Rep. Steve King says white people have contributed more to civilization than other ‘sub-groups’

Rep. Steve King says white people have contributed more to civilization than other ‘sub-groups’


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20 Responses

  1. DonaId J. Trump says:

    Did i miss the part where he said something wrong?

  2. Cmd Ctrl says:


    He’s Right ¯*(ツ)*/¯

    Safest and most prosperous nations in history.
    Most ambitious and successful nations in history.
    White nations ended slavery that to this day African, Asian and Arab
    Nations still practice.
    Whites ended human sacrifices that to this day African and Arab Nations
    still practice.
    Compared to African, Asian, Arab Nations, white nations have significantly
    lower starvation rates.
    White nations are the only nations that accept and lift up other cultures
    and races.
    Whites invented and practiced democracy as oppose to dictatorship.
    White nations have significantly lower rape and murder occurrences than
    African or Arab nations.

    And =

    Whites invented over 90% of all technology including automobiles, planes,
    ships, ac/dc electricity, computers, the internet, phones, cell phones,
    radios, air conditioning, plumbing systems, ETC. ETC. ETC. Basically every
    luxury that you have in life = White’s invented it.

  3. TheAllaksion says:

    OMG a RACIST republican i had no idea.

    even if the almighy white man “created civilization” so to speak what does
    that mean for the rest of us that we should bow down to this great white
    race and say “thank you now please shoot me while i use my unarmed hands to
    get my licence and registration?? “

  4. Buck Likes to Party says:

    She was about ready to get up in that ass!!!! Lol!!!!

  5. Ryan Towle says:


  6. Slam Chancellor says:


    He actually POINTED at her, as if to jokingly say “uh oh I’ve upset the

  7. John Smith says:

    I do not support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton but you have to give
    credit when credit is due this man was speaking the truth

  8. Julio Lopez says:

    this is how alot of white people really feel, they feel superior and feel
    threatened by diverse culture

  9. darknessseess64nin says:

    Rofl, this election is good, well at least he’s speaking his mind…

    I guess he’s somewhat right, even though he barely knows what he’s talking

  10. Mikey T says:

    Rep. Steve King way to get the minority vote! I bet Latino, African and
    Asian Americans are running to the polls to vote for Racist White America.


    Fam, An African King was the richest man in history with a net worth of 400
    billion, Ppl traveled from all over to go to one of the first universities
    ever built in Timbuktu, ancient Africans tracked moon and astronomy signs
    way before anyone else. History suggest that Ancient Egyptians also
    completed Successful brain surgeries and wrote textbooks on geometry,
    Algebra, multiplication etc. But where was all this? It’s evident that
    white ppl stole instead of creating their own

  12. telecake says:

    Why is that white man in glasses refrain that African American woman
    response to that ignorant white man? No, you do not know better than we do
    just because you are white!

  13. A V E R O X I S says:

    People have a right to be triggered about this.

  14. Gio bandito says:

    tf is this why i am fucking done, imma do something very contrived within
    my mind after seeing this lolololo

  15. Mr. Macias says:

    Racist motherfucker!

  16. Daniel Ortiz says:

    America stopped being great when Gays had the right to get married like you
    did not see that back then and also why in the world would anyone want to
    change there own gender like really? your are born the way you are and what
    happened to court now I thought you had to hold a bible when you speak what
    happened to that . Evil is taking over America people open your eyes

  17. Arthur Butler says:

    I find it irrational that some “White People” have the audacity to think
    black people only created peanut butter lmfao. Get back to studying and
    reading your books because Im pretty sure we created Way more than peanut
    butter. How can you even talk about a black person when your people was the
    ones who didn’t even view us as human beings. Therefore it means no
    Learning, Reading, or even writing. We had to secretly learn on our own to
    read and write. To say that we are nothing is the problem. I still find it
    funny that most of you still view us as dumb and not even people. So I say
    to you, Us a black people having a disadvantage from the start and even now
    we are doing good maybe even better than what you guys would do if the
    roles was reversed. Most of you is very un- educated. AND HAVE A PROBLEM TO
    go on but ima stop here.

  18. Jesus TVs says:

    Fucking representatives. I live in Iowa, and he is making us Iowans look
    bad, I hate how everyone thinks Iowans are dumb farmer republican racist
    cunts. I’m a liberal and I go against his statement 193879238% PERCENT!

  19. ThoughtSpin says:

    So a group of white men are sitting in a room debating, if any subgroup of
    people contributed as much to Civilization as the West. At the same time
    these men’s government is neckdeep in debt to China. Most items in the room
    is probably made in China. In front of them lies paper with printed text
    and a smart phone with a built in compass (paper, printing, compass, all
    Chinese inventions). There is a certain built-in irony in this whole

  20. Tchirchir13 says:

    from a guy who drives a Toyota