Repaint! Communications Officer BiBi “Bubbles” Alien Space Crew Collaboration Doll

Repaint! Communications Officer BiBi “Bubbles” Alien Space Crew Collaboration Doll

Beebeep..boop….boop.. receiving interstellar transmission. Bibi and the alien team abord Starship DEDE humbly requests you watch their collaboration videos. Do you accept this mission?

Collaboration partners @Enchanterium @etellan @Dolllynx
The playlist:
Mentioned in video:
@treshaja (tinting plastic)
@Mozekyto (hair tutorials)
Matt Baehr, my SFX makeup artist friend! (Matt enjoys working in the horror genre, so his artwork and makeup effects can be quite graphic and gory. Please only click if you are 18+) @m4ttd3m0n
3D STL files:
Merch! Merch! Merch!
Doll clothing patterns here:
Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest: @dollightfully
Ever After High doll: Apple White
Dremel tool, saws, various grades of sandpaper
Jewelry wire
Apoxie Sculpt
Latex Gloves
Acrylic/Plexiglass hemispheres (7cm diameter)
Tinting plexiglass: Mod podge + water + food coloring
3D Resin Printer (We have the Ender Epax-1)
Drill, carving tools, hot candle flame
Airbrush paints – Vallejo brand, mixed with thinner.
Varnish – Duraclear Matte Varnish (mixed with water when sprayed through airbrush)
Acrylic paints – Liquitex, Golden, and Alpha brands
Water Colored Pencils – Faber Castell
Pastels – Mungyo Hand-Rolled Soft Pastels
Gouache cakes (paint) – Caran D’ache
Sealant – Mr. Super Clear UV Flat by Mr. Hobby (wear a mask and spray in a ventilated area!)
Mask – Organic Vapor Particle Respirator Mask
High Gloss Varnish -Liquitex Brand
Hair – Yarn, pet hair brush, hair iron and silverware
Silicone molding supplies and silicone inks [note: silicone can be downcycled if taken to specific recycling plants. Search for one near you to responsibly dispose of silicone!]
Musical tracks from Artlist
Arcade – Evgeny Bardyuzha
Bytes – Sineyourlifeaway
Arcade Nights – Night Rider 87
Tech Knowledge – Pater Spacey
Wash – Monako
Insert Coin – Francesco D’Andrea
So Fresh – Rex Banner
Lose Myself Instrumental Version – Ryan Prewett
Engineers – Evgeny Bardyuzha
Sound Effects from
Logo and other graphics designed by:
#alien #doll #artdoll

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33 Responses

  1. Moonlight Jewel says:

    She’s my favorite doll of yours ahhhh going down the space route let me tell you it’s a black hole! No pun intended 😆⭐️💕💖💖 I’m so in love 😭❤️

  2. Enchanterium says:

    Bibi is the most adorable little alien in this universe! Glad to have her in our Space Crew on DEDE! Thanks for collaborating with us and for your hard work! ❤

  3. BellaGotBored says:

    The part where she broke at the end must’ve not been easy to deal with, it’s inspiring to see you press on! The way this came out looks absolutely amazing. I love drawing and adore the way you make concept art, do you have any tips by chance?

  4. crimson says:

    When you were talking about the suit colour you made me curious so I looked it up, here’s the answer: NASA astronauts wear white suits, since white is the color that reflects the most sunlight in space, and protects them from cancer-causing solar radiation. … When they first launch though, astronauts wear orange instead, since the bright color makes it easier for them to be spotted and rescued in an emergency.

    • Dollightful says:

      That is interesting! I knew there had to be a scientific reason behind it. I suppose you could convince NASA to at least make your rescue-suit neon pink instead of orange… haha!

    • The sweet weeb says:

      I’d say that neon pink is way more noticeable than orange, not to mention prettier.

  5. ArtWeazel says:

    She is soooo adorable, I literally gasped at the clip when she fell off the table 😧 Poor Bibi, but at least she’s fixed with a stronger space suit now 👩‍🚀👽 Great job as always Katherine 💜

  6. Cassidy Haupt says:

    its been really cool to watch you start with “im giving this doll a new face/hair/outfit” to “and im gonna paint it” and recently “im gonna cut up its entire body and make something entirely different”. you’re really very talented and i cant said to see how much further you venture out ♥

  7. Nonameghost says:

    They’re all so cute 😊 I love how everyone else looks so serious and bubbles is just bright and colorful. I feel like she’d be more light hearted and make the ship so much more fun

  8. Love2DrawManga says:

    Aww! Bibi is SO adorable! You did such an amazing job!! Awesome work! <3

  9. TheSheepishSavage says:

    I felt so bad when I saw the shot of Bibi on the floor, I was crying internally. I’ve had that happen to me where I think a project is good and done and then worst comes to worst. But positively, Bibi came out looking spectacular as always. Great doll!

  10. Chloe Calvin Cooper says:

    I love how Bibi looks like she’s from an entirely different multiverse than the others. Like this rough tough space crew just adopted an adorable creature that fell through some kind of inter-dimensional worm hole.

    • ur mom says:

      “who- WHAT is that!?”
      “we found her floating around. i guess she snuck into the portal- can we keep her? pleassse?”
      **BiBi starts giving puppy dog eyes**
      “u know what- fine”

    • Anahí Ramírez says:

      yeah i imagined like the others are pretty serious and shes the funny adorable one lol

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