Resurgence Returns on New Map Ashika Island | Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

Resurgence Returns on New Map Ashika Island | Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

Master the way of the warrior #ResurgenceReturns 馃寠

Drop into battle on the new Call of Duty #Warzone2 small map Ashika Island launching on February 15 with Season 02. Learn more in the #CODBlog 鉃★笍

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28 Responses

  1. Jyakob says:

    That’s cool and all but I wish there was more content for the regards to multiplayer

    • SIRSNEAKDISS says:

      I feel you

    • Massage me on Tele-gram馃憠@CallofDuty_41 says:

      Thanks for the feedback,
      Expect more video very soon
      Send a direct message on the above name.
      I have something for you 馃巵馃巵

  2. George William says:

    I鈥檓 loving it馃敟馃憣 I do want to see the classic maps on multiplayer now

  3. Gioooavelli says:

    We need mp maps asap.. bring back terminal and highrise if you wanna keep the game alive

  4. olivercromwel says:

    More maps are needed for multiplayer. We didn’t pay $70 for 2 new maps per season.

  5. MATTYKILLZ says:

    More content for multiplayer. We need at least 4 maps per season 馃憦

    • You Lost The Game says:

      new* so far theyve delivered 0

    • That Guy Joe says:

      @Se帽or Quack聽 MW2 has 16/17 maps through season 1 across all game modes in MW2 (only talking about MW 2 not WZ 2.0). MW 2019 had between 28-33 maps through season 1, across gunfight, ground war, and 6 v 6 game modes. I don’t know where your getting your numbers from, but that is very false. It took a quick Google search.

    • Se帽or Quack says:

      @That Guy Joe No. it doesn’t. MWII has more ground war maps than MW19 did at the time, and close to it has now or more I’m pretty sure. And also, this game DOES have have new multiplayer maps too? And WZ 2 also came out. MWII has done the same things as MW19 and more.

    • RickyReflex says:

      That’s some big dreams you have

  6. ghost face says:

    Looks really nice but multiple player needs more guns challenges and maps

  7. Konichisan says:

    It looks absolutely gorgeous. Please fix the constant FPS dips so we can actually enjoy it?

  8. PedroSuperHeroIII says:

    “Island of war” nah this more of my kind of vacation island this looks beautiful and loving the japanese themed buildings and the cherry blossom just awesome island and cant wait to jump into it.

  9. xPreame says:

    This is where the fun begins

  10. Lil Big Akh says:

    The gameplay/movement was insane on rebirth island, I just don鈥檛 see this having the same effect. I鈥檒l definitely try it, but I personally stopped playing CoD as soon as it was disabled.

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