Reporter Saves Driver From Rising TX Floodwaters

Reporter Saves Driver From Rising TX Floodwaters

Storms have dumped more than a foot of rain in the Houston area, flooding dozens of neighborhoods and forcing the closure of city offices and the suspension of public transit. (April 18)

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20 Responses

  1. Vortec67 says:

    I dont think this counts as a save .

  2. I Fqcked Hillary Clinton in thr ass says:

    Spongebob was right when he said Texas was Stupid

  3. null null says:

    This fucking retarded driver asking if he should get back in the car

    Also he was reversing while in the water for like 5 minutes LMFAO

  4. igneytia taylor says:

    1st world problems.

  5. Thomas Truong says:

    So I can be a hero by holding someone’s hand forcefully

  6. melvintheshark says:

    this is the funniest shit I have seen lmao

  7. Frankie.Vallejo says:


  8. Reps ForJesus says:

    Rescue is a strong word

  9. logan “Y3T” logan says:

    Everyones yelling at him for bringing the mic with him but thats literally
    his fucking job… He did nothing wrong he still ran out there to help the

  10. Midora "Third Tiger" says:


  11. idlekenny says:

    Great Saved! That man almost dies.

  12. apple tyler says:

    Why is everyone so dumb in this video?

  13. Corvaire Wind says:

    Saved? lol it was waist high water! ;O)-

  14. infoage says:

    Waaaw that was brave, I wish we have more people like him walking with
    their mic

  15. BATMAN says:

    You don’t fool me assholes. That old guy is a stuntman. Get the fuck outta

  16. nick b says:

    Humanity has no hope!

  17. PandaSaurus28 says:

    Yeah I’ll just stay in the car. And let gravity pull me back out. No
    problem. I’m sure he was worried. But come on get out of the car

  18. amado maldonado says:

    LMAOOOOO “dude you gotta get outta the car!”

  19. Christopher Bell says:


  20. PawsPause says:

    Yet there were flash flood warnings given before the weekend. the emergency
    alert broadcast, news, newspapers you name it, and still idiots go driving
    out. That looks like thats near Yellowstone or MLK. There are clear warning
    signs of flood if it rains.