Rescue Dog Stayed in Her Crate For Five Days Until She Realized She Was Home | The Dodo

Rescue Dog Stayed in Her Crate For Five Days Until She Realized She Was Home | The Dodo

Rescue dog was too scared to leave her crate for 5 days — now she hugs her mom and dad with her whole body ❤️

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21 Responses

  1. N Steele says:

    Mavyn is soooo beautiful and so sweet! Thanks to you both for taking her home and showing her that not all of us two legged creatures are bad!!!

    • jj rad says:

      N Steele, many two legged animals still have lots to learn from other two legged animals that choose not to abuse,kill and eat four legged animals.

  2. liane fehrle says:

    It is so sad that there are a lot of animals out there that have had so much pain in their lives. I’m glad that there are people who have a good heart to take those kind of pets into their homes. Great job kids.

    • Chandala B'abalanga says:

      God is amazing. isn’t it? Pain everywhere

    • Neva. says:

      @POPPY Calliope
      There’s something fundamentally broken when you abuse an animal like that. That human deserves compassion too.

    • Neva. says:

      @liane fehrle You don’t have to apologise.
      I think you understand why I pointed it out 🙂
      It would have sounded less harsh if I would have added an on-topic reply. I’m quite blunt but didn’t want to be rude.

      I totally agree with your comment.
      My own dog was abused and then dumped on the street when he was 5 months old.

      Someone once told me to always focus on the helpers. I never forgot that.

  3. DM WS says:

    Such a beautiful story. A blessing she found you ❤. Thank you for sharing. Animals are never wrong about people and I just wish whatever abuse she endured could be given back to her former people 10 fold. Animals are the only hope that humanity can learn from.

  4. Sonia Álvarez says:

    Mavyn is such a love bug. I’m so happy to see her living the life she deserves! Kuddos to her dog mom and dad!

  5. Ronda Smith says:

    From tears to triumph 💖💖. Her waging tail and greeting you with her baby is so cute and I’m so happy she has a loving home with a furry sibling 🤗😊.

    • Patricia says:

      Thank you for giving this beautiful animal love and a happy life the people who hurt her should rot in hell.

  6. guy says:

    My favorite line was “We couldn’t be looking at her, so we did that for a few days”. Such kind and understanding humans.

  7. Bella D says:

    To see her tail wag just melts my heart ❤️ 💙. Thank you for your love and patience with her!

  8. Alissah Hodges says:

    Seeing the heartbreaking eyes on this pup is just another reminder they feel just like us! She was abused and abandoned and most likely still loved her humans that hurt her! I’m so glad you understood she needed time for her heart to heal! There’s no bad dogs!❤

    • Wendy Parsons says:

      We adopted a dog at 10 Years old after we lost our chi of 16 years old. The previous
      owner got a new puppy. They didn’t get along apparently so they tossed Louie aside. We adopted him and he is such a loving dog . If the previous owner is out there, he is doing wonderful and we love him very much! I’m so very sad that you gave him up. I love puppies as much as you do but I love senior dogs too. Q r live him as I much! He saved u a to after w r lost our chi after 16th years

    • Atilio Bison says:

      @Alissah Hodges the same could be said about human beings and I personally don’t like people much. Besides my dogs, there are 3 things I love in this world. Watching my dogs eat, watching my dogs sleep and watching my dogs walk it play..besides cuddling them up of course. But to say there are no nasty dogs is the same as saying there are no nasty humans because humans are also just a “product” of nature verse nurture etc etc.

    • Alissah Hodges says:

      @Atilio Bison although there can definitely be underlying factors such as tumor, pain or ptsd from past experiences. Most canines are basing everything off of a combination of nature and nurture. Much like a child if left ferrell or agnostic they will develop negative behaviors based off of negative experiences and fear or even selfishness due to percieved necessity and preservation. The percentage of ” nasty” dogs would be much less if they weren’t looked at like a possession and more as a gift with serious responsibility.

    • Atilio Bison says:

      Tell that to my Dog who had his face ripped open by my neighbors pitbull. Thankfully my dog is a 125 pound Argentine Dogo who took the bite like a champ. There are nasty dogs, just like there are nasty humans.

  9. Debby Angenni says:

    You both have patience and that’s what Mavyn needed to come out of her shell. Bless you for all the love you give her. Also thank you for saving her.🥰😇💛💚💙

  10. Alo Ryt says:

    Uwielbiam oglądać przemianę jaką przechodzą uratowane pieski 🥰💓🐶💓

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