Replace your Laptop! (with something worse!)

Replace your Laptop! (with something worse!)

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Apple thinks the iPad Pro 2018 is a computer. And it is! Sort of.

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70 Responses

  1. keco185 says:

    I mean… there’s no reason why photoshop cant add keyboard shortcuts on the iPad

    • keco185 says:

      slothypunk that’s straight up not how that works.

    • slothypunk says:

      +keco185 did you like your own freaking comment LOL. Well… like I said it is not about can or cant, it is about will they wanna do it or not. It is photoshop and apple together, I won’t surprise if they do such cheap move. The fact that there is no shortcut now is a testament of you can’t use that is not how it works statement when it comes to apple product! Unless you are working in design and development for apple then you did what you do

    • keco185 says:

      slothypunk Apple has no control over the development of photoshop

    • slothypunk says:

      +keco185 I like your persistent, that is fair enough… but if apple says you need to pay for shortcut for say… ipad pro, guess what photoshop will do? The fact is you don’t get shortcut now, and that is that, the update for shortcut may, or may not be free… it is photoshop afterall if you keep persistent that apple got nothing to do with it.

    • keco185 says:

      slothypunk iOS is free. You don’t pay or it or any of its functionality. You don’t pay for shortcuts. Photoshop is made by Abobe not Apple. All app updates on iOS are always free, no exceptions.

  2. BurningGlory says:

    And the fact that they: cant run executable, by extension: cant run java. No keyboard shortcuts. This limits the usefullness of the iPad to about a high end chromebook. Except the chromebook is cheaper .

    • Xirpzy says:

      +Ipeleng Motsatsi except you can program on a note. Not only does it allow you to but there are a ton of apps that make it easier.

      And thats the big difference between apple and android. Android gives you the option to do most things, even if those things arent the most popular.

      Why buy one sheet of paper if you can have a multicolored block of papers for less money?

    • NautyEskimo says:

      Ipeleng Motsatsi because apple still sells it like a replacement
      Samsung or other android tabs aren’t even announced or advertised
      They just make them to make them
      And that’s one more profession to cross off he list of possible people who would want to buy a small tab like machine
      There are no professionals who want or will use this only dumb college students who think they need it
      Or old rich people who want to make cute drawings or photo collages like on apples ad

    • IsoMacintosh says:

      They do run executables though.

    • Grand Admiral Thrawn says:

      Honestly I’m hopeful for the pixel slate. Chrome OS seems to be perfect for tablets.

    • BurningGlory says:

      +IsoMacintosh how. I have never seen ios run jar files…. this limitation makes them unfit for “professional” task. If you consider prof task where you have to run serverall programs and need an open environment for better file and data manipulation.

  3. Your God Rosè says:

    It’s a niche product and not for those who actually need a laptop. This is a Laptop alternative not a replacement that is much more portable. If you want a laptop, get a laptop…

  4. Mr Bob says:

    Lol, I got ipad pro ad on this video

  5. Stefan C says:

    “The Surface line – it’s more like 2-in-ones. Laptops that _can_ be used as tablets; as for this, this is a tablet that _can_ be used as a laptop.”
    “As of now, the iPad Pro can replace your computer. But it shouldn’t.”
    Both brilliant lines right there, and I think they summarize the iPad pretty well. Overall great video, and coming from an Apple fanboy, I couldn’t agree more with pretty much every line.

  6. sarit kumar says:

    I think those 991 dislikes are Apple fans ???

  7. iamlegend says:

    I liked this video for that middle finger!?

    • Dragutin Maric says:

      It looked like a middle finger triple-booted with Android Pie, Chrome OS and Windows 10! Sadly iOS cannot be installed on his middle finger because iOS only runs on Apple products!

  8. Someone Youdontknow says:

    Replace your laptop! (With a bending tablet)

  9. veritaseverett says:

    Those sponsor segways getting real smooth.

  10. TechWalker says:

    The iPad Pro is still just a giant iPod Touch in my eyes. I can’t take it seriously until it can run an actual desktop OS.

  11. Curious Frost says:

    Let’s also not forget about the Bending issue, no I’m not talking about JerryRigEverything’s durability test (though you might wanna be careful with leaving this tablet on your couch in case someone accidentally sits on it) but the fact that some users are experiencing iPad Pro being bent OUT OF THE BOX. Apple acknowledged the “issue” but doesn’t consider it as a defect as it doesn’t impact the product performance, so chances are you will get a bent or will bend your fancy iPad Pro because of horrible structural support and Apple won’t consider its lack of engineering as their fault since all performance metrics are still the same even if you’ve got a 3200R curve on your iPad. Cool right?

    • ShroudedWolf51 says:

      I wonder if this bending will cause motherboard flexing like it does on the iPhones that will eventually lead to some component popping off the motherboard and having to be replaced with no means of recovering your data.

    • Curious Frost says:

      +ShroudedWolf51 It is extremely likely that such thing may happen. Thank the T2 chip for not allowing resolddering of the component. You’ll need to take it to Apple to fix it, that is assuming all you broke with solder joints, not the component itself.

    • Seeker Rild says:

      +ShroudedWolf51 Yes. Yes, it will. Modern electronics are manufactured to such low tolerances that bending and flexing is pretty much a guaranteed death sentence.

