Rescued baby bird returned to parents.

Rescued baby bird returned to parents.

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20 Responses

  1. ayy lmao says:

    Smoke break? more like cancer break

  2. azangor says:

    Those birds are funny, whenever you’re getting close to their nest the
    parents start going, “ow! ow! my wing! I’m just a poor defenseless bird! I
    hope no one chases me!”
    Then if you start walking towards them they’re like, “psych!” and run off
    just to do it again. 

  3. TopperAnd Gray says:

    So. Friggin. Cute.

  4. LANo says:

    Dang dat cute.

  5. veggievampire says:

    Aww. I love your standards of cool. Thanks for posting. Super sweet!

  6. Ross Parlette says:

    Unfortunately, he may conclude that smoke breaks are a good thing. (sigh)

  7. SilStie says:

    The ending was perfect

  8. Ecto Andrew says:

    That’s going to be one cute bird when he/she grows up…

  9. Eric Arcana says:

    hey +Patrick Smith , thanks for sharing this cute/cool little video.

  10. Paul Walker says:


  11. sagenev says:

    You’re a good dude, Patrick.

  12. Andrés R.A says:

    Well … you save the day!

  13. Gorvakk Londrig says:

    Mother bird is totally pissed at the father bird for losing the child while
    she was out hunting. When they’re finally reunited with their child a big
    argument ensues ending with the father storming out.

  14. Levi Martin says:

    They grow up so fast

  15. Tara Stronger says:

    Smoking saves lives.

  16. Teblakness 1 says:

    I thought it was going to be like that bunny video from last year where the
    hawk took the bunny…

  17. Snoop Doge says:

    I remember when I was returned to my basement. It was a cold, dark evening
    and I was lost in wallmart whislt being trapped between the doors. A kind
    store manager got some butter and his strongest employees to barge me out
    and give me to my parents. My dad had a sad look on his face. Screw this
    gay earth.

  18. Fr0sT BiTE says:

    Came from reddit, anyone else?

  19. Pete Barwikowski says:

    dont tell those bird parents how to take care of their baby. what do you
    know about raising bird babies!?

  20. BeatPewDiePie2015 says:

    Hello People of The Internet, My Life Goal is To Beat Pewdiepie, Together
    We Can Make the World a Better Place. Lets Get Those Subs!