Reports: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s health in question

Reports: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s health in question

There are new questions surrounding the health of North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un’s health after his reported absence from “Army Day” celebrations on Saturday. This is the second major holiday the Supreme Leader has missed in recent weeks, Vox staff writer covering International Security and Defense Issues, Alex Ward joins CBSN with the latest on the rumors surrounding Kim Jong Un’s health.

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72 Responses

  1. akim says:

    Stop using words like “supreme leader” and call him what he is, a dictator.

    • roll tide says:

      Apprentice you’re the 10th person who said that today

    • Andres Sanchez says:

      i completely agree with you, but the North Korean government gets mad easily which is why none of these news stations say bad things about him nor does the our government. Actually in the case that he did die governments like the US might say things like he will be missed when obviously he will not.

    • Betty Hogan says:

      We need to let north korea take care of their own. P raying for south korea..’s people.

    • 21boxhead says:


    • Dead cockroach in my brassiere says:

      Ryan M kinda how you did a few years ago 🧐 💅🏾

  2. Angelo 23 says:

    He eats himself to death while starving his people…

    finding an obese North Korean is so rare, it’s like finding a unicorn.

  3. Dairokuten Maou says:

    I feel sorry for anyone who’s forced to cry at this swine’s funeral

  4. donny chang says:

    So now he’s Kim Jong ill?

    How long until he’s Kim Jong Un-responsive?

  5. The Scarlet Owls says:

    He’s oblivious that he’s airing his laundry 🙃

  6. L. M says:

    This guys interview is like a mullet, business in the front party in the back

  7. Joshua Vaccianna says:

    When you’re trying to focus on what the guy was saying but you’re playing Where’s Waldo with his room

  8. Clovis Miller says:

    He’s gonna give all his power to Dennis Rodman 😂

  9. says:

    1:58 “Intelligence is really hard to come by in North Korea”. Yeah EVERYONE knew that! 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Arijan says:

    Ivan Drago said, and I quote “If he dies, he dies”

  11. SkateForLife304 says:

    “Intelligence is really hard to come
    by in North Korea.” Sick burn bro

  12. Eli Willy says:

    The doctor who worked on him has probably been executed already.

    • Hopeshadows84 Hopeshadows84 says:

      @Bouncy I wouldnt be suprised.

    • Perinate Fulch says:

      @Bouncy That’s what happens when you starve your people & eat like a glutton. Hopefully he’s dead & the people of North Korea can be free from suppression, aggression, depression.

    • Si las says:

      Isn’t the medical team from china

    • Eli Willy says:

      Si las I think the original surgery was done by North Koreans and when things went south they brought in Chinese doctors. I’m not too sure about that though so don’t quote me.

    • Woozworld All-About-All says:

      @Perinate Fulch but it’s not only about kim, it’s about the regime, when a new “leader” comes after him he probably will be the same or maybe even worse then Kim

  13. Average individual with a Smart Phone says:

    Kim’s last words: “Too much bacon”…”More Bacon”

  14. SPAC says:

    “We’re still in the rumor phase” Thats the favorite phase of the fake news! Lmfao 😂

    • Mentally_Plucked says:

      Thank you! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • Grass Whistle says:

      Kim Jong Ill was rumored to be dead for months before North Korea officially announced him dead. Considering how long it takes for NK to say anything, it’s very possible that he’s dead.

  15. Nick_NT says:

    “Alex! You better pause that and finish doing your laundry!”

  16. rant404 says:

    Monty Python: “Bring out your dead . . . Bring out your dead . . . .”
    Little Rocket Man: “But I’m not dead!”

  17. Already Lifted says:

    This year feels like a weird fever dream that im waiting to wake up from.

  18. Ryan Nixon says:

    Looks at 2020: “Perhaps I treated you too harshly”

  19. Richard Trieu says:

    I feel like he’s pulling off a late April fool’s joke.

  20. DiscoFalcon says:

    I refuse to acknowledge him as “Supreme Leader.” That is a ridiculous title.

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