Rep. Ocasio-Cortez And Stephen Eat Ben & Jerry’s

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez And Stephen Eat Ben & Jerry’s

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tells Stephen about her first few weeks in Congress over a couple pints of ice cream.

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85 Responses

  1. Sourabh says:

    She is a future American president.

    • Micah Leith says:

      Its a shame she’s so young. She could beat trump at his own game

    • healer81 says:

      +rapheALtoid I would weigh the work of someone that competed with others in the work force of business world higher than someone that makes decisions. There are so many out of touch politicians that never earned real money outside of cutting inside deals in office. The political game and the real game out in the market are two different things.

    • andrew miller says:

      I hope so. We’re going through a time where we are battling for the soul of this country(like during the civil rights era) and these are the type of people I want to lead us in the future

    • Pat says:

      In 20 years possibly

    • Zachary Faurote says:

      God I hope so. Sadly I feel there’s even odds she gets Fred Hampton-ed instead

  2. The Hellfire Club! says:

    Cortez is the future! The Justice Democrats are the future! Liberal ideology is most certainly the future! For to long we have been living in a world where apparently racism, sexism and xenophobic beliefs are ok. It’s not. We need to challenge these backward beliefs and start treating everyone equally. Unlearn ☮



    • Steve G says:

      Kotex 2020

    • In the Woods says:

      +Bordan P. Jeterson Jordan Peterson is a joke

    • The Hellfire Club! says:

      Anything is better than the system we have now. Trump has basically looked after the 1% and screwed over the poor. Which is exactly what be promised. Trumps America is all about social racial bias. In believing that white men are privileged because it’s a right and people of colour and women are there to provide for them. It’s sickening that we see a President is a Nazi sympathiser. But it’s hardly surprising. This is why white supremacists from all over the world support Trump.

      However if this isn’t a wake up call for America to gain the country back then I don’t know what. America needs healthcare, proper education for all,prison reform, BLM needs to be heard, proper home insurance, jobs, trained security and eradicate all guns.



    • Bordan P. Jeterson says:

      +In the Woods I know?

    • Shannon Wiggins says:

      Ok, there seems to be some confusion. Liberalism is a political philosophy that stems from classical liberalism which emphasizes economic freedom. It greatly supports capitalism. In the past century or so, liberalism in the US has come to refer more to social liberalism but it still has that basis in capitalism so it can be a little confusing to use it when referring to a socialist like AOC. OP’s context does make it easy to tell they’re referring to social liberalism, though.

      As for Social Democracy and Democratic Socialism and what AOC follows, Social Democracy is capitalism mediated by social policies. Democratic Socialism is socialism brought about through the democratic system rather then through REVOLUTION. I think any “Democratic Socialist” we elect is probably more of a Social Democrat just because completely changing the system right off is probably impossible. They may believe in socialism as an end goal, though, so it’s probably fair to still call them that. The average person won’t care/know the difference.

      Also, I’ve definitely fucked up a bunch of capitalization in this post and I’m sorry about that.

  3. Mr Crooks Video Stash says:

    The force will be with her. Always.

  4. Pat H says:

    She’s incredible. I know she’s super strong but I already fear the moment when Republicans will smear her and try to break her down by all means necessary… not that they haven’t tried already but so far everything has just bounced clean off. I wish her all the best.

    • Lone Avohkii says:

      Nathan Fielure eh I wouldn’t say monster, I’d just say a little bit dirty

    • The Komzik says:

      The Republicans don’t need to do that, Pelosi & Co. are already planning her demise. She doesn’t tow the party line, she gets nothing done. The Republicans will just sit back and watch the battle between the young and old, rich and poor Democrats.

    • Funk O'Matic says:

      +The Komzik yup…that’s the more likely scenario…sadly.

    • skywriter14 says:

      Republicans may try to break her? Dude, you dont follow politics, do you? Hillary wing of Democratic party is hiring assassins for her as we speak.

    • In the Woods says:

      +skywriter14 if they do that then trump will win in 2020

  5. Raincentral003 says:

    This person makes me happy.

  6. Ronald Hinchley says:

    Love OAC. Stop endless war, let’s catch up with the rest of the world.

  7. WiLL says:

    AOC gives me hope.

    • A Public Forum for Discussion says:

      +flor wast i know the difference. i know that occasional cortex leans more towards communism. do you always have trouble with such basic things or youre just putting on a show for me?

    • flor wast says:

      +A Public Forum for Discussion So, you were pretending ignorance so you could troll? Shouldn’t you just try to get friends if you are that lonely?

    • A Public Forum for Discussion says:

      +flor wast im not sure what you mean but its ok cos im not sure you know either. so what do you like about her? is it the complete lack of life experience or her unfeasable pie in the sky ideas?

