Replay of Flight 4 Live Webcast

Replay of Flight 4 Live Webcast

Replay of live webcast of New Shepard flight four of same hardware.

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20 Responses

  1. João Silva says:

    lets hope when there’s people inside with different heights and weights and
    relative positions,they will manage to control the rocked as well as today.

  2. Chris Johnson says:

    At 37:45 they say this rocket is the only rocket in the history of space
    flight to fly into space, return and fly into space again. Wasn’t
    SpaceShipOne the first? And with an astronaut on board, which this one
    hasn’t done yet?

  3. Luis Alves says:

    can you use metric values on you next video.

  4. shadowlang404 says:

    “Welcome to the Club”……..

  5. TerranIV says:

    Congratulations on the beautiful test flight. So cool to see you guys stick
    that perfect landing.Very exciting stuff. Keep up the great work!

  6. Rick says:

    Congrats, Blue Origin! Hmm. Maybe edit out the long period of graphics? And
    I agree with others here, use proper metric units when discussing the
    rocket. Thanks!

  7. ChrisHanson121 says:

    They should have added a pair of spherical fuel tanks to the base and
    painted it pink.

  8. Pawel KPLXares says:

    1:03:00 Well Done !!!

  9. Dan Kennedy says:

    Fantastic. Well done folks.

  10. Matt Worley says:

    is something wrong with your uploaded file. tried watching twice and it
    seems way out of sync. it’s at the end of the playback and the counter says
    t- 13:00…. weird

  11. EinChris75 says:

    They are really using imperial units?!
    That is surprising.
    And I miss the height information in the status box.
    But the landing was really impressive. Great work.

  12. junkman601 says:

    Booster Landing at 42:00

  13. BATMAN says:

    Can I volunteer to test out the capsule ride to space and back?

  14. Andy Alder says:

    The woman says the windows are “1000 inches squared”, that’s about 1/6

  15. Christian Breitenstein says:

    Congratulations, Blue Origin! That was a nice mission that looked flawless
    to me. Well done! :-)

  16. rrobertt13 says:

    Nice! SpaceX needs all the competition they can get.

  17. Dan Frederiksen says:

    Try actually going to space. Which means orbit or better. not 100km.

  18. IndignantGamer says:

    Yo deviant, stop launching rockets and get your ass on skype, got some
    bambis in DayZ to kill.

  19. Oscar martinez says:

    that looks like a dildo

  20. John Doe says:

    Seriously. Well done guys & gals. That’s one of the most impressive things
    I’ve ever seen.