Restaurant Has Almost No Working Equipment | Kitchen Nightmares

Restaurant Has Almost No Working Equipment | Kitchen Nightmares

Chef Mike back from the dead.

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79 Responses

  1. M P says:

    Chef Mike never dies.

  2. FBI says:

    lol then how can you run a restaurant without cooking

  3. _ mbisaf _ says:

    All of these episodes are from years ago

  4. syiera stuart says:

    Waiting for the overused Nino comments

  5. John Vo says:

    Nothing and nobody works in the restaurant except Nino. He’s there for 25 hours and has pictures to prove it.

  6. Depressed EditzX says:

    How can you run a restaurant without cooking tho?

  7. ThatOneDev says:


  8. syiera stuart says:

    Restaurants will swear their food is amazing meanwhile their whole restaurant is falling apart

  9. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    Chef Mike has joined the chat

  10. JustSomeGuy says:

    Are we going to do it properly or the other way?
    -mmmmmm the microwave.

  11. JustSomeGuy says:

    How can a restaurant work withouth equipment.

  12. RestlessPenguin says:

    That’s chef mike’s cousin, chef Dave. Chef Dave the microwave

  13. Natalie Harris says:

    *I don’t use my microwave in my kitchen that much. Hmm…maybe it’s because I cook.*

  14. Pinhead says:

    This is really greasy

  15. Dark Ace says:

    I feel bad for those customers.

    They had to wait a long time AND pay quite a lot just to end up having bad food

  16. Bailey Mickleburgh says:

    It’s the Let Me Finish lady.

  17. Zom 2018 says:

    Her voice is annoying as hell, I give Greg props for not losing his mind years ago.

  18. Pink Heart says:

    Atleast the chef isn’t lazy But his wife sure is naggy

  19. Suppork says:

    “Guys can you give me two minutes, please?”
    -Keeps mic on, keeps ceiling camera on.

    • Kevin Meyers says:

      Fawaz blue The point was…to not make the chef he was talking to about personal stuff, including his wife’s behavior toward him….extra uncomfortable with the two camera guys in the room right in his face. It was just a courtesy Ramsey felt to do.

    • Greg Dundee says:

      Because he is asking for privacy from the other people in the room not so much the camera

    • Suppork says:

      +Greg Dundee Oh yeah my bad, I forgot the privacy is only shown as the Reality Show to whoever watched it on Television or here in Youtube

    • Greg Dundee says:

      Suppork don’t be a dickhead, its privacy within the room at the time. The chef would have to give permission to use the footage for TV post filming.
      Also being a smartass won’t get you far in life.

    • Suppork says:

      +Greg Dundee Not being a dickhead, it’s just how it is. 0 Privacy specially because it’s a Reality Show. It’s just them adding more drama to it.
      “Leave us alone for a moment”, but let’s keep the show going.

  20. Warden says:

    Poor Customers, Gordon *SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN*

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