Restarting Minecraft After Every Death

Restarting Minecraft After Every Death

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40 Responses

  1. martincitopants says:

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  2. TheRealJammie23 says:

    Im convinced that Mart took 5 months of trying to actually beat minecraft under the conditions he laid out. Solely thanks to the immense stupidity of his friends (Steven)

  3. Umbreonel says:

    Everyone else: Can we please go 17 minutes without a death?
    Tristan and Stephen: You guys wanna see us butt-chug rubbing alcohol?

  4. Hammer says:

    5 months for 34 minutes of Martin is SO fucking worth it. I can quit whenever I would like, I’m not addicted, I JUST WANT ONE MORE

  5. Kyra Universal says:

    The fact that Stevens username is blurred out just goes to show that Martin knows we all will target him.

  6. SSCminion says:

    Martin knows how to write villains so well, Stephen is such a motherfucker throughout the story, it’s magical

  7. Reason says:

    Tristan being the embodiment of chaos was both hilarious and deeply exhausting at the same time

  8. MNX says:

    Take Stephen and Tristan to the hague for their heinous warcrimes 😤

  9. Maykenzie says:

    It really is a testament to you guys’ endless well of patience that you didn’t just tie Tristan to a tree and then take turns ritually flailing him to death with leather belts for all his numerous transgressions.

  10. WeirdTyrant says:

    This video is a prime example of “just because you have other people helping you that doesn’t mean the task will be easier.”

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