Rest in Peace Dad

Rest in Peace Dad

heartbroken. I want my family back:(

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  1. Soph ASMR says:

    This world truly is cruel. Kind people are taken away out of nowhere for someone else’s recklessness. I hope you and your mom both find peace of mind and love for your dad in everything you do, he’s still watching out for you.

  2. malin pritchard says:

    I genuinely cannot believe this. I hope you’re okay Steph. Rest in Peace.

  3. Valerie Lion says:

    Steph… I’m speechless the world is cruel, it’s heartbreaking to see you like this. I’m so so so sorry for your lost, stay strong Steph, both you and your mom!❤️

  4. Hi There says:

    I have never been so heartbroken for the death of someone i watched online as much as i am this time i am literally sobbing sorry for your loss dear steph

  5. GENERALL says:

    Steph I prayed for you, I can only imagine the pain your going through. Your dad was truly a positive optimistic person. His presence was so full and warming, I’m truly saddened and I wish for healing for everyone.

  6. Claudia Walsh says:

    I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. Your dad seemed like such an amazing human being and such a great dad. What you’re going through is unimaginable. Sending you so much love. ❤️

  7. amy h says:

    This video is devastating. It’s such a raw and unfiltered display of grief. I’m so so sorry for your loss. My heart is hurting for you and I was crying along with you. I hope you find some kind of comfort and peace soon. Sending so much love

  8. Amari Flowers says:

    No words can help your pain, I prayed for your families safety and a healthy recovery from this. RIP to your amazing father❤️.

  9. aya says:

    This video just got recommended to me after years of watching your mukbangs with your dad , I remember watching them on our tv with my sister , he was the sweetest father anyone could ever wish for. I’m so sorry may he Rest In Peace and watch over you always , stay strong

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