Responding to the Backlash Over My Cremated Palette

Responding to the Backlash Over My Cremated Palette

HEY EVERYONE! Welcome back to my channel! How are ya?? Today we are sitting down and talking about the Cremated palette and the controversy surrounding it. I answer your questions and then my best friend Nicole transforms me into the cover of the Cremated palette! Serving you grayscale Wednesday realness. The Cremated Collection is LAUNCHING EXCLUSIVELY on this FRIDAY MAY. 22nd at 10AM PST / 1PM EST!


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55 Responses

  1. he he says:

    I really like it, I also am not offended at all, everyone does and was he supposed to know about the Corona virus a year ago

    • Annie Hua says:

      Hayley Haysley you obviously don’t know how making a palette works 🙄, it only released now but the design was in the making months ago

    • Eliza Borlagdan says:

      he he true

    • Olivia Bodily says:

      It’s not just about the pandemic. Death is always a sensitive topic and should be treated in a sensitive manner, especially because of the significance it has in many cultures. Though you might not be offended, many other could be deeply offended. Though a lot of the western world is un-offended, it’s very ethnocentric thinking to assume other cultures wouldn’t be.

    • Zoe Far says:

      Olivia Bodily cultures? Why bring that into this

  2. Marianna Garzam says:

    Its a pallet why is everybody so sensitive

    • Veronica Flores says:

      its a beautiful pallate but it made me uncomfortable because a few months ago my grandfather got cremated. be considerate to people who are uncomfortable by it but feel free to enjoy it!! just because we dont like it/feel comfortable doesnt mean yall dont have to like it either enjoy what you want and don’t let people stop you!

    • boss bitch says:

      Veronica Flores the thing is that the people who are complaining are saying horrible things about jeffree like wtf, the palette was created months ago so has nothing to do with was going on now in the world

    • SuperMario Odyssey says:

      U dumb

  3. Katrina Repine says:

    Although these colors aren’t for me I still love the palette! I love how Lipstick Nic said enabled instead of embalmed lol. I have dyslexia as well, it can make life difficult.

  4. MJ_ Gaming says:

    me: seeing Jeffree star’s eyebrows grow

    Jeffree: sister shave’s it off again

  5. iheartShaneandJeffree says:

    People think the world revolves around them. So when someone has an amazing makeup idea, people want to whine because they are offended over a word. Just like Jeffree, my father was cremated. it’s part of life. If you are that triggered over one word and please see a professional, but don’t hate on people that want to buy/create makeup. I feel bad for Jeffree. He shouldn’t have to explain himself but there’s always people that thinks the world revolves around them

    • Alice Cwern says:

      I agree, people think the world revolves around them. When their feelings are not hurt, it is wrong for others to feel hurt. When their family and love ones are not dying or getting sick from covid, they think it is just a make up hoax…

    • Coco for cocoa puffs 22 says:

      I thing he tells story his story Is reali cool

    • Sabrina Z says:

      I was thinking the same. You can’t halt a business, or a product because of feelings. I mean it sucks but this sucks for everyone.

    • beseanesty says:

      my dogs have been cremated too, and it’s not really that offensive. people will do anything to get triggered, and spread hate over things that aren’t important

  6. Angelica Grace says:

    I honestly just looked at him launching this was to be “different” like he usually is 👏🏼👀

    • Mike wazowski Journey says:

      different like the rest of his pallets only us true ones that ride with Jeffree understand ❤️

  7. Tonya D says:

    Not once did I think this palette had anything to do with Covid 19 nor that the timing was bad in relation. Ppl need to relax and live life and know that not everything has to be controversial. I think this is a great palette because it’s completely outside the box.. not everyone wants just bright colors so I love how he changed it up!! Love it!! 🖤

  8. NTY Ching says:

    the fact of the matter is: some people do be snowflakes tho

    • L V says:

      😐 ur funny

    • XDLadyHydrangea says:


    • Bunny Cakes says:

      I made a joke about me being adopted, because I cope with stuff by joking around, and someone- who didn’t know me and was eavesdropping- told me “you shouldn’t make jokes that would offend AcTuaL adopted people.” Like honestly people are always up in arms about everything.

  9. Madison Perez says:

    people are saying he’s insensitive to release it now? how insensitive is it when people are struggling pay check to pay check and y’all are getting mad over a make-up palette? his workers are probably benefiting from him pushing it out too, y’all need to chill and worry about things that actually matter rn.

  10. Suzy Arroyo says:

    Honestly only here for the tutorial. However, that being said: Anyone who has seen you for a while will know that you would not do something maliciously just for press. And the gothic thing is so you so🙄 haters gonna hate no matter what

  11. SamiiGL says:

    People nowadays take everything up the ass.
    Remember a few years back when we all had a sense of humor and didn’t get offended for the tiniest thing? Yeah, I remember.

  12. chance almero says:

    i love how jeffree is NEVER afraid that his make up wouldn’t be for EVERYONE, just the fact that he made iconic sh*t and a lot of ppl love that❣️

  13. Madeline Honey says:

    love when boss jeffree comes in to clear things up

  14. Alexis Luna says:

    People were being cremated before the pandemic so what’s the big deal, everyone wants to make a big deal out of nothing

    • Sara Csernyik says:

      Exactly if this pandemic wAsnt going on then there wouldn’t of been as much backlash as now

    • _ Prettyassdede _ says:

      boss 🤗🤗

    • Frankie Ybarra says:


    • Keiko Locklear says:

      @JuuzouTheHooman Uwu oh👏my👏god👏imagine👏 getting 👏butthurt👏over👏a👏pallet👏during👏a👏virus👏 There’s literally nothing wrong with this, you just saying that people don’t get to stare at their dead loved ones in a box doesn’t mean Jeffree did anything wrong. Like what the fuck? It’s just a pallet name lmao. He can name it whatever the fuck he wants to name it. Cremation has nothing to do with a fucking virus either? I swear people get butthurt over the most stupidest things ever. I👏don’t👏give👏a👏flying👏fuck👏 if it’s a virus or pandemic, it’s happening, it’s not gonna stop until they find a cure, so stop being butthurt.

  15. Casey DiGiantomasso says:

    While I see how everyone could feel weird about it, I really feel like the drama is such a reach, and completely a byproduct of outrage culture. People have been being cremated for literally thousands of years, it’s not a brand new concept at all. I actually find it kind of spiritual because at the end of the day in the big picture of the universe, we’re all just literal star dust. I sympathize for all the people who have passed away because of the corona virus & who maybe were cremated against their personal or their family’s wishes, but attacking Jeffree over this eye shadow pallet that’s been in production for so long already will not change anything. Hate & anger weakens the immune system… personally can’t relate lmao! Happy for all the employees at JSC who are able to work & who will continue to have job security because the major success that this collection will have. 🙂

  16. Nanyloah says:

    “i’m sick of this world”😂😂😂 the way he threw the bag took me out 😂

  17. Xenevlil Lil says:

    Jeffree : *gets the giggles*
    Also Jeffree: ah I’m so high

  18. Alexis Sejnoha says:

    “Throw an eyepatch on and call me jinx monsoon” 😂😂 I died

  19. Akio Aslan says:

    The fact that someone can get offended by makeup lmao people this days are so lame lol

  20. Sonia's Way says:

    If you’re offended by a makeup palette, then you need more things to do in life. Also, you don’t understand art

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