Replacing My Twin Brother With a Robot

Replacing My Twin Brother With a Robot

As you guys know, we are always together and have a really hard time separating. In this video Ethan had to go to New Jersey while Grayson had to stay back in LA… By the second day of being apart from each other we had to figure out a way to be by each others sides without physically being there… builder Grayson decided to make robo Ethan and take him around every where he went.


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51 Responses

  1. Ivree Evans says:

    Grayson :breathes
    Robot Ethan :im going to hang up

  2. Lexi Steinle says:

    Ethan: “are you telling me you’re allergic to dogs and you build! This is new information to me”
    Also Ethan every video-
    i’M DaIRY FrEe!
    ?love them

  3. Shister Sad says:

    Imagine walking down the street and seeing a man yelling at an iPad on a stick

    • Jordon Wu says:

      Little kid: mommy, why is that man screaming at a picture on a stick?
      Mother: it’s okay Jimmy, we don’t stare at the mentally ill!

  4. Angela Ricks says:

    The separation was sad enough, but having Ethan scammed by a jerk over a puppy was just, topper! The end result, I am happy to be a subscriber! Thanks.

  5. Nicole Reyes says:

    “It’s been really unfair for our family”

    “It’s unfair for me cuz I’d die”



  6. FrostedJakes says:

    If Ethan doesn’t announce he’s dairy free and/or Grayson doesn’t build is it even a Dolan twins video??

    • E s t h e r says:

      FrostedJakes y’all in the comments are dumb??‍♀️?they’re saying that without gray building and without Ethan saying he’s dairy free, it wouldn’t be a Dolan twins vid

    • FrostedJakes says:

      i think some of you guys misunderstood I was being sarcastic and saying how they actually DO all these things, also wasn’t saying it to hate i fw these guys people

    • FrostedJakes says:

      @E s t h e r Thank you for clarifying lol

    • tejaswi dharmesh says:

      ​@FrostedJakes I read your comment and then the replies and got so confused for a second? then I realized that *they* didn’t understand what you meant

  7. Ashley Sanders says:

    you should’ve put him on a remote control car instead so y’all could walk separately????

  8. Caroline Southwell says:

    That girl was so chill meeting them if I met them I’d like cry to death

  9. The Small Things TST says:

    When they both said “there he is…” it made me so happy… grethan for life

  10. Kawaii Crafter says:

    I love how they can’t stand each other but they can’t stand being apart♥️

  11. Cyraea Johnson says:

    No one:
    Grayson:WhAt If A sNaKe…SnAkEs Me?

  12. Ruby Beard says:

    He gets around well. *hits iPad on top of car*

  13. Jasmine Spongy says:

    This looks like a low budget, DIY black mirror episode ???

  14. Bxddieana Niya says:

    Ethan: So like 6 foot?

    Grayson: _Nah it’s gonna be 5”11_

  15. Rida khan says:

    “You don’t realize how much you need someone’s screaming in your ear at all times until u don’t have someone screaming in your ear at all times”~ ethan ….

    This was deep 🙁

  16. Lara Hamlyn says:

    I feel so bad for Ethan! He looks so devastated about the puppy ???

  17. Tori Bloom says:

    “I actually feel like I’m being drilled in the ass right now.” -Ethan Dolan 2019

  18. Gurkian says:

    Grayson : im by myself (;-;)

    cameraman : Am I a joke to you? ?

  19. Jessie Nguyen says:

    People are always like, “nO oNe eVeR lOoKs gOoD oN fAcEtImE”….Ethan just proved them all wrong?

  20. Mariana Ambriz says:

    My only question is, what are you gonna do when one of you gets married? Like how are you gonna handle it HAHAHA

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