Resident Evil | Official Teaser | Netflix

Resident Evil | Official Teaser | Netflix

Nothing eventful ever happens in the peaceful New Raccoon City. The legendary franchise Resident Evil brings its battle for survival to Netflix on July 14th.


About Netflix:
Netflix is the world’s leading streaming entertainment service with 222 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries, feature films and mobile games across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

Resident Evil | Official Teaser | Netflix

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29 Responses

  1. CAMELOT331 says:

    This looks like the most “Netflix Adaptation” meme brought to life that I have ever seen.

    • GambleSTARS says:

      @J Wolfe Idk how you stick to source material when RE has so many different stories lol

    • Gadget-Walkmen says:

      @Tellyg47 lol the Witcher was adapted pretty nicely and greatly so far from season 1. There was no “bad vibes” from them at all as season 1 was overall received well!
      And WTF is this “gen z” nonsense claim identification for them? Lol are you serious?
      And the “lore” is all there for umbrella corp being the main villains.

    • J Wolfe says:

      @Sellola I can agree with that statement. It’s easier to see those changes. Very true. But I liked the movie for several reasons. The cinematography was very “classic horror” which is probably why it seems low budget. The scene in the beginning where Claire is looking through the woods for the woman just hit by the truck and the way it zooms in on the zombie just standing there in the distance. That kind of horror is underrated these days. Maybe I’m biased but I like it when they take OG characters and cast them at least reasonably.

      The new series is worth giving a shot too but when you take OG characters and put them into plot that they have never ever been in… it’s just would’ve been better to create 100% all new characters so it feels like a creation of their own. Not some twisted alternate reality version of Netflix’s design.

  2. Yanal Abuzaid says:

    It can’t possibly be THIS hard to make a faithful, well done Resident Evil adaptation… my goodness.

    • Drew says:

      @Jaden W-D sonic, sonic 2

    • Tardigrade says:

      ​@Erik Young You’re probably right. But I think creatives who think like that and force innovation and subversion into their adaptations lack vision in my opinion. The Lord of the Rings trilogy will forever be an example of what happens when adaptations honor the source material and do their best to translate its original vision into another medium. The result: 12 Oscars and one of, if not THE greatest movie trilogy of all time.

    • Yanal Abuzaid says:

      @Tardigrade Yes, I agree 100%. The least I would like to see is a skilled filmmaker who’s passionate about Resident Evil taking it on. I have no issue with something that isn’t a direct cut and paste of the games. As long as it can capture the overall tone and atmosphere, have a solid horror element to it, and be well made all around.

    • Yanal Abuzaid says:

      @Dickers I have, and I love them.

  3. Amir-Hamza says:

    I know its just a teaser. But it already feels like another zombie franchise rather than an adaptation of Resident Evil. Especially with the flash forward to london 2036.

  4. Short Story Bliss says:

    Can someone who has actually played and enjoyed the actual games just please be in charge of putting a live-action series together.

  5. Jack Forbes says:

    Something I feel like alot of Resident Evil adaptions seem to not realize is that Resident Evil is NEVER a post apocalyptic situation. The zombies literally never take over. Like at MOST they infest a small town but then are quickly taken care of.

  6. Marcus Pruitt says:

    Im convinced beyond a reasonable doubt they will ever make another good resident evil movie/series. Hopefully Capcom blesses us with a good game within the year

  7. kunal says:

    if you are trying something new dont drag an OG franchise with you because of the expectations just start a new one

  8. Gadget-Walkmen says:

    It’s insane how many resident evil shows and movies they’ve been and they’ve been for the most part received pretty poorly by alot of people. Has there ever been a Resident evil adaption that people HAVE liked entirely?

    • Disturbed702 says:

      The CGI movies made by Capcom were amazing

    • Stephen Delvecchio says:

      The early animated ones (and the novels) are some of the better adaptations. It really is hard for Hollywood to just… follow the source material and characters isn’t it? Baffling to say the least how they keep screwing it up when there’s no shortage of games and established lore to use.

    • HOT GLASS FILMS says:

      The first film will be the only one I actually liked

  9. -Indicudi- says:

    Thank god for the REmakes. I don’t understand why they can’t just faithfully adapt shit or he’ll just create a spin off set in Raccoon City

  10. chrisv9000 says:

    “Don’t be afraid of looking forward to a new resident evil movie,” they said. “Looking forward to a new resident evil movie can’t hurt you,” they said

    • BurningKing says:

      @chrisv9000 what did?

    • chrisv9000 says:

      @BurningKing it assaulted me

    • BurningKing says:

      It’s not a film…one did come out already.

    • biz0unc3 says:

      @ward foud your statement is fanfiction and based nothing on reality. Literally the opposite of based.

    • ward foud says:

      @biz0unc3 obviously he has to watch it incase they make a game he’ll have to know if it ties in with the plot. they literally killed off millions of fans for money. so yes it can hurt him, if his a fan of the franchise, let alone this could effect the price of any collectable and for RE franchise there’s collectables worth $50K, these could be a few $1,000 by then end of the series, normies who say this can’t hurt you are MSM couch potatoes who’s only real interests are celebrity lives and the kardashingtons

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