Revealing Jeffree Star’s Iconic Spa Makeover!

Revealing Jeffree Star’s Iconic Spa Makeover!

We team up with Jeffree Star to makeover his insanely epic home spa! Watch Part 1 here!:

+Watch Jeffree’s updated house tour video:

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Gray Bench:
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Chaise Lounge Chair:
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Geometric Wall Mirror:
Swan Sink Faucet:
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Boucle Stool:

Creative Credit:
Audio Tracks – Epidemic Sound:

A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Directed and Edited by: Vianne Robitaille
Producer: Annie O’Rourke
Shot by: Marco Bottiglieri, John Dowd
Assistant Camera: Noah Maxey, Ben Smith
Sound: Nick Carignan
Gaffer: Faisal Shah
Art Department: Emily Banks, Dani Armstrong, Josh Duclos, Leo Martinez, Amy Patterson, Gabe Gonzales

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64 Responses

  1. David's Bored says:

    This is a like button for everyone who watched the whole video and didn’t just skip to the reveal

    • Ziggy The Puppy Cherry says:

      @littlesmew I just want to see the room and I don’t have time to watch a 48 minute video

    • Lee says:

      Time is precious. We are fragile. Life is short. Eternity is longgg. Every minute counts. be a faithful steward of the breath God has given you.

    • Anna Marie says:

      I wanted to see the whole transformation so I watched the whole thing 😂

    • Julie Jones says:

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  2. random person says:

    I think we all need to appreciate how Jeffree never said a single curse word throughout this video.

  3. Miss Angelina says:

    “they call me Thanos baby.” I died 😂😂😂

  4. Basani Madhuri says:

    Jefree’s spa room is literally bigger than my house😂

  5. Farah _bts says:

    Okay but like Moon’s little smiles are everything he’s so cute and precious

  6. • Misaki • says:

    Jeffree: we’re here at my new apartment

    The house being a mansion: o-o

  7. Snapme chikis0052 says:

    Seeing how humble & nice Jeffree was with mr.kate reminded me intently how bad the ACE fam was with the and had to rush to the comments and see if I was the only one that remembered that

    • Stephanie Phan says:

      Elysia Syri They had absolutely no patience and trust for Mr.Kate by hiring them and then going and decorating it themselves. There was no respect there. Austin is trash, face it.

    • Melissa - says:

      Stephanie Phan well said, they shouldn’t have hired her if they wanted to decorate themselves

    • Amelie says:

      i was like “notice how he wasn’t a shitty, impatient piece of trash.” lol

    • tara lamlam10 says:

      Snapme chikis0052

    • Ashy H says:

      I remember, hence when they did the rug cuddle in this reveal and said it was tradition, but they never did it in the ACE family home. I thought good on them, they didn’t deserve it. Catherine was sweet but Austin’s controlling nature was shining through bright and clear.

      ALSO its not about Austin wanting to decorate his own home quickly, but the fact he was disrespecting the people they had invited to come to help them. Mr kate had preplanned everything, had a clear design in, and may have even started buying things, that takes a lot of time and effort which was wasted. On top of that they were on maternity leave and were forced to postpone time with their baby to please someone who clearly had no patience. Highly disrespectful. If only they had allowed Mr. Kate to decor their hallway too, that hallway would have turned out magical. The girls room looked amazing. Oh well their loss.

  8. Brianna Gordy says:

    I’m honestly just so happy for Jeffree. I followed him during his MySpace days. Honestly he didn’t seem like the happiest person then and I’m so happy he’s overcome so much. He deserves everything he has because the physical mental and emotional work he’s put in to his career is inspiring. I was a bit intimidated by him. But I met him during warped tour and he was… fucking amazing. I remember wanting to ask for a picture but was so nervous. I think he sensed it because he pointed to my camera in my hand and said “we should take a picture together!” I loved it because saying “did you want to take a picture with me?” can sound vain (though it wouldn’t of if he did say that because it was obvious I wanted a photo but was afraid to ask). He was one of the most chill, welcoming people I met and he stood there talking to me and my mom for literally what felt like ten minutes. There was all this buzz around us of people and he just stood there having a true conversation with us, unbothered by the craziness around us. We stood by a merch booth just chatting like we knew each other and it put me at total ease. I remember at one point my mom had said “well we’ll let you get back to it” and he just waved it off and said “it’s okay!” and kept talking to me. I became a MASSIVE fan then. The guy is genuinely so welcoming and warming and treated everyone who met him like they were the only reason he was there. Like each person who came up to him, he was there to talk to them. I saw it with other people he interacted with, where he acts so genuine with everyone and acts like he genuinely wants to engage with them. He has this welcoming, warm sort of personality that draws you in and puts you at ease. Which was the least thing I expected of him if I’m honest. But you see it a lot on his YouTube channel, how caring he acts towards people. I was so impressed how each person he interacted with, he was genuine, welcoming, and interested in them. It truly felt like everyone he spoke to, he was there for THEM, to talk to THEM.

    He has come sooooo for. He’s an amazing person. And he truly deserves literally everything he has. Every inch of that house he worked for.

  9. Kallie Chaidez says:

    I love Jeffree he’s so genuine. He’s made himself a luxury life but is still humble and kind. & I loved how they included Jeffree into the project

  10. lweena Costa Rica says:

    Y’all Jeffree Star has so much to do doing quarantine. He literally has his own mall

  11. Ender Girl says:

    25:13 Joey: “ We have so many ladders in here we can just play LaVa fLoOr” 😂😂😂

  12. Karen Zurita says:

    Other reveals: Here is your new space!
    Jeffree’s reveal: Here is your space…. and over here… and if we look this way…. and if we walk over here… and if we open this door… and if we go outside… and if we look up.

  13. nncy cmps says:

    did nobody catch how jeffree was like “oh yeah, Jeff Dolan is back” when he picked up the table 😂😂 05:40

  14. Play&Share says:

    Jeffre NEVER fails to be the best colab person ever, he always listen, hes interested in the other person hes talking too, he cares even tho is out of his confort, hes always down to try anything. Never tho Jeffre could be this likeable social wise. Really impressed by him, saw the dollan twins video too and he was super confy to be woth. Hes always super nice to the people hes colabing with.

    He should be an example in how to act when u are a celebrity.

  15. Holly Cline says:

    The mirrors all up the wall in the room with the massage table, really they reminded me of those tranquil rocks that spa’s use to warm up and put on people’s backs and such. 🙂

  16. Emily A says:

    no matter how much jeffree spends he’s such a down to earth person and would be such an amazing friend and has a great personality. Even with no money jeffree is amazing

  17. Traylee says:

    “let’s have a pink drink” wrong YouTuber, Joey 😂

  18. DATDATU Karl Oya-oy says:

    I was waiting for the “JEFFREE STAR APPROVED”

  19. Zaza says:

    The dislikes are those who’s wifi crashed just before the big reveal 😒

  20. Rs Sw says:

    Take a shot every time someone says “ opulent”

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