

  19. Brian T Parent says:

    Of course, I hate secrets!!!

  20. Rupert Davis says:

    A champion against our nation’s Bill of Rights…left wing lunatics. What
    people don’t want to address is that our government can add anyone to the
    terror watch list for any reason they deem. Wakeup America or our nation
    will be no longer.