      And then there’s the “I just fucking paid $1400 for a bent tablet” factor. This alone would be enough for me to return it.

  12. Flimsy Fox says:

    I think that the new iPad Pros would be a *viable* option for creative professionals (aka Artists). Dev support is mostly on the music side, but slowly is gravitating towards graphic artwork too. Speaking of music, Linus complains that there’s no headphone jack. I think that USB-C is a viable alternative to analogue technologies (the headphone jack) because it’s able to sustain much higher frequencies reliably (at least in theory). It also provides backwards compatibility with analogue tech because it’s USB. It provides somewhere in the Gb/sec range of bandwidth (over a thousand times faster than 192kHz at 24 bits per sample) In that regard, I see the USB-C platform (pending industry-wide support of course) being a very viable option for those interested in getting into music, and possibly for even professionals.

    • Kristina Williams says:

      Brenden Delong it’s $9. Totally reasonable.

    • Brenden Delong says:

      Kristina Williams Really. Actually I’m surprised maybe not so bad.

    • IsoMacintosh says:

      Headphone jack is good enough for all users, there is no need for more “bandwith”.
      Of course the switch to USB-C is good for pro users because it allows external audio interfaces to be connected without the camera kit.

    • Gecko says:

      Fact remains, they could have had both. Making everyone happy, and they didn’t, so they shouldn’t be surprised that not everyone is happy 😛

    • Motiur Muhith says:

      The $9 dongle is absolute garbage. It doesn’t support in-line microphones and remote controls. There was no need for Apple to remove the headphone jack, as many other phones have still kept it. Sure, USB-C is the future, and I want it to become a standard as soon as possible, but that doesn’t mean you can just yoink the headphone jack out of nowhere and expect everyone to switch over ASAP. The headphone jack is a worldwide standard in everything from casual to professional usage. If Apple wanted people to switch, they needed to do it slowly, to allow people to transition.

  13. Mr. Mioto says:

    show the clip of JerryRigEverything just folding the ipad pro like a piece of paper

    • I'm Jack's Nipples says:

      +Jonah Wright what’s weird about a long, thin, metal object bending like a long, thin, metal object?

    • Yung Javier says:

      +Erwin Puijnen why does anybody need a tablet built to that spec? its nice and sleek, but i feel like most people would be happier with something thicker and less likely to break in half if their dipshit kid forgets to check before taking a seat

    • vaibhav says:

      I’m an apple hater but lets be honest there’s no way you gonna bend it in daily use!
      My sister iPhone 6 is still not bend after 3 years of use!

    • M de Vries says:

      +Erwin Puijnen It may not be a ‘real’ issue, but it makes sense, from an engineering perspective, to move the hole in your support structure away from the place that carries the highest load ;).

  14. 208 says:

    The iPad Pro *can* replace a laptop. That laptop just has to be a 12-inch MacBook.

  15. M_S says:

    Apple products are kinda just a Meme now.

    • Danny Hepple says:

      +Hase No it doesn’t :S

    • RTG says:

      Lol yes maybe to 10 year olds who look at memes, when you spend your days in boardrooms doing “grown up stuff” you yourself might be shopping for Apple products.

    • Scuff Studios says:

      +Hase that because Apple’s success is based purely from a marketing stand point… They’ve brainwashed society into assuming that apple products are always the “best”

    • aTTaX Media says:

      +Scuff Studios they were the best in professional audio for a long time…. they kinda threw it out of the window with the trashcan macpro.

    • steelbo7 says:

      Only looking at their phones they are the best performing I would buy one, but i don’t want to pay that huge apple tax they charge on top of the devices manufacturing cost and to have my phone throttled every update. So I have a LG G7 Thinq and am happy has all the perfomance i need, and andriod is a open source os unlike ios so more apps are available for cheaper.

  16. kingsofserbiangameplay 162 says:


  17. Logan Turner says:

    Even as an Apple fanboy, I like a rant every once in a while.

  18. Quinn Y says:

    Now I need 3 different headphones

    USB-C = For my iPad
    Lightning = For my iPhone
    Headphone Jack = For my MacBook

    • aTTaX Media says:

      +coolboybryan303 apple doesnt make any “professional” devices anymore.even their fucking macpro has no pcie ports for professional audio interfaces anymore. i switched to windows for my professional applications, and many musicians are doing right now, since apple does anything to fuck them up…

    • Dominate955 says:

      Or, don’t buy apple products. Problem solved.

    • Daniel Jakob says:

      For all of you saying air pods read the damn comment chain before saying something that has already been addressed. I’m not going to go in depth but bluetooth has latency problems and audio degragation. If Apple wants to make any professional device then they should add the headphone jack. Bluetooth is simply not professional. End of story. I have a feeling you guys are butthurt Apple fans who know nothing about tech but defend Apple anyways.

    • forgetme says:

      If you have a macbook you won’t be looking into getting an ipad.

    • The Introvert says:

      coolboybryan303 I’m using Sony wireless headphones. They’re the best headphones I’ve ever listened to! CH700N

  19. Mr High says:

    All this talk about Samsung making a bendable device when apple has one right here

  20. OLBastholm says:

    This was a GREAT review! Definitely one of your better videos.

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