    • A Public Forum for Discussion says:

      +flor wast btw its super cute that youre liking your own comments

    • Mark Adderley says:

      WiLL ? Amen.

  8. Frederiksted St. Croix says:

    She is Trump’s kryptonite and my Super woman.

  9. seagullshame says:

    To catch Mitch just prop up a box with a stick and put some lettuce under it

  10. William H. Baird says:

    I love her! SHE IS the new America!

  11. TC Just TC says:

    She triggers the far right in a way that is just delightful

    • Azairé ἄθεος Albertine says:

      +Cleo Macy HOLY SHIT!!! *I didn’t realise **_blind, deaf & dumb people living in “alternative fact” universe_** could even watch youtube!!!*
      _(I guess that makes me the 2nd most ignorant person commenting here)_

    • Mondo Shredder says:

      +Joely Tacos
      I was referring to (most of) the right (aka Conservatives, Republicans, etc.), who feared/loathed him. Manners, wit, and appeal aside, he could out-charm each and every one of them, which is why they spent all of their time and energy attempting to bring him down. They failed miserably, and now they are stuck “supporting” a childish, self-centered, and semi-literate con artist, which could cost their party dearly for years to come.
      What a waste…

    • Deer Lord says:

      @Cleo Macy What a sad life you must have to click onto a video you know you will dislike, only to then scroll through comments and then comment three times about how you dislike her. Is your life that void of anything happy or good? I honestly feel sorry for you.

    • minot60 says:

      Ch28 I think the idea of the older, empowered ones changing enough for that is fairly impossible. The younger ones, it would be wonderful but still pretty darn doubtful.

    • tecums3h says:

      AOC gives Tucker “full diaper” face.

  12. carole james says:

    She is so much more capable than the people on the right and left who condescend to her. And she’s incredibly charming and authentic.

  13. Karl says:

    AOC is great. And it’s especially great how she triggers Trump followers. They go insane with rage.

    • Agent Fungus says:

      Ezactly. I love how they respond with their usual poor grammar, misspelled words, improper punctuation, profanity, threats of violence, etc. They’re so predictably stoopid. They shoot themselves in the foot every time they comment.

  14. Ryan Jones says:

    “We can’t set up our district offices because of the shutdown.” I’m going to call it right now, a few months after the shutdown ends, the freshmen are going to get dragged for ‘how long it took them to set up.’

  15. Haplo Patryn says:

    People like her rekindle my faith in humanity

  16. D LG says:

    AOC and the other new progressive members are exactly what Congress needed. Now we just have to send many more progressives there to help them out in 2020. The tide is finally turning. We know that a big majority of Americans want these progressive policies, we just have to elect the right leaders to make it happen legislatively. America is the wealthiest nation on earth, but has nearly the worst income and wealth inequality on earth. This is inexcusable and the only way it will change is to fire every corporate owned member of Congress and replace them with an uncorrupted, authentic, progressive who we know will fight for the people because they don’t take PAC money. It’s up to us to choose our leaders more intelligently!

    • Thomas Nimmesgern says:

      Could you please explain to me what you mean by “PAC money”?
      (I am not from the USA, so I am not fully familiar with those abbreviations.)

    • Eric Schaak says:

      Thomas Nimmesgern  Political Action Committee. By definition they’re an organization which pools the contributions of individual donors and focuses their efforts toward a specific political goal. This should be benign enough, but some laws have left loopholes, and recent developments have exacerbated the situation with the formation of so-called Super-PACs wherein the source of the monies is not always clear and frequently deliberately obscured, allowing the potential for the most well connected and funded to have an imbalanced impact on a system which people like to think of as democratic. Both the major political parties take advantage of the system, though I think recent reports give our conservative party an edge in spending by SPACs in most races.

    • D LG says:

      +Thomas Nimmesgern
      Eric nailed it. This is why finding and supporting candidates who don’t take these contributions is so important. If they’re not taking taking that special interest money, they are more likely to be serving the interests of average working class people. Strong, fearless, unapologetic and uncorrupted progressives like AOC, these are the kind of leaders we desperately need.

  17. Vincent Krommenhoek says:

    I heard Bernie recruted her for hopefully the 2020 elections. I am getting so excited about this and prey it to be true. Sanders/Ocasio-Cortez is a match made in heaven…

    • Bob Rolander says:

      Yes. Let’s end this *Depression 2.0* and bring on a *Green New Deal.*

    • Richard Morey says:

      +Julian Skinner If the Democrats don’t take back the White House in 2020 I would bet she’ll run in 2024 when she’ll be old enough.

