Replay – New Shepard First Human Flight

Replay – New Shepard First Human Flight

On July 20, Blue Origin successfully completed New Shepard’s first human flight with four private citizens onboard.

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46 Responses

  1. Black Gryph0n says:

    That was so nice to watch! LOVED the cabin audio, made me feel like I was up there with them! Congrats everyone! <3

  2. Ferrariman601 says:

    Wally Funk, Astronaut. Well-earned.

  3. Aditi Kumari says:

    1:43:08 lift off
    1:45:30 MECO
    1:46:42 Astronauts cheering
    1:48:25 Re entry
    1:50:20 landing
    1:50:43 touchdown
    1:51:29 Capsule re entry
    1:51:45 Parachute deployed
    1:52:52 Clear view
    1:53:28 Capsule Touchdown
    1:55:06 Boom Boom
    1:59:43 jeff bezoz 👍
    2:01:25 Coming out of Capsule
    2:04:37 off topic but someone fell😂😂
    2:04:51 Cheerful moment

  4. Жан Клод Вандал says:

    Чё там, Рогозин уже отперделся в американском Твиттере?

    • Александр Шашмарев says:

      @Cocova Brovaz Рогозин, перелогинься.

    • Cocova Brovaz says:

      @Александр Шашмарев зашмарься шашмаров))))))))))

    • Николай Смирнов says:

      Сидят 3ёх гривневые боты, рвут свои методички, ибо кто то там, почти что смог достичь технологии 50-ых годов, ещё немного и таки на пару часов смогут попасть в космос, и тогда грац, 60-ые годы прошлого века покорились челекам в 2020+)))) Боты, старайтесь лучше, вас так с Броваров прогонят)))

    • Cocova Brovaz says:

      @Николай Смирнов это поклонники Анального Лешеньки визжат от умиления

  5. Math Legend says:

    Why wasn’t there any filming in the cabin? The boosters view were pretty good but I would’ve def liked to see the crews reaction.

    • Rob Allen says:

      NO ONE likes to show the crew in their cabins during Live broadcasts because they:

      1. Don’t want to risk having an anomaly while the crew is on camera; no one wants to publicly transmit a single video frame where a human gets sucked out a window or something else awful happens to human passengers or crew.
      2. Don’t want to show embarrassing mishaps if someone vomits or knocks themselves out. Human water bags are much less graceful in reality than we prefer to pretend in our media.

      There’s a lot tied up in that and both reasons are effectively the same, but primarily they want to maximize human dignity while preserving their own public image; if people *see* you killing an astronaut, you may never fly again.

      Once a craft is in orbit, it’s safer to show video from inside the cabin and that’s when NASA allows crew cameras to be enabled. Once the craft has safely returned to Earth and the video has been reviewed, it’s also safe to release video from inside the cockpit or cabin, which is one reason why we can now watch Branson and crew float around while weightless, but did not get those views during the flight.

      Blue Origin will probably release cabin footage later today or tomorrow, mainly because they’d like those images to appear on major News broadcasts. It’s free advertisement and they know that only these first flights will even earn a mention by the Press; future flights will be ignored *unless* they blow up. That’s simply how it is.

    • Robert Turpin says:

      @Rob Allen Branson showed video(or tried to) for the entire flight. Elon musk showed a live feed from ground clear into space on each human flight. This is about Bezos not wanting to tarnish his image, not about preserving dignity, well maybe his own. This was so much less than Branson’s, almost feel bad for the guy…almost

    • User 2C47 says:

      This mission has paying customers, who have a right to privacy. This isn’t a NASA crew.

    • Mikeracexfy says:

      Cuz the camera people are lazy asf lol🙄😂

  6. Patrick Star says:

    who was the genius that decided to put the camera on the ground instead of in the rocket?

    • Jack Starsky says:

      @Zoltan1251 no, spacex feed gets choppy at times too, but at least they are considerate enough to show. here there’s nothing.

    • Deivid Cavalcante da Silva says:

      @Anirban G sounds like Chinese Aliexpress stuff, haha.

    • Anirban G says:

      @Deivid Cavalcante da Silva or maybe on his own website 😂

    • Zoltan1251 says:

      ​@Jack Starsky they will show it, jesus, chill out… considerate to who?… they do not owe you anything my man so get a grip…. and given how stupidly bad it was with Virgin flight its better to wait…. you have to realize that very few people watched this live… at least those who will pay for it

  7. White Dervish says:

    After watching this and the one of Richard Branson, I would say Richard Branson is a way better businessman.

  8. shalol says:

    “Listen to the roar of the engine” Yes I’d like to, if only there wasn’t a narrator talking over the sound!

  9. atlantaJim lastlogMikulak says:

    Safemoon guys write *SFM21XT* on YouTube team confirmed 😜

  10. Hipyo Tech says:

    Me: The entire west coast is on fire
    Jeff Bezos: Haha space go brrrrrrrrr

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