Republican Senator Jeff Flake: Party In Denial About President Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Republican Senator Jeff Flake: Party In Denial About President Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Senator Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., says his party is in denial about the president, an argument he lays out in his book ‘Conscience of a Conservative.’ Senator Flake joins Morning Joe to discuss Preiadent Donald Trump and GOP.
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Republican Senator Jeff Flake: Party In Denial About President Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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20 Responses

  1. M Grey says:

    Finally one of them finally admits it

  2. Real Talk76 says:

    Depending on your perspective, there’s nothing inherently wrong with Republican principles.  But time and time again they have proven that THEY DON’T HAVE ANY!!

  3. Ron Winter says:

    Flake makes some good points here.

  4. USERNAMEfieldempty says:

    It’s the white working class who are in denial about Trump. Until they wake up to him, Republican politicians won’t challenge him.

  5. USERNAMEfieldempty says:

    It breaks my heart that “Ordinary Americans” keep on voting for the party that is absolutely determined to keep them poor and ignorant. It’s like watching turkeys vote for Thanksgiving.

  6. Michelle Hadley Jenkins says:

    Trump couldn’t use the excuse of firing Comey based on how he handled Hilary and the campaign because he used the entire Hilary issue as a proxy:and remember he had Russia assistance

  7. Bluesky says:

    GOP-wake up before we drown in the cesspool that is known as tRump.

  8. The Bearded Bat says:

    This snake still votes with Trump and McConnell, so he can just shut up and try to pass new policies at 2am without reading them first.

  9. Joe Smith says:

    President Donald Trump is the greatest enemy of the United States, a grave and immediate threat to the people. Donald Trump is *my* enemy.

  10. Russ Wilson says:

    Ah I get it. This guy wants to run for president.

  11. A Cyr says:


  12. L.J Ross says:

    Republicans aren’t fiscally responsible.

  13. Sandy lt says:

    Why did he vote for the Skinny Repeal? Flake!

  14. the last wild one says:

    Has anyone else noticed the more control the fascist reich wing CONs gain the worse things seem to be getting? Gee maybe the democrats should think about not letting them steal elections anymore.   AMERICA NEEDS VARIFIBLE VOTING!!!

  15. pink pony says:

    he is right……if Hillary were elected and was accused of half of what Trump and his team have been………the same group of Republicans that support and defend Trump……..would be on her like a Pit bull on a steak.

  16. Alan Macphail says:

    This Senator embodies the problem, “Being a conservative means something in terms of demeanor and comportment . . . ” Demeanor and comportment are not conservative values, they are civilized values held by all rational people. Republicans don’t have a monopoly. This is a very clever back-door demonization of Democrats.

  17. pjoffrion says:

    I copied this quote from a comment on Politico. The article was about Flake’s new book, in which he writes about events from history he read about great men acting valiantly. I think the guy who wrote this nailed it. “he’s not a flake
    he’s just a little boy who thinks he’s courageous because he read a book about other little boys who showed courage.

    He’s voted for the so-called pres on virtually all of his appointments, even though more than half were unqualified ideologues or hacks.
    He voted for the “skinny bill”, even though it was designed to cede control of the debate to the ideologues in the house
    He is fine with “no” when his “no” means nothing; when it could have mattered, he ceded authority to an old man with cancer who had to travel clear across the country to show the other old men what it meant to have a pair.

    Flake is the “new normal” – lacking in principle, but convincing himself otherwise.” C H

  18. Susan Dreamstobefree says:

    I do not care who is what party. Party has not one thing to do with temperament and experience. I have my heart set on General Kelly. If things turn around inside the WH it will be due to the General. That will only happen if the trump regime allows the General to do the steering. We shall see.

  19. Cristian Garcia says:

    He is trying to distance himself from Trump but offered nothing but better manners when it come to speaking with allies.

  20. koskey06 says:

    YouTube’s Trending section ONLY has the usual suspect democratic agenda channels. QUIT BEING A PUPPET!

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