    • DomDiggity says:

      +Giovanna Greeff Yeah, no. I didn’t vote for Trump but you’re eating into way to much of what late night hosts are feeding you to believe he hasn’t done anything. Even the dems had admitted multiple times (that includes nancy) that Trump is not the cause for issues America is currently facing, as they’re a result from mid term decisions of the Obama administration, but they’re just angry with how Trump is handling them. Listen, what you’d want in a president is someone that knows how to negotiate, take big risks with high success, know how to work against the odds, how to manage money and the economy and put focus into the right areas, ALL traits that are also there with good businessmen. Trump does have all the potential and experience in all, they said businessmen make good presidents, eisenhower, FDR, kennedy, even Teddy and Wilson. Trump is judged just cause the public feels like they know him based of him being in the limelight for decades , but that’s only in shows and movies, which is not a good indicator. the man’s from New york and acts like a new yorker, can’t expect him to act like a conservative man from Hawaii or Texas, heck if he couldn’t accomplish much by the end of the term it’s because of all the BS distractions from people blindly listening to talk shows and celebs who know nothing. i just want you to look at things with an open mind, that’s all friend.

    • Eric J says:

      You have to be at least 35 to run for President or VP – she won’t be old enough in 2020.

    • BeingPlainJane says:

      Vincent Krommenhoek she may be being groomed but she’s legally to young for the position. President and Vice President must be 35 or older. At least 30 yo to be a Senator and 25 to be in the House

  18. Chase Dizzie says:

    I never get tired of seeing AOC. She looks amazing!

  19. Roving Punster says:

    I’m an old fashioned Republican (of the now nearly extinct bipartisan centrist variety) … and even though I disagree with some of her far left of left positions, I THINK SHE BRINGS A DELIGHTFUL BREATH OF FRESH AIR to the table. She is the diametrical opposite of the sort of stuffy, grey-haired, out of touch, corrupt, pro-russian, tRump enabling bootlicking, all male, closet white supremacists who’ve hijacked the GOP away from it’s long standing core values. In contrast, she’s young, empathic, concerned, she values POLICY OVER POLITICS, and NATION OVER PARTY. She also seems to be personal, fun, racially tolerant, multicultural … and atop all that she’s beautiful. An embarrasment of non-monetary riches, IMNSHO. She is exactly the sort of person needed to help keep her opposites off balance and distracted by “the new shiny” as they call her.

    Bottom line: I dont always agree with her, but I think she’s great.

    • ArcaJ says:

      Thing is, conservatives and liberals have a lot in common. They just disagree on how to get things done. It used to be, “we should handle this via the states rather than the federal government.” And vice versa.


      Whatever happened to discourse? I hope this new crop in Congress can bring civility back.

    • Roving Punster says:

      +ArcaJ My sentiment exactly. Too much capture the hill, and not enough doing the actual jobs they were hired for … meanwhile, our infrastructure rots from neglect, clocks are ticking on climate change and world events, and the stockmarket has become a bonfire of debt (courtesy of trump’s insane tax cuts for the rich, which added a record 2 trillion dollara in his first half term alone … and this from a party that formerly championed small government).

      This is exactly the way tRump has always operated his personal business … create chaos, lure and setvinvestment dollars ablaze, then grab some money and run while they deal with flames, and afterwards file chapt 11 or pay a settlement with money previously stole. Its like a ponzi scheme, and for people like me who knew this was going to happen, it is a slow motion nightmare watching as the people he hornswaggled into supporting him continue to do so because they’re either too underinformed or too stupid to grasp it, or they dont care, or they do know but are helping anyway.

      Regardless of which side wins, lots of heads will need to roll to clean up the mess … I just hope its the cause of truth than wins.

    • Roving Punster says:

      +ArcaJ As for myself, my sentiment is that “only fools fight in a burning house” and so I find myself helping the blue wave, as the only apparent way out of this mess.

  20. Al H. says:

    A true progressive, fighting for what’s right for the working class. I just love how paranoid the Alt Right feels everytime they hear Ocasio-cortez.

    • N Knighton says:

      When this country turns communist, or whatever you call it this week, you will have to eat your German Sheppard to survive.

    • Scott Baxendale says:

      Edwin Swezey Ok then, I suppose they’re are just corporate greed mongers and racists?

    • zarryfaz says:

      +Morningstar Then we should build a wall around Trump’s resort since he hired illegals and even goes as far as trying to hide their status and forged working documents

    • 118Columbus says:

      The Alt Right loves her because she is more powerful than Nancy Pelosi.

    • lakes says:

      I’m not conservative but I’m closer to them than the audience that watches this show. I’m not paranoid for her, but I don’t take her seriously, also ben shapiro has talked plenty about her explaining how the things she says make no sense and is asking for a budget that is impossible to accommodate. All fancy words with no meaning as I see it. She won’t get far.

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