Repeal Now, Replace Later, Reelect Never

Repeal Now, Replace Later, Reelect Never

With the Senate’s healthcare bill now dead, Stephen tries to find the words to describe how miserably Republicans are failing.

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20 Responses

  1. kedge says:

    Republicans should learn the definition of insanity… lol

  2. fidorover says:

    “On a positive note, I _did_ repeal and replace my expired Senate Parking Lot sticker this afternoon. So, there’s that.”
    — _Mitch “The Evil Turtle” McConnell_

  3. kedge says:

    Knockout on Trumpcare.. can we finally fix obamacare instead of repealing…

  4. sage walter says:

    “My great concern is not whether you have failed but whether you are content with your failure”
    McConnell: No, I’ll come up with a more sinistrous plan

  5. Get Rekt says:

    We’re now 7 months in and every attempt by the GOP to repeal and replace Obamacare has ended in failure, despite Trump saying it would happen on day one. How’s all that winning going, Trump supporters?

    Actually, if you ask Trump supporters they think they are winning. Because they keep falling hook line and sinker for Trump’s excuses that any criticism is just the “fake news media” attacking Trump, or the Democrats obstructing Trump (even when The Republicans have the house and the senate). Don’t believe me? Take a look at Trump’s twitter. As of now his most recent tweet is attacking “fake news”, followed by him blaming Democrats for the GOP’s failed healthcare bill. His supporters completely buy it and peddle the same nonsense when responding to any criticism of Trump.

    The problem is they have their priorities all messed up. They’d rather focus on how mean people are to Trump for pointing out his disastrous policies than how disastrous his policies are. They’d rather talk about what Obama did in the past than what Trump is doing now. They’d rather focus on Hillary’s scandals (even though she’s irrelevant) than Trump’s scandals. And if you disagree you’re just a libtard who can’t get over the election…

  6. Aditya Joshi says:

    Mitch McConnell Is the evil twin of Master Oogway from Kung FU Panda

  7. BdR76 says:

    6:41 “Let Obamacare fail.. I’m not going to own it” so Trump uses the infamous *Russian* tactic of *scorched-earth*. I wonder where he got the idea..

  8. zach miller says:

    For 7 years: We need to repeal and replace obamacare
    Now: We’ll just repeal it hahahahahahaha….
    MAGA trumptards!

  9. ThegViantpath says:

    Can’t replace Obamacare? shit!!! Let’s just fuck it up!!


  10. Earth.Otherwise says:

    Here’s the plan: Instead of far fewer people getting state funded healthcare, how about we just make it so that no one gets healthcare, that’s a great idea!

  11. Aditya Joshi says:


  12. corben oneill says:

    2008 crisis obama had to deal with the mess bush left and did hes best to fix it , not once complaining the difference in leaders we have now

  13. The Hellfire Club! says:

    Trump and his sheep are pathetic vermin! All Trump cares about is obliterating everything Obama did. Why? because in his mind, a black man can not be better than him! So, his obsession with Obama is evident and it’s even more evident that Trump ignores 22 million people who thrive on Obamacare. But does Trump care? No! Because it’s all about ego with Trump and topping the black President is all that matters. As for his sheep…the white nazi Americans, Uncle Tom’s, Want to be white Hispanics and self hating women….well done you retards. Make America great again?! Lol…he has divided America even more.

  14. W.D.K. Podcast says:

    👐 Folks folks. I am not a failure. My team failed me. My son failed on his own. I am not a failure folks. Im very goodly very very gooder than you. Believe me I am not a failure. Stay tuned folks Ill leave you in suspended suspension of suspense folks. My care is not deader ok its a beautiful very impressive amazing very gooder bill. It was so good folks. Eventually we will get something done folks. We’ll build the transparent wall ok? More transparent than my son.

  15. Trump The Fraud says:

    I’m a joke fucking President. I played all brainwashed supporters, they thought I was gonna pass a health care bill lmao fuck you my brainwashed trumptards I don’t care about you , but my trumptards still suck my orange penis no matter what.

  16. Eric Ling says:

    Republicans are bitter that the Confederacy lost the Civil War, so they want to kill as many Americans as possible with pollution and lack of healthcare.

  17. Rondae says:

    Russian Trolls can try all they want but trump’s IMPEACHMENT IS COMING.

  18. axiytuns says:

    The Trump Supporter Brain: – Big military is not big government – Healthcare will kill you and enslave you – Making less money will make you richer – People with less money to spend will make business thrive – All unions are communist except police unions and unions that build military equipment – All government programs are socialist and need to be cut except for Social Security and Medicare – Education will make you ignorant – All religions are political systems, except Christianity

  19. CrazyAsianJake says:

    One of my Trump supporter friends keeps talking about “so much winning.”

    I’m neither a liberal or conservative, so I’m just facepalming everything that has happened. WTF is happening.

  20. Zach Attack says:

    “I’m not gonna own it”. How presidential of you.

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