Reporter gets a big surprise on the beach during 4th of July fun. If you like to laugh at news bloopers, subscribe!

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20 Responses

  1. Sheogorath says:

    1:21 – “Before you get covered in something other than beer.” Sounds like Wendy is going to partake in a gangbang! WOO! #MAGA

  2. Elizabeth Shilliday says:

    Stay classy KTLA.

  3. Shriek Supersuit says:

    If this video goes viral I shall be and stay the top comment

  4. Can I Get 2 Subs With No Vids? says:

    I’m going to reply back to this comment in 5 years. Honestly. Make this the top comment so I keep my word

  5. Adam McDade says:

    she froze in horror

  6. aHaMoment says:

    It got really ugly after that. Legend has it that everyone else started throwing up on each other.

  7. LovelyYTRocks says:

    The guy being interviewed was a big guy.

  8. Rebecca W says:

    Who mixes running and beer together on a hot day and says “This is gonna go well!”?

  9. Victor Wright says:

    Love how the “No” comes after the feed gets cut like some sort of PG-13 horror movie

  10. PreacherLawson says:

    This was funny, but less funny than I thought it was gonna be

  11. Roman Reigns says:

    How would Ron Burgundy act?

  12. Perfume444 says:

    not masturbating one day for every like!

  13. Jaime Gandarilla says:

    It starts at 55 seconds
    Don’t waste your time

  14. MrRednexus says:

    looks like she had some clam chowder

  15. Heavyboxes DIY Master says:

    Some people actually pay for that. Just saying.

  16. Tej Patel says:

    Oh nooo!! They’re turning into zombies.

  17. Jonathan Davies says:

    That’s called an Irish baptism.

  18. Kaizee says:

    Can someone tell me what happend

  19. Failed Plot Device says:

    Reporter: “And now what are you doing?”

    Big Guy: “Cracking open a cold one with the boys.”

  20. Rick Piano says:

    I wish these fat bastards would keep their shirts on.

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