Report: Henry Ruggs III driving 156 mph before deadly Las Vegas crash

Report: Henry Ruggs III driving 156 mph before deadly Las Vegas crash

Henry Ruggs III appeared in a Las Vegas courtroom Wednesday morning after a deadly crash occurred in west Las Vegas on Tuesday.

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50 Responses

  1. 325vert says:

    That’s insane! Can’t imagine driving 156mph on the freeway let alone the streets.

    • Red Rich says:

      @gary austin Bot

    • dice55k says:

      @NeverTalkToCops1 yes he hit the back of her car with his front going 156 and impact 127 I’m pretty sure the engine would have caught on fire and he would have died. Did you see the pictures of his care he would have been trapped and burned alive too

    • dice55k says:

      @gary austin I know it’s a joke. But they know the speed by the air bags. The air bags say how fast they were going. And someone had a security video. And they went frame by frame. And they had a video of Henry Ruggs getting out the car on the left and his girl on the right.

    • TheBeingReal says:

      Was fun while it lasted

    • EdgerMuse says:

      Per Wiki. Typical takeoff air speeds for jetliners are in the range of 240–285 km/h (130–154 kn; 149–177 mph).

  2. Gregory Libra says:

    How come the drunks don’t die, just the innocent, sad

  3. Jebuslives says:

    When Ruggs celebrates a TD he raises 3 fingers in the air because his best friend died in a car accident and that was the # he wore on his jersey. Sounds like he learned nothing from that loss.

  4. bowlchamps37 says:

    A car 156mph alone becomes a weapon, with alcohol or drugs involved, it´s almost impossible to get home with no incident.

    • nikeguy2 says:

      @Cybercity Oedo 808 Any car is capable, the Stingray just means he was doing the dash at 156 and driving like a jackass. This isn’t a case of “I had a few drinks and sped home” this needs to be upgraded to murder. Unless there’s an autobahn in Vegas, there’s no reason to be driving that fast in a stingray. Throw the book at em.

      If you told me he was doing 150 in a ZR1 on the freeway I’d think he got drunk was just feeling himself since they hit 200. In a stingray?…. Wtf is wrong with him? This is looking like attempted suicide.

    • the Gameboi'z says:

      My question is what the girlfriend doing? Like you know he drunk and he going this fast and you just sit and watch, definition of a broad

    • Raptor says:

      @G Martinez it’s crazy to put 156 into perspective. my heart gets going when i hit 90 on country roads😭 let alone 156 in town

    • godspeed_6x says:

      @nikeguy2 i agree with you. what i don’t get is how he got let out on just 150k bond? that’s chump change to him and watch him take off or commit suicide fr to avoid facing his consequences

    • Cybercity Oedo 808 says:

      @nikeguy2 I was more so saying that the base C8 is not a slouch performance wise, I’m not just talking about the ability to go 150mph. I never said that someone should be driving that fast there either. It is basically murder to go that fast on a regular road no matter the car. I agree he should get life in jail or whatever. Nobody should drink or drive either, all NFL players have a driver service and he should have used it.

  5. Leslie Guido says:

    Let this be a lesson to EVERYONE! I need to drive better too….I stay seeing so many people on their phone while driving, tailgating, cutting lanes, racing, speeding to work…. Seems like everyone is going fast nowhere when on the road. RIP Tina Tintor and condolences to her family.

  6. James Bell says:

    This dude killed this young lady she died horribly he should be given a long prison sentence.

    • BrandonDetroitfan Michaels says:

      @Sludge This isn’t a pissing contest kid.

    • Jacob McCray says:

      @poedunk 406 he was too busy stealing Jordans to help cope with the loss of a black person

    • Sludge says:

      @BrandonDetroitfan Michaels Champ, try to make a mature, intelligent, coherent post next time. Most of us will appreciate it.

    • Sludge says:

      @poedunk 406 I just asked a question, and you answered it, and then added some immaturity just to show us who you really are.

      By the way, dunk, you are factually wrong. That’s right, you posted as if you are eight years old, and your “facts” are wrong!!

      Unbelievable. Grow up and get your facts right.

    • Sludge says:

      @MR GALLAGHER His trial is scheduled for April, 2022.

  7. Lamar Taylor says:

    Airplanes take off at a 150 mph just to let people know how fast he was going. Driving that fast while drunk is beyond stupid…it’s a death sentence and unfortunately an innocent person got one.

    • DFT_Darkfoot says:

      yea, trying to do normal turns at that speed has different consequences as he should have already been aware

    • Don Demmel Jr says:

      Amen 🙏

    • gary austin says:

      how you know he going 156? says who? how you know his girl wasn’t driving? how you know dog wasn’t driving other car? how you know the gun didn’t belong to alec baldwin? how you know OJ wasn’t chasing them with a knife? how you know Covid didn’t cause crash? how you know vaccine didn’t cause blurry eyes? how you know hijackers didn’t do it?

    • james West says:

      @gary austin police and experts have machines and use math to determine speed

    • Gautham Raj says:

      @gary austin the victim was heard screaming when she was burned alive. Fk off .

  8. Jacob A says:

    That’s insanely fast even for a sober driver!

  9. Mariah Fountain says:

    Sad she won’t ever get to see her family again but there is a chance ruggs gets to see his given time he serves

  10. Alicia Vickman says:

    You just threw away your life over your negligence for others life’s. You’re ego, and pride may have gotten you on the field, into new cars, given you every opportunity imaginable, and now it’s putting you behind bars. Stay humble y’all.

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