Return To The Horrifying Winchester Mansion

Return To The Horrifying Winchester Mansion

We return to the scene of one of our earliest investigations.

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Mauritius, Central Mauritius, Eureka Creole Mansion built in the 1830s, child’s crib
Walter Bibikow/Getty Images
North America, United States, 1855, Map Of The United States Exhibiting The Several Collection Districts. Senate Ex. Doc. No. Drawn By David H. Burr Draftsman U.s, Senate. Ackerman Lith. Broadway N.y., Map Of The United States Exhibiting The Several Coll
Historic Map Works LLC and Osher Map Library/Getty Images
Eric Lowenbach/Getty Images
Harry Houdini
Apic/RETIRED/Getty Images
Architectural plan of the modern house
-Vladimir-/Getty Images
Thinkstock/Getty Images
Thinkstock/Getty Images
an old fashioned rifle
Stockbyte/Getty Images
Publicity Portrait Of Annie Oakley & Texas Bill
American Stock Archive/Getty Images
Buffalo Bill
MPI/Getty Images

insert Key and lock up
mennovandijk/Getty Images
Man pushing wheelbarrow with gardening supplies on path in formal garden / Saint-Ferme, France
Ghislain and Marie David de Lossy/Getty Images

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54 Responses

  1. subtle visions says:


    “I think we’ve lost him”

  2. zhina abdulkarim says:

    if you don’t do a special halloween episode i think i’ll cry.

  3. TheMJ says:

    I think when the “ghost” said “Just stay with Rick” he was referring to Ricky Goldsworth

    • Lord Canti says:

      TheMJ he actually had been watching rick and Morty and recognized Shane as the rick of the group, so he was telling Ryan, the obvious morty , not to abandon his rick, shane

  4. Cara Danielson says:

    Hey guys! So my mom bought this house a year or so ago and it’s pretty old. We have a bunch of information on the house and to me, being a small scaredy cat and a fan of the supernatural, have always wondered if there maybe were any spirits there. To me if always feels like someone is watching you and that you’re never alone, a family friend of ours said that they heard a grandfather clock clear as day at 5am which woke him up cause there is no grandfather clock there, also one day when some family and I were outside we met a fellow neighbor. As we talked to this neighbor around the corner she told us she had family that was part of the family who built this house and she said that her and some family have been scared of the house. The original house was actually a farm house but the man who owned it and the land ended up building other houses for his children on the land and they are still there as well. I’m not sure if you guys will even see this comment yet alone think about maybe talking about visiting it to see it and checking it out. If anything cool happens there then you can use it for a video but if nothing ends up happening then at least you would be helping me sleep easier while there. If you guys see this and wanna know more you can email me at

    • oOdOdY 75Oo says:

      It probably won’t help you watching videos like these, just saying…

    • Mountainmoth says:

      You should probably message them on twitter or something. Also leaving your email here is not a smart move at all.

    • ExclusivelyHannah says:

      I’ve had that strange feeling that I’m not alone or that I’m being watched in basically every house I’ve lived in. Either all of my houses have a “past” or I’m just paranoid. Also, it might not be a good idea to leave your email on here bc lots of people are trolls and just want to mess with you…

    • rosie The taco says:

      Dont put your email on here please there are trolls

  5. maria says:

    Ryan, to ghosts: I don’t want to see you
    Ryan’s ghosts fans: :((

  6. Spiritbox Official says:


  7. TheNemesis1996 says:

    The Spirits told her what to build? I dont know about you, but I would love to have been in that room when one of them said: ”Hay! Lets build a door to nowhere…That would be hilarious!!!”.
    …After it was installed: Ghost – ”Hey, Did you see Clide fall out of the house yesterday? Haha! Classic”.

  8. Greek Tragedy says:

    At 18:31 when Ryan says he’s going to turn off the spirit box it sounds like it says ‘don’t leave me’

  9. Alice Living in wonderland says:

    Have you guys ever considered leaving the spirit box alone in a room? Perhaps just tell them they could speak whenever they want then leave it there for a while?

  10. Marit Rutjens says:

    The scariest thing that happend is that they called Ryan “A big dude”

  11. Jack Wilson says:

    Damn that ghost called Ryan THICC

  12. Renay Chester says:

    I’m mildly triggered they didn’t use the ouija board right

  13. Sara Kalisz says:

    Ryan was talking about tiny door. Sarah was 147 cm so it’s understandable that she built them. Maybe they were the way to her secret room?
    And the house was so enormous because of the earthquake is 1906. She wanted to build higher house but she nearly died when the earth moved. It took 3 days for firefighters to save here. From that moment she built her house only horizontally and insisted that she would never go upstairs again.

  14. uwuseokie says:


  15. Ari Love says:

    Finally I got so tired of the sport conspiracies

  16. Lara Anderson says:

    ryan: is anybody in here with me? please don’t answer
    spirit box: enough
    ryan: whAT 🙃 the 🙃 H E L L

  17. LucyPaperMoon says:

    Dear Ryan and Shane,

    Hi! I really like Buzzfeed Unsolved series, both supernatural and true crime. For a real challenge, I hope you guys someday investigate the House of Shadows in Wisconsin. During October it’s a haunted house attraction, but in the off season it’s welcome to people who hunt ghosts. It has a lot of child spirits and many others that like to try and play with everyone. Honestly, I stopped working there because they terrified me so much. Anyway, here’s a place to ghost hunt.

    A big fan of this series,

  18. Pllana Productions says:

    Ohh yes i’ve missed these videos

  19. Mbegr22 says:

    “Im Patrick, Im her son.” Mk..
    Older Women Spirit: “Ungrateful”
    Young Girl Spirit: “What is that?”

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