Rescue dog snaps, kills woman at Broward nonprofit organization

Rescue dog snaps, kills woman at Broward nonprofit organization

A large mix-breed dog killed a woman and injured another on Thursday at the 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida shelter in Oakland Park, deputies said.

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29 Responses

  1. Warren Gutierrez says:

    My deepest condolences for their families and friends.

  2. Angie cameron says:

    I was bitten continously by a stray dog and it was a terrible experience, took me months to physically heal and still taking me time to trust dogs in general again. I can’t imagine what those ladies went through, my heart breaks for them.

  3. The Godfather says:

    A gentle reminder that no matter how you want to humanize these animals, they are still animals.
    My condolences to the grieving families.

  4. Max Sands says:

    She’s calling the dog a sweetie after it killed a human being? Unbelievable.

    • Nellie Thursday says:

      @Banned looking at the actions of many humans today ask yourself why it’s like this

    • Kunga Dorje says:

      @Redd Lady you’re just in denial and it seems that you come from and needy place that probably depends on these beasts for love

    • Redd Lady says:

      @Once I fell she isn’t downplaying the situation. You’re just coming from a weird angle with your comment. The dog does not have human rationale and critical thinking skills. Dogs in pain attack to protect itself. Whatever that dog endured by a prev owner, or by living on the street, is what the dog associated with. The dog wasn’t mean, something triggered it; a memory, a sound that startled it or anything…..the dog could have been a sweet traumatized dog, and it can’t be rehabilitated.

    • kindadiagonallydismal says:

      @Bunny Lynch Youre mentally challeneged and shouldnt be allowed to care for a child if you think killing people is “What dogs do”. Feel bad for that kid.

    • Banned says:

      These people love dogs more than humans

  5. Rick Davis says:

    Used to volunteer at a place like this. Not totally surprising, I came across some German shepherds and pit bulls that were truly psychotic in there. Condolences to the family.

    • Karen Ashley says:

      Fed other euthanized animals or raw liver no doubt and trained to kill. Dog said I don’t want the jab no doubt.

  6. Disco Biker Barefoot Acrylics says:

    What a tragedy. I’m so sorry for these people.

  7. By The Tracks Homestead says:

    My heart goes out to everyone involved and who loves these women.

  8. Yvette kidd says:

    This is heartbreaking all the way around, for the people and for the dog that had been traumatized by other people, if that would have never happened then today’s events wouldn’t have

  9. Mountainman says:

    Very sad. My heart goes out to the victims and their families.

  10. Master Bids says:

    As a fellow person in animal volunteering, this is extremely saddening… I can’t imagine this happening to the facility I volunteer at.

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